Sessions with Me

I particularly love cock and ball play, separating them, twisting and wrapping leather laces around the balls and along the shaft before teasing with anything from a feather to a leather parachute perfectly designed to hold weights to stretch the scrotum sending pleasure sensors back to the brain. I practice safe play and you will be obliged to wear a condom. All my toys are protected by condoms too. I like to bring unusual things into play session and can use fruit in ways you wouldn't believe.

Body worshiping slaves are welcome as I am extremely proud of my lovely long legs and huge totally natural soft breasts. I will not partake in toilet play.

If you have ever secretly thought and fantasized about being forced to cross dress, wear heels or lacy underwear then I am just what you need. Mistress loves to create a sissy slut and show them just what happens when the skirt is too short and the heels are too high :-)

I offer play sessions of an hour at a time - maybe longer if necessary. You have to be prepared to be more honest with your Mistress than you are with anyone else in your life. You place your deepest desires in her grasp - if she doesn't know what they are she can hardly make them real.

Married men aren't a problem to me as I understand the needs of private exploration. Privacy will be respected at all times as we all have vanilla lives outside BDSM. If I am aware then I can whip and punish you without leaving any marks.

I am a pro domme and enjoy being able to put my all into a session. Free things in life are usually worthless. Mistress is offering you the opportunity to develop yourself on a cost and reward basis.

I have a huge collection of boots and shoes which of course need cleaning by the tongue or hand of a slave....

Could you be the perfect slave, loyal, pleasing and forthcoming with your desires? Prepared to let me amuse myself with your worthless body? Grovel at my feet? Do not be afraid to face your fantasies - Mistress will be here to guide you.

Recent changes to the dungeon allow Mistress to tie or chain you to a huge wooden cross or dangle you from the ceiling. There is plenty of floor space for you to practise walking on high heels as a sissy slut or crawling begging for mercy.

I do have limits in the BDSM world which include scat, human toilet, animals and children. Nor do I draw blood. Role play as a teacher/child or aunt/nephew is perfectly acceptable.

Kidnap fantasies are possible and enhance the experiences totally. All limits agreed in advance, you can be tied, bound, chained or even taped with duct tape if that is your desire. If you wish to experience the feelings of total abandonment then this is possible.

You will feel great, fulfilled and happy when you leave. Many of my clients need 'time out' to gain a level head before being able to leave, several reporting feeling that they have 'floated' or 'totally gone' during the session.

If you like what you have read, feel that I am on your wavelength and you are able to travel to me then email me in a respectful manner. My play is on a one to one basis and in the flesh. The true feelings of being owned and under a spell of compliance are only felt when I can touch your skin and feel your fear and pleasure. Only slaves proving their loyalty and devotion a third person may be brought in to fulfil fantasies in the future.
Mistress Beth
Mistress Beth | Morecambe | Lancashire | Lancs | Strapon | Kidnap
Mistress Beth | Morecambe | Lancashire | Lancs | Strapon | Kidnap