Jun 122009

Wow. I have just returned from a break in Amsterdam where amongst other things I trawled the sex shops seeking new exciting toys and ideas to use upon you…

The one venue that got my pulse racing and mind running in overdrive had to be the TORTURE MUSEUM which has filled me with ideas for just what to use to get the total truth from each and every one of you.

I really need volunteers to experience my latest kinky ideas. Total bondage simply isn’t enough to get to the root of your deepest thoughts…. metal work, branding irons and steel anal probes will have a far better effect.

Heavy weights will be developed to ‘draw’ out the thoughts swirling around your truly depraved minds and Mistress will enjoy every minute of it.

The brides scold will be far more effective that those wimpy little gags I have been silencing you with.

Total darkness from my head box will seem like pure heaven compared to what I want to inflict upon you….. mmm.

My collared slave that requires something to carry with him as my mark of ownership is in for an eye opening shocking surprise in the next week or two…

My pain slut will be unable to sit down when he next feels my wrath….. no sunny family holidays to deter my markings this time my slut…….

Will write more later…

Mistress Beth