slave c – his session in his words.

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Mar 272013

Decided to give a little voice to you boys and allow you to write up your favourite sessions which I will publish – with the pictures for all to enjoy.


I arrived on time feeling nervously excited. Mistress greeted me and looked amazing as usual, but there were few pleasentaries.  Within seconds, Mistress was stroking my cock through my trousers. The zip of my trousers was soon undone and Mistress was inspecting my growing cock.  Previous to the session, Mistress had emailed me and instructed me to mark a mark on my cock with a pen, which I duly did. It is amazing the power Mistress has over me, even when I am far away and out of her reach. Mistress seemed pleased that I had made a mark as instructed, and then ushered down the infamous stairs.
I was ordered to strip as usual and present myself to my Mistress for inspection. Mistress commented on my smoothly shaven cock and balls which seemed to please Mistress. Mistress gently caressed my body, my mind not knowing what was in store for the next hour.


Mistress placed my hands on her ample soft breasts, it was a heavenly feeling which didn’t last, as within seconds I was blindfolded and Mistress had dressed me in some sissy clothes, but I was blind to the outside world.  I was told I was in for a session of pain…..

Mistress felt my cock and the pre cum which was soon fed back into my mouth. I licked Mistress’s glove dry.
I was quickly strapped to a table, and I could hear the familiar sound of the electric wand. Mistress soon made me jump with the wand being put to good use, and soon it made contact with my cock. I would flich and jump as the sparks made contact with my balls and cock. Different wands were used in quick successsion, some more feroious and severe than others.  The pain went on for some time, my body jumping from side to side, or as much as it could within the confinement of being strapped securely down.

Next I was in for more pain, as Mistress poured hot wax over my cock and balls, it felt as though it was never ending.

Just as I thought Mistress had finished, she would use another candle. Some of the candles varied in temperature, I recall the second candle being particularly hot. There was however nothing I could do but to submit to my Mistress’s pleasure and accept the pain. I could not see, and I really wanted to see the pain my cock had taken with all this hot wax, covered for what seemed like ages and over and over again. Eventually the pain subsided as the candles were used up.
I was then cleaned up a little, mainly with he help of a Dyson, so the pain did not go away completely…..
Mistress then untied me and I was stood up. A gag was placed over my face, which included a small cock shaped gag to fill my mouth.  Mistress told me that my blindfold would be removed and another hood would be used and I would be placed in the vacuum bed.

I wriggled down into the bed as instructed, and the new hood was placed on my head. The vacuum was then turned on. What an amazing feeling. I felt as though I was staring at my own reflection, although I knew I could not see anything. It was a bizarre experience. Mistress administered her drugs, and my head started to spin a little as it relaxed. My cock must have then been released from the bed, as I felt a vibrator being used next to my growing cock. This lasted for a short time. I could not hold back any longer, and I soon climaxed. My body felt amazing and quivered in delight. It was the end to another worderful session, full of surprise and excitment.
I know my next session ill bes just as enoyable and hopefully my next session will not be too far away.
Your humble slave.

The true meaning of a silken caressed pussy by slave aggie

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Mar 212013

Another instalment of views from a slaves perspective. This time slave aggie describes one of her favourite encounters at My hands.

Mistress had summoned me to the dungeon and when i arrived there was already another slave in the dungeon receiving “treatment and therapy” from Mistress.  I was instructed to go into the front dungeon and undress while Mistress “dealt” with her other slave.

Shortly afterwards Mistress entered and carried out her usual inspection and enquired if i had been naughty or had anything to confess to Mistress.  She informed me that today i was going to take another step towards becoming one of her slut slaves.

Mistress then told me to dress with the items laid out on the bench; black stockings, sluty red dress, brunette bob wig and to finish off red strapped 6″ high heel shoes.

The massage bench had been prepared and i was instructed to lie on my back on the bench.  After being securely strapped down my legs were hoisted up with red ropes secured to the ceiling with my backside, cock and balls extremely exposed.  Mistress started to pluck the hairs on my balls one by one and then in bunches as my squeals grew louder the more were plucked.  After a while Mistress got a device from her store of toys.  At first i could not tell what it was, could only hear a chattering/whirring noise and then when she applied it to my testicles chunks of hair were being grabbed and ripped out to my agony and her delight by an “epilator”.  The plucking and de-hairing seemed to go on for ages and when Mistress seemed to have had her fun she told me that she was going to create a pussy for me but first she needed to attend to the other slave in the dungeon back room.

Mistress then left the room and before long there came screams and cries from the other room as the treatment of the other slave resumed.  i lay there on the bench left to ponder and contemplate what she meant and was Mistress performing the same procedure on the other slave.

When Mistress returned i was blindfolded and she whispered in my ear that i was about experience the sensations that only true sluts’ get to experience.  Then i heard a buzzing noise and felt the vibrations on my scrotum and up to my Mistress hole –  Mistress was shaving my balls and pussy.

When she had finished Mistress dragged a silk scarf over my silky smooth pussy which to my surprise caused wonderful sensations to surge through my body.  Then i heard Mistress instruct the other slave to caress and lick my new pussy.  The sensations were overwhelming and i became more and more aroused.  The slave was then instructed to give his attentions to my now erect hard penis and to complete my sluty experience.

Having performed his task to Mistress’ satisfaction, the slave was dismissed and i was un-strapped and released from the binds.

When I was getting dressed at the end of the session Mistress gave me a pair of silk panties and i was instructed to wear them.  The feeling of the gorgeous silk against my shaved silky smooth pussy brings back memories of the wonderful sensations in the session.

Thank you Mistress.

john assisted in the alteration of the wooden horse to his horror

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May 182012

Here is slave johns account of his time on the wooden pony…… Quite expressive and well worth sharing with you all.



i had not been to see Mistress Beth for a few weeks due to a few personal problems at home. So i was very grateful when She allowed me a visit.

i had been told that She maybe busy with others but there were a few small jobs that i could do.

i was  indeed put to work while “janie” was put though “her” paces in the dungeon. i did as i worked away hear the hoist being used, little did i know what it was being used for, but i was soon to find out.

When “Janie” left after some two hours plus i was sent for. i could see that Mistress was in one of Her “playful moods” This always puts me in fear.

i was ordered to strip and stand in front of Mistress. A form of electrical device was placed on me in four area’s of my body. i got a full description of what i was about to feel, and i had to confirm that the machine was indeed delivering what it was supposed to to. After the first few jolts i reported that the description was correct. To my dismay this was to be the first of many settings that could be given.

     Mistress Beth continued with experimenting, each time telling me what i was going to feel. i was happy to report that the machine was delivering what it was suppose to. After some time of Mistress enjoying my discomfort the electrical device was put to rest.

i was then introduced to “the horse” i was informed that “janie” had been the first to try it, but it wasn’t working to Mistresses satisfaction. So it was time for more experimentation. The horse itself looks an Innocent piece of equipment. it’s just a length of

3″x3″ attached to the hoist. i was instructed to straddle the  appliance and once i was in place i was secured. The hoist was raised to a level that i was on tip toe. At this point my feet were whipped from under me leaving my full weight pressing down. i could hear Mistress Beth talking to Herself saying that it wasn’t set right etc. i was lowered much to my relief. Sleight adjustments were made and once again the hoist was raised, and i was swung to and foe. “No its not quite right” i heard Her say. i was untied and allowed to dis-mount. i felt as i had been split into two. The horse was taken down and we went back into dungeon number one, where adjustments were made to the length of the cable which holds the horse to the hoist. Once this had been done i had to straddle  it again and hold it in position. It was not to Mistress Beth’s satisfaction, more adjustments were made until She was satisfied with it. Again it was attached to the hoist with myself straggled over it. It was raised to a point that i could hold myself on tip toe but only on one foot. i had to keep swapping feet so that my full weight was not pressing down. Even by doing that i could still feel at least half of my weight pressing me down on the horse. The feeling of helplessness was over powering.

Mistress Beth, raised the hoist again so that my full weight gave to desired effect. Up and down the hoist went to allow Mistress Beth to see the effects that the horse was delivering. After some time She was satisfied with Her efforts, and i was grateful that i was at last released from what is a torturous device.

It never ceases to amaze me even after some fours years plus that i have been in service to Mistress Beth the time and effort that She puts in to come up with new enervation’s. Things as simple as “the egg whisk” [going back in time ] to this new addition in the already well stocked dungeon.

      She is a true Dominatrix, so to those who have never visited Her i suggest you “treat yourself” to the delights of Her three rooms, but do be good while you are there as “the horse” will be waiting to put you in your place.

                           slave john

interesting use of a flogger Mistress Beth

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Apr 142012

It was his first session and he was keen to explore fetish and kink for the very first time. Lots of people in that situation read my blogs and are completely terrified that I will maul half them to death, snap them in chastity and throw them out the door minus their man parts and wearing a pair of high heels.

Don’t be scared. I don’t have to be a sadist and will take you through your journey at a suitable pace. Often fantasy and reality are two different things and you wouldn’t book to run a marathon just as you decide to buy your first pair of running shoes would you?

Anyway back to my guest. His deepest desire was to be ‘controlled’ to be forced to do things he did not request and ultimately to feel completely under the spell of an imaginitive unique powerful dominatrix.

Hello again Mistress Beth,


I just wanted to say thank you for today. 


I had been living in extreme nervous anticipation since I first contacted you.  Usually such anticipation of an adventure becomes something of an anti climax in the reality and there is often a feeling of let down after the event but I must say that the whole experience was better than I could have imagined. 


You were able to raise my fear and discomfort to an unexpected level.  I found the whole experience extremely intense and deeply sexually satisfying. 


As you know this was my first experience of anything like this.  I have always been keen to experience all that life has to offer and BDSM is something else that I can place a tick next to.  I think it is extremely likely that I will be contacting you again.  I have never had such an intense orgasm and felt so drained afterwards.


Thank you for opening my eyes to something wonderful.


And by the way I think you are a lovely person and an extremely attractive woman.


Fond regards

I think this sums up his feelings very well and I do so enjoy a nice thankyou after I have put My all into a session.

Anyway after he was put through his paces I had him on his back and between flogging him with a variety of non -marking implements explored an area that was of previous good character but was soon a place of immense pleasure craving more and more from my wandering fingers.

This picture shows you in a snapshot all of the emotions and feeling this new sub was surrounded

Jan 032012

harley needed a good hiding. Always in need of a severe caning the slut was dressed in a new pink pvc short skirt and basque top.

The skirt didn’t cover very much but in reality it didn’t have to. Once a slut always a slut, thats my motto. And harley has been hand groomed by my own fair hands to be an absolute slut.

Always naughty she needs taking in hand often and this position was ideal to deliver the strokes of the cane along with lots of other hitty, stingy implements.


What an inspirational moment I had when I used the heavy wooden bat type paddle gifted to me some months ago by harley slave to hold the policemans truncheon deep inside the mistress slot as I continued with the savage beating.

Harley just purred like a cat with the cream whilst held in tight bondage – the new shackles preventing any movement at all and a dark tight blindfold denied him any sight to heighten the experience.

I had a lovely email later the same day saying how wonderful the therapy had been…..