john assisted in the alteration of the wooden horse to his horror

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May 182012

Here is slave johns account of his time on the wooden pony…… Quite expressive and well worth sharing with you all.



i had not been to see Mistress Beth for a few weeks due to a few personal problems at home. So i was very grateful when She allowed me a visit.

i had been told that She maybe busy with others but there were a few small jobs that i could do.

i was  indeed put to work while “janie” was put though “her” paces in the dungeon. i did as i worked away hear the hoist being used, little did i know what it was being used for, but i was soon to find out.

When “Janie” left after some two hours plus i was sent for. i could see that Mistress was in one of Her “playful moods” This always puts me in fear.

i was ordered to strip and stand in front of Mistress. A form of electrical device was placed on me in four area’s of my body. i got a full description of what i was about to feel, and i had to confirm that the machine was indeed delivering what it was supposed to to. After the first few jolts i reported that the description was correct. To my dismay this was to be the first of many settings that could be given.

     Mistress Beth continued with experimenting, each time telling me what i was going to feel. i was happy to report that the machine was delivering what it was suppose to. After some time of Mistress enjoying my discomfort the electrical device was put to rest.

i was then introduced to “the horse” i was informed that “janie” had been the first to try it, but it wasn’t working to Mistresses satisfaction. So it was time for more experimentation. The horse itself looks an Innocent piece of equipment. it’s just a length of

3″x3″ attached to the hoist. i was instructed to straddle the  appliance and once i was in place i was secured. The hoist was raised to a level that i was on tip toe. At this point my feet were whipped from under me leaving my full weight pressing down. i could hear Mistress Beth talking to Herself saying that it wasn’t set right etc. i was lowered much to my relief. Sleight adjustments were made and once again the hoist was raised, and i was swung to and foe. “No its not quite right” i heard Her say. i was untied and allowed to dis-mount. i felt as i had been split into two. The horse was taken down and we went back into dungeon number one, where adjustments were made to the length of the cable which holds the horse to the hoist. Once this had been done i had to straddle  it again and hold it in position. It was not to Mistress Beth’s satisfaction, more adjustments were made until She was satisfied with it. Again it was attached to the hoist with myself straggled over it. It was raised to a point that i could hold myself on tip toe but only on one foot. i had to keep swapping feet so that my full weight was not pressing down. Even by doing that i could still feel at least half of my weight pressing me down on the horse. The feeling of helplessness was over powering.

Mistress Beth, raised the hoist again so that my full weight gave to desired effect. Up and down the hoist went to allow Mistress Beth to see the effects that the horse was delivering. After some time She was satisfied with Her efforts, and i was grateful that i was at last released from what is a torturous device.

It never ceases to amaze me even after some fours years plus that i have been in service to Mistress Beth the time and effort that She puts in to come up with new enervation’s. Things as simple as “the egg whisk” [going back in time ] to this new addition in the already well stocked dungeon.

      She is a true Dominatrix, so to those who have never visited Her i suggest you “treat yourself” to the delights of Her three rooms, but do be good while you are there as “the horse” will be waiting to put you in your place.

                           slave john

Jul 062011

Its great fun to discover that a new slave has particularly sensitive nipples. My mind goes into overdrive and I have to show down My thoughts to enable a plan to form otherwise I would bombard the nipples with dozens of implements simultaneously and miss out on the thrill of watching the sensations wash over the slave.

laurel was one of those such girls and it was possible to thread a leather thong in such a way that her nipples were shrouded in such a way that other toys could be held in place allowing Me to be hands free.

Take these steel spike balls. They look a little like ‘minesweeper’ but the spikes are perfectly angled to cause lots of discomfort whenever t he slave wriggles or moves at all…. once in place a bit of CBT ensures there is plenty of wriggling!

The clamps were put on, tightened up, removed, turned around, replaced and all while the slave laurel shook her head as she watched in the new mirrors!

Priceless…. and that was just a small part of playtime

Jul 032011

laurel was subjected to a whole host of experiences during her first ever session with Me. Initially she was perturbed about the amount of time she had spent traveling to get to Me but at the end of the session whilst she floated freely in sub space such thoughts were completely forgotten.

The CBT chair built by slave john is a secure bit of furniture and the addition of straps and rope make it quite inescapable. Legs held wide apart, crown jewels sat inches away from not only Me but My CBT trolley full of tools and toys.

This photo demonstrates that the penis can be tortured through 360 decrees simultaneously with a simply modified whisk! Mistress Beths imagination never ends….. A little pressure on the end and the sensations are indescribable!


The tool that makes you go ‘oooh’ works every time and creates a sharp intake of breath as the rolls are yanked free of the cock at speed …. well to be fair the speed doesn’t matter the pressure and movement are enough to make you go ‘oooh’ without the velocity being cranked up.


The shock collar can be used around the scrotum locked tightly in the clasp or as I used it here just fastened onto the balls…. its a multi function device and vibrates as well as shocks all at the end of a remote control and the great thing is that the sub never knows which one it is as the body react the same for pain and pleasure in that millisecond it takes to set off the receptors within the human body.

Jun 282011

pammie was dressed, made up and strutted her sexy stuff before Me. Some hand spanking brought her attention into focus and got her sashaying like the whore I created.

The agenda for the day had upon it some violet wand play along with a little anal penetration. The feel of her sexy little basque with suspenders clinging to silky stockings was glorious under My fingertips. Hearing her giggle at My silly jokes was music to My ears.

Get on your knees pammie and look at that slut in the mirror….. High heels locked to the feet, no where to run to she was corned and tied down. Maid sherry was in the dungeon that week and was locked in the cage able to catch small glimpses and just wish it were her being dealt with.

The violet wand was great fun and when it ‘popped’ inside to say hello in a personal sort of way it just looked as good as it obviously felt from the moaning unfolding before Me.

I teased and tormented her, stroking her buttocks, raking My nails down her back, teased her mentally and had her positively gushing with lust before inserting the glowing hot, tingling rod deep inside her. Playing with the controls each thrust would deliver a totally different sensation – with no clue as to what was next she wriggled and writhed, purred and panted as I smiled down on her.

What do you think I did next? Correct………….. I fucked her properly with My pink pal – the strap on!

Jun 232011

I am currently enjoying having several slaves in chastity. neil of course with his never knowing when he may get any kind of relaese or indeed any painful swelling inducing tasks to do – and lord knows how many cold showers he has to take to get a little comfort….. I shall be allowing him release again soon but hopefully this time he won’t miss the dealine only to be left totally frustrated!

Another boy in chastity has a session booked for the 28th of this month so will endure many more days of denial before any chance of freedom. He has been locked in since the 16th after sending his deposit to Me. It must be tough knowing that the next person to lay a hand on the fleshy penis will be your Mistress whilst battling with the urges to break the rules and let yourself out!

I feel quite sure that I could break any slave should he lie to Me in such a way…… just had delivery of 3 new devices should any of you wish to face a challenge.

azu is always thrown into chastity in the days leading upto his session…. its a great way to ensure that he has plenty to occupy his mind and stop a comforting hand straying to the groin – usually without any conscious thought only to feel the cage grasping the crown jewels and a sinking feeling as realisation dawns that there is no pleasure for you until Mistress allows it.