paul was severly pegged……..ouch

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Aug 062013

paul was always able to take whatever I threw at him and thoroughly earned his collar.

Just take a look at this and imagine all those little peg teeth biting into a slaves most delicate area.

Imagine also My glee as I clipped each one in place with a running commentary as to the total count and how sore it all looked.

Then just think about what I was likely to do with the shiny metallic pegs…..  with the little string running through them in the form of a zip….. I could yank it off in one swift move – one or two may tear the delicate skin or I could do something else completely different……especially with a violet wand to hand…. it would be a shame not to wouldn’t it????

I can only say that pauls privates lit up looking like they should be adorned in pride of place on a christmas tree …..

Theres always this year I suppose.

slave john was placed in rubber knickers and humiliated

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Aug 052013

I had such a laugh forcing slave john into some huge frilly pink rubber knickers. Humiliating him to the core.

Fair made My day I can tell you – from his snivelling begging to his huge frame belittled and looking like a giant baby all made me smile.

Then I thought what else can I do to him as I have so much power over him?

Shower him in the knickers, filling them up with water and then plunging his body into hot and cold shower water time and again threw him into a variety of different sensations and had me howling with laughter.

”Do you want to come out john? Show everone your pink frilly panties or endure some more soapy water down your panties?”

Well the obvious answer was to endure more and more as he really didn’t want to be paraded infront of others in such a sissy state.

susie is crushed under my very high heels….

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Aug 032013

she is always a little on the cheeky side and I in turn am always offering various punishments to curb her glibness.

On this particular day she decided to rile me as she was bound and tethered (stupid I know) but the cheeky little minx pushed her chances and started to talk about how wonderful Mistress Natasha was with one of her subs after reading a blog on the subject and suggesting that perhaps Mistress Natasha could play with her…….

Not that I am against the gorgeous TV Domme Mistress Natasha playing with any of My subs, indeed there have been several moments when she has been involved as we always have awonderful giggly time in who-evers chambers we are in…. but …. the cheeky little susie seemed to think that she would be a challenge for any other Domme – almost implying that she were able to wrap me around her little cock finger ……!

SO it was time to demonstrate that my little sweet susie was not in any way shape of form a pain slut and she would crumble if I started to place any pressure on her treasured penis (I know its treasured as she strokes it every chance she gets) ….

”Bet I can take it” states the sexy slut……..

I wonder how long she managed before changed her tune and becoming a very remorseful slave practically singing the praises of her divine Mistress……

humiliated, dressed, gagged and bound…. what more could a slave need?

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Aug 022013

This particular sub needs to be dressed to the nines with very high heels, make up and wig to begin that journey of submission at My feet.

Once I start to restrain her, flogging her gently with soft velvet tails and caress her privates with the cool gentleness of a rubber whip she comes to life.

The need to gag her with a penis inside her mouth with a huge one protruding out of her face is more for me than her.


Total humiliation, she will cream her knickers if I carry on with this treatment. Soft touches, whispered messages, caresses, freeing her inner slut as she is dangled before me takes her to her sub space time and again.

Knowing that I could reverse that cock and place the long one deep inside her throat if she were to disappoint me in any way is the sort of fear she needs…..

After all can too much pleasure be a bad thing?

how much weight training can you do with one set of balls?

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Jul 312013

sarah is a bit of a challenge freak. Likes to be pushed to the utmost of endurance. As you all know I too like a challenge.!!!!!

When it came down to it I had loads of fun after strapping her to the St Andrews cross, applying a blindfold and restricting her head movements. All she had as a guide as to what was to follow was quite simply the graphic descriptions I offered during her plight…….

”Now I am going to add the first weight” …

”Its a good size – are you ready?” ….

”I’m not going to beat around the bush so I will just throw it into the bucket and hope that your balls can take the shock” …..

Incredible squeeling filled the air as the first 4oz weight clanked against the metal of the bucket creating a chain reaction, sound, shock, pain.

”Now now sarah this simply won’t do”  I shall have to silence you a little as that noise is quite off putting and you really wouldn’t want Me to not enjoy Myself fully now would you?”

Yes Mistress Beth was the reply which seemed to lack a certain level of bravado….. after only one weight? Hmmm this shouldn’t take long to have him begging and admitting he can take no more.

Picking through My much larger bucket of weights I selected 5 more – smaller ones this time and informed him that I would be flinging them in the bucket in rapid sucession.

”Don’t worry about counting them or thanking Me on this occassion sarah as you have your mouth full”


I stood back to admire the reaction it had on sarahs body….. after all the slave brain was translating the mathematical equation of first weight …… 4oz multiplied  by 5….. potent.

Trying not to laugh I informed him that there would be a tolerance break between the next ones and even took the load of his balls by lifting the bucket only to drop it as the relief washed over him,…….