May 022009

Have you ever fantasised about being a pony? Wandering around a field with the wind against your body? Made to trot or run on command? Just nibbling at the lush green grass?

PONY is one of my subs who adores role play. He has a fantastic imagination that cunjoures up many new scenes to act out.

Last week I took PONY to a field in the middle of the afternoon. The field was adjacent to the motorway in full view of passing cars. There was also a good chance that dog walkers could pass by – highlighting the possible humiliation.

PONY was told to get out of the car with Mistress. We climbed over a 5 bar farm gate into a very muddy field. I wore leather pants tucked into knee high leather boots. A black top squeezed my breasts under my long riding jacket.

PONY was instructed to strip naked before being placed in a leather harness, bridle bit in his mouth, his hooves strapped with red dressage tape as he was attached to a long red rope lead.

PONY learnt how to canter, trot on with the help of a horse whip biting into the flesh of his hind.

PONY galloped and cantered whilst biting down on the mouth bit. He was realed in with the rope to receive some praise from his Mistress who firmly patted his muscles as he neighed and winnied in happiness.

After a little more training PONY was lead to some grass and allowed to graze lazily as I held his lead tightly.

Giddy-up pony – and he was off again across the muddy field in full view of the passing cars.

Time flew by as PONY was lead back to the car, covered in mud, tired but very happy.

What a wonderful playtime. Ive promised PONY that one day he will get to play out in the summer sunshine to enable him to feel the warmth on his flanks.

Mistress thoroughly enjoyed the outing and cant wait to play again.

Mistress and Pony had a fantastic time in the fields today. The sun was shining and the ground dry and firm.

Pony was wearing his new eye mask – just like blinkers, mouth bit and rubber reigns as he stripped in the field to complete natural nakedness.

How his skin glistened as he cantered around, grazed, had his hooves checked and even looked longingly at the hay feeder in adjacent woods.

However as he had been a naughty pony he had to feel my whip against his skin. A good whipping was follwed by the crop biting down into his firm buttocks.

Punishment over it was time for him to giddy up which he did as he reached the end of his rope lead he winnied and neighed in excitement at running so freely around the field.

Then as he was just being pulled back in a car appeared and the 3 male occupants started to shout and jeer at the naked pony crouched before his Mistress who was dressed in black, whips in hand.

Pony was instructed to lay down with his head hanging low as Mistress chased off the nosy passers by who had absolutely no idea what exillerating feelings we were experiencing, I in control with reigns in hand and pony exhausted from hos excercise.

Next time we will be moving onto jump training in an even more remote area away from prying eyes….. although it was pretty wild having the added humiliation of being found naked in a field……

Mistress Beth

May 012009

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Mistress Beth