Sep 232009

Yesterday stephanie was due for service. Her nipple had been denied the touch of my hands for far too long. I was delighted to receive her already wearing stockings and high patent black shoes under a shapely pair of jeans which she had travelled in for over an hour. She generally arrives with a gift for Mistress and offered me a nice bottle of red wine.

Stephanies submssion is a beautiful gift in itself. Her body language is amazing as she shudders and sighs in anticipation and reciprocation of every touch, tease, tie, torture and sensation.

She had requested an extended session which was delightful to allow me more time to explore her deeply.

She stood naked before me in the front dungeon room – I had decided on a silky session as the last session ended with her being taken quite violently with my strap on as she was bound to the spanking bench, nipples calmped and totally hooded…… Yes stephanie a nice gentle play today. I presented her with a gift of bra and lacey panties which were almost the exact shade of blue of the suspender belt holding her beautiful stockings up… mmm nice choice. She had brought her own wig which framed her face as I applied some mascara and lipstick as a finishing touch of glamour.

Bound with silk to the massage table I put her through her paces. Electictricity tingling through her courtesy of the violet wand. 4oz weights attached to each nipple pulling and teasing it, spanked, stroked with feathers until I thought she would burst then strung up with her legs in the air allowing me access to insert a large vibrating dildo.

How she wriggle to the outmost area of her silken bondage. Kneeling behind her I could control her vibrating plug, spank her nipples, caress her inner thighs and send shocks through her newly shaven pussy….

All those sensations cursing through her were just amazing to see and boy what a come down she had from such a high sub space….

We had a cup of tea and a chat before she headed off.

Sep 232009

My collared slave paul made the 2 hour journey after work to arrive at the dungeon early for his 8pm appointment. Eyes lowered to the floor, dark eyelashes framed his bright happt eyes, he stresses of work melting away as he held out the huge box of luxurious chocolates for me. Its always lovely to receive gifts, especially when the gift are carefully thought out first. paul had previously managed to track down and import my favourite perfume…..

Moving down to the dungeon I was hoping to snap him into chastity before arrousing him with my voice and plans for the evening…. too late, as he stood naked but for his collar the penis stood erect and I was unable to get it all into the CB6000 even with the use of lube… tut tut naughty paul – no control of that penis I allow him to look after.

The session was good as I had him fully dressed, stockings slipping up his legs to meet a rubber suspender belt, bra, all topped off with shiny thigh boots and a red dress.

We played hard, his sighing and pleasurable body language always makes playtime fun for me. I bound him in rope rendering him unable to move, filled his Mistress slit with a small plug (aware of his report of a little blood discharge over previous weeks preventing his home anal training – better safe than sorry.)

Crawling on hands and knees he was taken to the torture room where I fastened him tightly to the bondage bench. slave committed a serious offence as I asked him a direct question which he replied ‘whatever Mistress chooses’ oh how that annoys me. Obviously whatever I choose I will do – after all I don’t needs slaves permnission to do anything – but should I ask a question permitting slaves opinion to come into play then I may just do the opposite knowing how much something is grating slave.

50 Spanks was the direct answer as I vented my annoyance with my bare hands upon his rapidly reddening bottom. You will count every one slave and thank me suitably…….

What a session – pushing his pain thresh-hold slave paul delighted me by taking 6 strokes of the cane. All 6 delivered to his very warm glowing bottom. Well done slave paul. Always manages to keep Mistress smiling from a deep sense of satisfaction.

Sep 222009

Roni has been one of my stable for quite some time. A busy business man who finds release from a stressful job whilst under my control.

We have role played before and I thought a spot of impromptu play would be a giggle. It turned out to be great fun.

He arrived to be met by ‘Wendy Jones’ ‘Head of HR’ wearing business attire, suit, white bouse, white shoes, hair fastened back and ushered into the lounge for a briefing on a recent problem in the office that Wendy Jones felt he could help with.

Turns out to be a bit of a deniable excercise that would allow the HR dept knowledge into how to deal with some of the managers sexual habits at work.

Of course Roni was up for the challenge and willingly accompanied me downstairs, prepared to become naked for the sake of  the company.

He stripped – his huge penis swollen and erect was hard for Wendy Jones just to ignore. The experiment was explained that he should be fastened to his big leather office chair. He was secured with silk ties, some rope and left totally unable to move.

Wendy Jones sat in front of him asking a series of questions relating to a recent survey of the female employees –

‘What kind of foot wear do you think the girls should wear’?
‘How short should their skirts be in the office’
‘Should suspenders be compulsary’
‘How far should a girl be prepared to go in order to keep her job’
‘What personal perks should a senior manager expect’
‘Lipstick and nailvarnish – should it be pale coloured or slut red?’
‘Where do breasts feature in the modern office?’

SO many questions. I covered his eyes with a nice relaxing eye mask to think about things and when he was ready before him sat not the Prim Wendy Jones. Gone was the tied back hair, gone were the proper white shoes. The suit, blouse, the lot and in place sat a seductive sexy vixen in thigh high shiny red boots, a black pvc skirt with zippers splitting it to the crotch and a revealing cleavage thrusting bra.

‘This Roni is how we perceive your idea of secretarial wear to be. Slut red lipstick applied inches from his face, Red finger nails trailing down his flesh, he struggled against the binds realising hat the questions were gleened from the answers given by the women he had bullied and conned into sexual favours by abusing his power over them.

Damn – he thought he had been so care having his personal secretary cucking his penis whilst under his desk during a meeting with the MD…

Now this sexy woman was asking what those women would do should they all be lined up outside the door, some with whips, some wishing to see him wear the sexy outfits and rediculasly high heels he insisted they wore for the office. And then there were those who would wish him to perform sexual acts upon him time and time again…….

He was helplessly bound to a chair naked – good god what could happen to him? ‘But there are rules about this sort of thing’ he whimpered – YES Miss JONES barked back at him, any everyone broken by you Roni.

Now you have a choice – allow me to reek revenge on behalf of the women, promise to be good and you can keep your job knowing that you have had a lucky escape or I shall open the door and let those hungry girls feast upon you, keeping you prisoner for how ever long it takes to satisy each and every one of their desires….

Whats it to be Roni??????

Sep 212009

Dear Mistress Beth

Last weekend will remain with me forever. I have been kidnapped before, but never had the excitement and enjoyment that last weekend brought.

I travelled to Morecambe, wondering what you would do, as you did instruct me to tell you everything I wanted either to try or that I enjoyed with other Dominatrixes.

With this you took me to a far higher level.

Having parked my car, I then did as you instructed, but I had no idea how you would “introduce” yourself, and this was done so naturally, even though I knew I would be kidnapped, but I still struggled, as it was such a surprise. Within seconds I was seated, hooded gagged and bound or strapped to a seat.

I have no real knowledge of what happened, but I know that as I struggled, I was overpowered, and then quickly realised you must be obeyed.

I was fastened to a seat in a vehicle and as I now know, this is such a fantastic idea, as previously I had been kidnapped in cars and small vans, which does restrict movement phenomenally.

When we were moving, I was so surprised to have you move my clothing and I felt my nipples being pulled and gripped, and your voice telling me what was happening and what would happen both later and currently, as you told me my sissy nipples really should always be protected by a lace bra, and as you said that, my nipples were pulled even harder and as you did this, you saw my prick grow and you laughed, telling me that I had a pathetic man tool, but it just needed a couple of minute changes to make it my sissy clitty.

I was jiggling about on the seat when You attached some heavy weights to my nipples and this was nicely terrible, as I moved from left to right, forward and backward as the vehicle travelled, and I had no idea where I was, but the pain from my nipples as the weights moved hurt so much.

Eventually the movement stopped and I heard the sliding door open, I knew someone was close, I hoped it was you, but I didn’t know, but I did hear other voices, not yours, and the voices were distant, but getting closer. Still gagged and blindfolded I was unbound, and made to stand, then I was taken out of the vehicle. The wind howled around me and this reduced what I could hear and I was scared, I was shivering with cold and fear. I felt my trousers being unfastened, the clips on my nipples were taken off, and as this happened I screamed in pain, and I just heard Mistress laugh saying, “its always lovely to hear that, I know they worked” and giggled. As my trouser fly was already undone, my trousers fell to the floor, I was told to kick my shoes off, and I was standing in my pink lace panties. My penis was straining to escape as I felt the palm of a hand holding me in. I just went “ahhhh” as this was so enjoyable.

My top was taken off as were my socks, I was blindfolded, gagged and naked, I could feel some soft ground under my feet and the voices I previously heard were getting closer, it sounded like two ladies talking, but I was unsure.

Then my blindfold was taken off, but my eyes were still covered, I know now that a scarf was put over my head and the blindfold replaced, then the scarf was tightly tied around my head and around my neck, making every movement I made, have the scarf squeak in my ears, so I basically became deaf.

I tried to move, but stumbled on something and I put my arms out to save myself.

I was standing wearing some pink lace panties and I think I heard ladies voices, but with the scarf fastened this way, the only real thing I could hear, was the squeaking of the scarf, but I felt someone else was there. I felt someone or something touch my dick and I know it immediately became erect, then it was touched again and again, and I knew it grew and grew, then it was hit, oh the pain was immense, then I was hit again and again, and as this was happening it shrank and I tried to put my hands over it, but they were pulled away.

Then I felt a soft hand open the briefs and put my dick away, while another female voice spoke in my ear, “what a lovely girl you are” and as Mistress Beth said this, another hand caressed my nipple and the weight on my right nipple was released. Just as I was thankful for this, it was dropped, and the pain that created made me almost drop to my knees.

I tried to cry out, but the gag wouldn’t allow it, I was turned around and put back into the vehicle, but this time I was forced over something and my hands were tied in front of me, my body was tethered and the person I now know as Mistress Beth said “Now little girl, for that penis is so little and you are wearing pink panties, so you are a girl,” Mistress Beth giggled. “We are now going to have a little game, as we drive out onto the main road, I want you to choose three vehicles out of twenty that we will take the registration number of, such a nice little game”
With someone releasing my gag I said 3, 14 and 18, and immediately my arse cheeks burned as I felt pain on the cheeks of my arse. Mistress Beth said “When you ever answer me, you little slut, you shall always end each statement by saying Mistress Beth. Got that” and another whack was felt and I shouted “ouch” then realising “Mistress” I added.

“Quick learner” said Mistress Beth, as my pink panties were pulled down.

My scarf was untied at the back and the pressure released, although my hearing was not perfect, it was better and I heard most of the things around me.

“Tut tut tut” I heard Mistress Beth “You were instructed to remove all your body hair, you naughty girl, weren’t you” and I had to reply “Yes Mistress Beth” just then I heard a man laugh loudly saying that was 3, oh look at 14, and Mistress Beth saying “This will be fun”.

I felt a finger on my balls and Mistress Beth said “You were told that you would be painfully plucked, of all remaining hairs, did you think this would be fun, well did you, as it will be, and I love fun” and as I said “Yes Mistress Beth” and I shouted as I felt pain from my balls and I heard a “this is going to hurt” as another hair was pulled or tugged out. Mistress is so experienced at this, I have no idea what Mistress Beth uses, but Mistress simply pulls each individual hair until it is just tight, then slowly increases the pressure as it is slowly and painfully removed. I could hear her pleasure as mistress Beth would say “and this is a nice one, I love these little black ones and so looking forward to discover what your scarf is hiding” as another and another hair was removed and I tried to move.

The vehicle was making me move so much when over this bench, and Mistress Beth was so experienced that mistress Beth would just get a hair tight and wait for me to pull away, saying humorously, “if you would be a good little girl, you would stay still, but as you move, you pull the hairs out” and then mistress Beth laughed.

This went on until I think Mistress Beth was getting bored and her fingers probed my scarf and I felt soft materials being slid slowly over my body

We kept moving and I was almost screaming as hairs were removed and then I was gagged, but this time I tasted something acidy on the gag, which was made from material and I think it had some lace on it, but I didn’t try and talk, I just clenched on it time and time again.

I smelt something burning and then I realised it was hair, then I realised it was my hair, I don’t know where it was burning from as most of my body was hurting, but also my arse was being caressed and a finger was probing me. I have been in this position before, but I disliked it, however today, I got excited and I became erect. “Oh Claudia” said Mistress Beth “Look at your pretty little dicklette, it is getting all excited, it is asking to be stroked, would you like me to stroke your pretty dicklette Claudia” Realising Mistress Beth had now named me Claudia, I said “Oh yes please Mistress Beth, please” just then I heard a swish and my penis was hit hard, then again and again “No Mistress please” I shouted and then I realised what I had said and I said “Oh Mistress , no please” but I was too late, Mistress Beth heard my first expression and she stopped.

“No Claudia, you said NO to me your Mistress , how dare you, stop the vehicle, I said stop the vehicle, throw this slut out, throw her out in her pretty pink panties, throw this ex hairy sissy out and let someone else teach her. I will have nothing to do with a slut that says NO to me. Out with the bitchette” And the vehicle slowed down, it was very bumpy, but it got slower and slower, then stopped. I was so scared, I was thinking what would I do, I would prefer to be naked, not knickered.

I was so scared and we stopped, the door was slid open and the cool air flowed in. I was untied and made to stand, and guided out of the vehicle. My body was so stiff, I felt my knickers being pulled up and I was on some bumpy ground, then I walked on some cold stone type ground and led up some steps and onto a flat cold surface. Guided I moved along this cold surface and I felt a little safer, as I knew I was indoors, eventually I felt something wooly under my feet and led down some stairs, eventually my scarf was removed, my blindfold was removed and as my eyes began to adjust I was bent over and strapped to a whipping bench, placed in front of a mirror, I saw a man moving away and a beautiful dark haired lady with beautiful breasts, come toward me and whisper in my ear, “Hello Claudia, welcome to my chambers”.

“Now young lady, having read your requests and discovered your likes and dislikes, I feel sure you will enjoy everything, if however you don’t like what will happen, he he he he tough, because you are mine and you will do everything I desire. However should circumstances become intolerable, you may use your safe word, what is your safe word, young lady” to which I said “Coal Mistress Beth”

“Well that is different young lady, very well” and came forward again and caressed my arse.

“Now in your letter, you told me you were a virgin, your little passage had never been opened by a human, well that will change, for I love my sissies to lose their virginity, it is so nice, and just like every other virgin, their is always the possibility of a little bleeding, but don’t worry little slut, you will be used to that before very long” Mistress Beth said laughing loudly at the end.

“I think some punishment is in order, especially for your little outburst before, saying NO to me indeed” and as Mistress Beth was saying this some plaster things had been put on my back, and after Mistress Beth had smoothed it on, I saw the reflection of her smile and the glint in her eyes, which had delightful makeup around them and I am sure they sparkled as the plaster was ripped from me. I screamed, and Mistress Beth said, “scream as much as you want silly girl, for no one can hear you and no one will come to your rescue”. Again and again plaster was used to rip the hairs from me, and then I was released and covered in some cream. In her suite she had a lovely shower, I was put into this after about quater of an hour and the warm water released all the hair on my body, oh it was so nice after all the ripping and pulling and as I was washing myself, it was so strange feeling the soap rub my skin with no hair.

Eventually the shower stopped and I was given a lovely pink fluffy towel to dry myself with. I walked back and saw my suitcase on the floor, along with all my documents, clothes and everything else I had brought with me. I had forgotten about all these as my mind was on other things at the time.

On top of my suitcase was a piece of paper with some notes on it.

“Now Claudia” said Mistress Beth, “Its your punishment time, this can be done in various ways and the more you resist, the more painful it will be for you and the more I shall enjoy it, for I adore transformations and you will be transformed, you will no longer be a mere male, you shall become one of my fabulous females and you will obey everything I say, and you will enjoy everything we do. If you object, then you will sooner or later realise you mistake, however before your punishment will have been completed, I will have enjoyed persuading you and educating you. Now Claudia, what have you to say”

Mistress Beth smiled at me, one of those sadistic and domineering smiles where words mean little, there was only one thing I could say, “Thank you Mistress Beth” and Mistress Beth smiled a lovely smile

“Right child” said Mistress Beth, “time to get you ready for bed, but before we do that, you shall have to be dealt with. Get over the whipping bench, and don’t let me have to bind you. Now, where are those notes, ah here they are” and you laughed telling me that I was lucky and unlucky, but first the lucky one. “Right, that’s 07, so that’s seven strokes, now where are you, ah here we are. Now you can thank me and count each stroke.” I heard the swish and I cried out, but made the cry into a one, then thank you Mistress Beth. Oh that stroke was the hardest stroke I had ever had, then I heard the second, I was more prepared for the sound and the pain, this one landed just under my cheek, almost on the fold of my thigh and bum and it hurt, it really hurt. As the tears were in my eyes I managed to burble “Two Mistress Beth, thank you” and then three four and five, all landed in the same place and I thanked Mistress Beth but stammered at the fifth, saying “ffffffffiiivee Mmiisttress ffank yoou”

Mistress Beth said “Oh Claudia, what a lovely sissy voice, you can talk like that from now on” I had to answer and said “Yef Mifftress Beff” and she laughed.

Then I heard the sound again and said “Fix Mifftreff, fank you”

Then as I heard the giggle, I felt the strongest fiercest thrash in my life, I nearly took off from the bench, but my knees gave way, I looked down and said “ffeven, fank you Mifftreff Beff” and I felt the tears running down my cheek.

“Now little slut, its bed time, remain bent over for we are just going to introduce you to femininity, as a Tampax was opened, then a vibrator was gently placed in my arse and switched on. I couldn’t help it, oh how I tried, but I couldn’t stop moving my arse backward trying to get the vibrator inside me.

“Oh you are a slut” said Mistress, “Its your painful period time” and the vibrator was removed, the Tampon inserted, the vibrator followed and Mistress held the controls of the vibrator and I was told to pull my panties up and was given a lovely lacy nightdress, told to put it on and follow Mistress. The nightdress felt delightful as the material simply slid over me, I had never felt this before, and I followed Mistress into a small corridor and looked at a cone made from rope, and as I was looking I heard a motor and the cone came to the floor. It had a wooden base as a floor and ropes supporting the floor to the clip on the top.

Inside the cone was a sling, there was a step in front of the cone, I had to stand on the step and sit on the sling. As I sat down the step was taken away and as the motor began to lift, I started to swing slightly and turn inside the cone, but the cone also turned. My wrists were fastened to ropes on the cone, the vibrator was firmly in my butt as I felt the head of it against my arse wall. Then it was turned on and I wriggled, and as I wriggled the head rubbed inside me, but as this happened, I became erect again and as Mistress went for the cane, I managed to put all thoughts out of my mind, but my dick was still punished, and then my nipples were pulled, this made me move the cone and as Mistress released me, she said “Oh Sissy on the swing, ideal, night night little girl” and as she said that, she lifted my nightdress, placed the cane on my dick and said “That would look so nice in a jar with all the others, Goodnight, Claudia”

I simply said “Goodnite Mifffttreff, fank you”

As Mistress Beth left me, I heard her voice with others and her laughter, her joyful laughter.

I knew she was enjoying herself, and I too was being introduced to new things, as I tried to get more comfortable in this swinging cone and sat on this web.

And I was left alone, the lights were dimmed, but I also heard noises. It sounded like animals or pets, but then I thanked myself I was off the floor suspended, even though the vibrator was causing or creating things.

It was such a shock when the vibrations changed and it became more fierce and faster, the head was rubbing in my anal passage, oh I felt as though I wanted a shit, but then I felt as though I was being fucked, but I didn’t know what being fucked felt like. As I wriggled I became erect and hard, oh I hope Mistress Beth wasn’t aware of this. I wriggled and clenched my fist on the rope, I tried to ease myself up, but as I did this the sling moved forward, so quickly I sat down again, but this forced the vibrator to the side. Oh I was being fucked, being fucked by ribbed plastic, and I enjoyed it.

I must have dozed off to sleep at some point, because when I awoke Mistress Beth was holding my nightdress up and looking at me. “Oh, I see your dickette has been leaking Claudia” and as she talked she scooped her index finger around my penis and said “open wide, you might as well get used to spunk, as you will be tasting it ever so regularly, so suck my finger sissy and enjoy it, roll your sissy tongue and suck it off my finger” and I sucked her finger, I was doing this so eagerly, and she added “I wish to keep my finger nails, so you may stop now Claudia”. I pulled my head back and stopped.

“Now young lady, today you will undergo quite a few new things, so before you start work, you must have a shower and use all the scented soaps, wash your hair, use the fluffy towel and then the talcum powder” Mistress Beth instructed as she looked at me.

“Yes Mistress Beth, thank you” I said, and suddenly Mistress grabbed my nipples, and pulled, they were pulled really viscously through the red nightdress and Mistress lifted it to see my penis erect.

“What did you say slut” Mistress said.

I said “Thank you Mistress” again and she pulled even more fiercely and then I remembered and as the tears of pain ran from my eyes I said “Fffnkk you Mifftreff” and immediately her fingers let go, but just before doing so they clenched together even more. The excruciating pain made me wriggle. Mistress made me stand and bend over, I felt the vibrator being released and then for the first time in my life I felt the tampon being slowly pulled out, this was strange and my arse wriggled.. Suddenly it slid out and my arse crack felt more open.

“Big butt plug in there after you have showered sissy” Mistress said and I replied “Yeff Mifftreff, fank you” and Mistress Beth smiled.

I showered, shaved, dried and powdered myself, I smelt like a slutty hooker, I so much wanted to wank, but darent.

Mistress had me bend over and without any lubrication forced the plug up my arse and I screamed, but then wriggled. “Swing those hips, you slut” and as I did so I felt the plug inside me, and I liked it. I realised that I was enjoying being transformed and as I turned into another part of the dungeon, there was a maids costume, glistening in satin, on the bench.

“Come here slut” Mistress Beth said. I went closer to her and noticed someone in the corner. This person was another sissy, and Mistress Beth turned to her and said “Slut, meet new slut, you will dress and make this worthless thing into a maid of beauty, and you will also teach her into how to suck dicks. No, your little thing is not worth considering calling a penis, although you could change the letters of penis and make it pines, for your little dickette is like a pine needle, he he he. Show this slut what a pathetic sissy you are, go on, lift your skirt and drop your panties”

Sissy didn’t argue, she curtsied, said “Thank you Mistress” in a male voice she picked her skirt up and lifted it, the sound was so nice, the crackling of the petticoats, then she dropped her panties and a little penis showed itself. The penis was shaved, but the rest of her/his body was very hairy, so strange I thought, but said nothing apart from “Mifftreeff, vat ifff thoo thweet” and Mistress replied “You are learning”.

I wore the clothes, they were glorious, the feeling of the underwear was fabulous, but then, dressed as a sissy maid, wearing stockings with the stocking tops just below my petticoats, I was a slut and I loved it. I was told to get over the whipping bench and was tied down so strongly. Belts and ropes were tied around after my petticoats were raised, my nipples lifted out of my bra. Wondering what will happen next. The plug was released from my arse, Mistress Beth showed me the shitty covered plastic plug, dropped it in front od me and got a larger one, smiling broadly before she slid it in my mouth, and fastened a strap across my mouth.

|Mistress asked sissy, “What was the second registration number and the sissy replied “HTB 387 most glorious Mistress”

“Oh what fun” said Mistress, “That’s almost 400 strokes for you Claudia, well 387 anyway, such a shame you are gagged, but I suppose it will be quieter, let us begin” and as this was said I heard the swwish as the cane cut through the air and the pain as it landed, was fierce. I bit into the plug and snorted, there was no way I could stand 400 of those, but what options did I have, I was thinking as the second stroke hit my arse, then the third, the fourth, fifth, and each one was a fierce as the next. My arse was burning and I was wriggling. After a time, Mistress Beth stopped caning and gently felt my cheeks. “Oh you are a warm little girl, your cheeks are scarlet, what are we going to do with you, I cant give you all the punishment, but you do deserve it, you little slut” I felt Mistress Beth’s hand over the cheeks, it was so nice. “You must do some housework and then we can resume the task at hand” said Mistress Beth as she released me and unstrapped the gag. “Get up young lady, my sissy will instruct you how I have my cleaning done”

“Fank you Mithreth ” I said

I got off the bench, put my bra into position, straightened my dress and re tied my apron, my prick was erect again, but when I straightened myself properly the pain on my cheeks really came to me and gently I put my hand on my dress and held it close to my cheeks. The panties and the petticoats felt lovely against the cheeks of my bum and my thighs. Walking hurt a little, but soon I was ready for the housework.

Sissy told me to get a bucket, fill it with hot water as I was going to clean the carpet, Mistress didn’t allow the noise of hoovers, she liked the almost silentness of people working with their hands. Having filled the bucket, sissy gave me some soap to put in the bucket and a very stiff brush. She also said “Do not get your apron or dress dirty, for if you do, Mistress Beth will be so annoyed and believe me, when she is annoyed, you will think that today’s punishment was just a smack”

“Cant I take them off for cleaning then?” I asked

“No” said sissy, Mistress knows everything we do, she hears everything we say and everything we see, Mistress sees. I don’t know how, and I don’t care how, its just a fact, so I obey her and so will you, and you are lucky Mistress didn’t attack your nipples before, she loves doing that.”

I put the bucket of water down and tried to put my dress and petticoats behind me, but they just moved in front again, and the apron was almost horizontal. I knew I couldn’t keep everything dry and clean

Sissy then moved to the other side and put an ironing board up, and started to sort out some clothing. I found out that Mistress had sissy do some housework, in fact Mistress had numerous slaves doing tasks for her. I scrubbed the carpet, eventually getting all the marks I could from it. My fingers were hurting as the brush I was using was close to the carpet surface, and when I pressed down to scrub, the back of my fingers rubbed on the carpet, but I continued.

Not realising Mistress Beth was aware of this I just scrubbed and eventually Mistress Beth returned. Immediately Sissy stopped ironing, got hold of her skirts and curtseyed. I just stood there not knowing what to do, so I bowed my head.

Mistress Beth came to me and took my hand, turning it so she could see the back she saw the redness on the fingers and smiling she said “You have done well young lady, time for a change. I have been thinking of your punishment and I believe I have thought of a way to reduce the caning and increase your education. You are a slut, you are my slut and as my slut you shall be hired out. I will decide what you are hired for, but as my slut you shall learn everything. Now go to Sissy and kneel in front of her. Lift sissies dress up and her beautiful petticoats, there, so pretty. Now Claudia, you may gently release sissies little pussy and hold it, now feel it, gently rub it”. And as I rubbed it, it grew, it was only small, but when I stroked it, it gained so much size, that when it was erect, it was almost the same size as mine. “Oh that’s a good girl, now you can kiss it, lick it and as this is your first time, you can suck sissies little pussy and drink all her sissy juice, go on, let me see you. Oh how I love sissy lesbians” I kissed the knob end, I licked the shaft, I licked her balls, pulling her foreskin back, I rolled my tongue over the head and then I slid the head into my mouth, flicked the head with my tongue and gently sucked her shaft. My lips ran down the full length of her shaft, my tongue slid over the head, my fingers were stroking her balls and my head was sliding back and forward along her shaft. My teeth gently created some friction and sissy moaned, sissy was getting harder and larger, oh this was so good and Mistress said “If you get sissy to spurt her sissy juice into your mouth, then I will let you off 25 strokes of the cane. Oh aren’t I generous” said Mistress Beth.

“Oh no Mistress.please I beg you” pleaded Sissy as I licked and sucked her penis. I had no idea why this was being said as I thought Sissy was enjoying this, but soon I found out as Mistress Beth told me to stop. I did so and Sissy was almost crying and she sobbed “Thank you most Glorious Mistress”

Mistress turned and said “Sissy was a real slut and after a painful period she promised me she would never come again with being sucked, for if she ever did do, I would punish her more than ever before and have nothing to do with her again, ever. I dont know what would hurt her more, but hurt her I will”

Sissy said “May I speak Mistress” and Mistress Beth said “Certainly”

Sissy replied “Mistress, you mean the world to me, you have put up with everything and I know I have created difficulties in your life, but you have never let me down, you have always helped me and I trust you more than anyone, so if you threw me out, I hope it would be for something you wanted to do, not had to do. I will gladly die for you, for without you my life is worthless”

Mistress simply said “And”

Sissy held her skirts, curtsied and said “Thank you Mistress”

Mistress Beth said “I should think so”

Mistress Beth continued “Now Claudia, you must go and shower as your time is coming close, I want you cleaner than you have ever been before, dry youself completely and use plenty of powder, I want your nails painted and polished, remain in that room and I will come and introduce you to using makeup. Now go and be a good girl”

I showered with scented lavender soap, dried myself and powdered, then I said “Mifftreff Beff” remembering to lithp, “your fiffy fflave Claudia, if weady”

I just heard a laugh and then footsteps,

Mistress sat me down and held my face, she spent a long time making me up, ann then she put a lovely wig on me, this was followed by some black glasses which were fastened around my head, I could see nothing.

I was made to stand and led forward, then I was made to stand and I felt lovely material put on my legs tightly, which I discovered were stockings as they were fastened to a suspender belt, the panties and all this was making me crazy. I was dressed in such fantastic feeling clothing. I knew it was long and I was wearing some sort of dress with sleeves, I had a bra, which gently stroked my nipples. I was so excited, my penis grew and grew.

“This wont do” said Mistress as I felt something touch my dick, “get these on her, its almost time” and I heard Sissy say “Yes Mistress” in a humerous voice.

I felt my knickers being pulled down and something horrible replacing them, whatever I was wearing was cold.

I then felt something over my head as it stroked my ears, it was light, but I didnt know what it could be.

I was led into another room where I heard other people, then I felt my dress and petticoats being lifted, whatever replaced my knickers was pulled and then I screamed. Oh the pain and the cold, I could hear laughter, I tried to wriggle, but I couldnt.

I felt whatever was around my head being lifted, the glasses were removed and I heard some music, I saw myself in a mirror, I was wearing white and then I realised I was a bride, I was the bride. Mistress was by my side and she said “Today, I give you away, you slut” and she giggled.

I couldnt move, I wanted to run, but where would I run and how could I run.

In the room the music played here comes the bride.

A smart bearded gentleman stood with his back to me and I was led to his side.

The marriage ceremony started, when it came to “who gives” Mistress said “I do”.

When it came to “with this ring” my head was held forward, I felt my dresses lifted, and what I then discovered were plastic panties removed, water flowed as my dick had been covered in ice and as everyone laughed, the ring was placed on my little penis”

I was told that I would always worship Mistresses Body.

Then I heard someone say “Its fun time”

It was stated that I was a virgin and as this was my wedding, I would very soon loose my virginity.

I was put onto the bed kneeling, my “Husband” was in front of me with his penis standing proud, I felt something cool on my arse and a mirror was placed at an angle in front of me so I could see behind me.

Mistress was behind and she was wearing a huge pink dildo, she poured some gel onto it and I felt against my arse, or from now on, my pussy. I felt it slowly enter me, feeling it slide against my walls, forcing them open. I wanted to scream, but instead I sucked the giant cock in front of me, causing the man to gasp, but I was the one really gasping, as I was taken. I was being taken so gently, but then I just went backward and took the dildo all the way in. I felt the base against me and I became a cock sucking sissy whore.

Sep 192009


Cleaning maid at work in leather corset dress. Working hard scrubbing Mistress Beths floors on hands and knees just as she should be. Wearing a latex rubber doll mask she worked hard infront of me as I relaxed with a book.

Dusting, polishing, scrubbing – all creating a lovely view for me of her sexy little arse wriggling away, the white fishnet stockings and suspenders trying to divert attention from her deeply hidden slutty slave maid – who was just aching to be set free and allowed to explore all the joys ahead for her if she did a commendable job for her Mistress.