Does the thought of being KIDNAPPED fill your dreams?

Imagine the scene.... you want to exchange your worthless body for that of a loved one in a ransom deal to buy their freedom. The kidnapper would command you to be at a certain location at an exact time to receive a phone call. You would follow the instructions given, maybe you will have to collect written instruction from a hidden location or get into a vehicle.

No matter how you get there you will find yourself bound and blindfolded listening to a voice - its the only voice you will hear for the next 2 hours as your welfare is placed in the care of the voice.

After driving for a while you will be ordered from the vehicle and with the use of ordered direction and your ordeal will get underway. Your senses will be in overdrive as your heart races, blood pulsing in your ears as new smells and sounds flood your mind.

During capture you could be spanked, tortured, abused, forced to cross dress or humiliated. You will be held in chains and bound tightly, toyed with, stripped, disorientated and confused, left alone without any sense of time or space. You will be forced to tell Mistress your worst nightmare which she may well use against you.

Upon removal of the blindfold or tape that blinded your sight you will be amazed to find yourself in a dungeon full of BDSM items in front of a Mistress dressed in full domination apparel.
Mistress Beth adores kidnapping.
She gets such a rush of adrenaline when taking captive someone who is desperate to fulfil their lifelong fantasy.

As an experienced Dominatrix I have a fully equipped dungeon at my finger tips along with a host of restraints and toys to use upon you.

Here are a few examples of kidnaps I have completed.......

1) After fully arranging all the details by email the victim was forced to write a letter of confession and cellotape it to his chest along with a ransom payment. His instructions were sent in a series of emails and text messages over a period of time - this had him on edge every time a message appeared. Following a map emailed to him he was taken from point to point eventually having to stand behind a tree where his hands were bound, his mouth taped to stop his pleading and begging. He was told that I had his daughter in my captive and that her only chance was to swap himself for her. Thrown into his own vehicle I drove him blindfolded and fully bound to the location where he was searched, stripped, forced to walk barefooted across rough terrain before eventually being chained to a wall. The night was long for him as he tried to plead mercy, spanked, cock and balls tortured, whipped bound and force fed sedatives before being locked in chastity and encased in a body bag and left to sleep with his mind racing with thoughts that he was only feet from his daughter who was also held in chains. The morning brought no relief for him as his mind catapulted him into thoughts that this was real - not pre-planned - he wasn't in control and may not see his family again. Further punishment followed before he was finally released with a mind full of memories.

2) Following my texted directions the victim had to be at a set place at a set time to receive his next instruction. His fear was that I would divulge his personal fetishes to his employers and wife. He believed that I had acquired critical career and life destroying evidence against him involving his fetish for pure silk that I would release him after he degraded himself infront of me purely for my amusement. He was forced to stand in the dark, strip and place a blindfold over his eyes before being dragged to the dungeon where he was encased in soft satin silk, ribbons, scarves to bind him tightly with and sheets to wrap his body in. He became my little silk worm with everything wrapped tightly around him. Gagged with Mistresses silk panties his cock was teased mercilessly with the erotically soft material time and time again in a cruel tease and denial episode before exploding his juices into a silk scarf which he was forced to lick clean before his release.

3) Being blackmailed over money stolen from his employer the victim was snatched from a train station his wrists and ankles secured with gaffer tape for the journey in the car boot to the field he claimed to have buried his stash in. Chains attached around his ankles, up inside his trousers, around his cock and then up and around his neck. He was forced to dig but to no avail. ... no money..... he was leading me a merry dance. Back in the vehicle he was stripped and bound completely with gaffer tape restricting his every move. Back at the dungeon he was tortured into drawing an exact location of the field holding the money. How he yelped everytime a strip of 2" gaffer tape was ripped from his mouth, eyes, penis or any other body part. Eventually - after being bound to a chair for hours totally in the silent darkness he broke down admitting he had lied earlier but was now prepared to tell me anything I wanted to know..... how long could you last?

4) Sat fully dressed in female clothing in his car the gentleman was approached by what he assumed to be an undercover police officer looking for prostitutes. He was asked to step inside the 'police car' where Mistress Beth was crouched behind the passenger seat - in one move he was hooded and restrained to the car seat..... taken for torture he was stripped revealing an envelope full of money in her panties - obviously it was going to lead to something else - maybe it wasn't the case of mistaken identity she was pleading after all but she was in fact working for someone who had access to bigger sums of money. Tying her up didn't work - her lithe nimble body aided her release. Hanging her in a total net basket suspended from the ceiling did the trick rendering her totally helpless leaving me time to think what to do next........

5) Forced to his knees in the mud he thought it would be OK as he could hear voices of people leaving a gathering only 10 feet away. Wrong. He was gagged and hooded with his arms bound behind his back, dragged to his feet and told he looked like a 'hoodie' with his collar pulled up he was walked to my car and pushed into the passenger seat which was lowered taking him out of sight as he was driven all over the place totally disorientating him. He realised too late that his chance to break free had gone when he was locked in a standing soundproof cage and held captive for a full day. No one would miss him, he had no idea of the time of day or who I was or indeed where he was. Rubber excited him so I gagged him with a rubber horse gag, wrapping his legs in rubber stocking I was close to transforming him into the rubber doll I craved to play with........ what fun.

What's your kidnap fantasy? How long do you think that your mind and body could withstand my treatment? I expect you to make your way to the Lancaster area ready for kidnap and do offer an unusual safe word that will end play should it become too much whilst allowing you to beg and plead as the victim you become. I insist in a good build up to raise your adrenaline over a period of days along with a written statement of permission and contact info for use in emergency (I would do my utmost to disguise the truth) My fees start at 350 for a short experience and range upwards...

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Mistress Beth | Morecambe | Lancashire | Lancs | Strapon | Kidnap
Mistress Beth | Morecambe | Lancashire | Lancs | Strapon | Kidnap