Oct 252009

Following the instructions I pushed the buzzer, opened the outer door and went inside with my eyes to the floor.

I heard the inner door open and saw Mistress Beths feet.

I had to keep my head down and was led to the dungeon. On the way down the stairs I saw an amasing arrangement of clothing, all types, all on hangers, this has to be one of the largest fetish scenes in the UK.

I was stripped, laid on her bench and blindfolded. Her voice is so commanding, she was in my head from the start and she used her experience like no other.

I was told many times the pain would be excruciating, and it took me to another level, for she used actual punishment, plus I was anticipating being hurt, hearing the swish and feeling the air being forced toward me, my eyes were closed, my teeth were gripped, I was ready, but then as I believed the pain would be here, it wasn’t. But I don’t know which was worse, actually being beaten, or believing I was to be hurt and it was my mind that hurt.

She is an expert at caning and cropping, as I only wanted to be punished where the marks were covered, and I was. Also is an expert in bondage, so quick at knotting and lacing, I had no idea I could be in so many positions.

Mistress Beth is one serious Dominatrix, she has a number of subjects that are utilised at her discression. She is expert at all imaginal punishments and she enjoys it. I think she is a sadist, but a sadist who is in control. I was transported into a world of pain and wonder, it was fantastic.

For all masochists, fetishists, sissies and those who want to be introduced to this scene, Mistress Beth from Morecambe, is the finest I have ever been to, and those are many, just never really were worth mentioning before today. Her fees certainly are worth every pound.


Oct 222009

Looking for a sub who can endure Mistress Beth tying him down, rendering him totally unable to move.

Cock and balls on display – unable to be defended and at the mercy of my touch.

I will then check the area for stray hairs – yanking them out with tweezers to prepare the area for my attentions.

First I will tenderise the ‘meat’ by squeezing and pulling at the balls and shaft. Squashing it all in my leather gloved hands. Pulling and pumelling it all until its nice and squidgy in my hands.

If the penis tries to fight me then I will have no option but to take its erect length in my hands and slap in sharply with my tawse, make it surrender using a crop upon it, flatten it with a good hard flogger…..

Then I will begin preparing the ‘meat’ for cooking….. tenderising it with my pin wheel – breaking down the flesh, all over, twisting it all around to reach the underside. Pulling at the balls to make them reachable and running the pin wheel all over every inch.

Next will come the cooking process which will be done with electric – sparks from the violet wand shooting through the tenderised flesh ensuring that its completely cookjed and tender for me.

Then what would be the next stage in this cock and balls cookery programme ….

Why don’t you email me for an appointment and find out just what I would do with a pummelled, pricked and cooked cock?

Mistress Beth

Oct 152009

Tickle has been in chastity for months, losing a couple of tasks meant that he has had less relief than he could have over the last few weeks. In fact he worked out just how long in minutes as one of his tasks…..18,720 minutes to be precise.

Anyway he arrived with gifts as all good slaves should. A wonderful new contraption that he made himself – a beautifully carved set of leg shackles with various attachment points and a rigid lock. A total work of art that needed to be tested today… I mean its only fair isn’t it?

The challenge was to endure 45 minutes of torturous tickling segmented into 5 minute slots by a very unusual alarm clock. The only way for him to end the tickling would be to say the word ‘CHASTITY’ out loud and that would remove any possibility of release for him during the session.

What a dilemma. Tethered to the spanking bench with his ankles separated by the wonderfully crafted leg shackles, hooded in leather with arms bound together the tickling began…..

He has been softening the soles of his feet with baby oil and a ped egg to make  them more susceptible to my tickling nails and toys. How he can giggle. Several times I thought he was close to ‘Tick..’ what was that sub??? Ch Ch Ch? No ? Ok more tickling.

On one occasion I managed to suspend the vibrating tickle machine between his tethered feet so that one foot nudged the tickling to the other and then back again all the while I was using another tickling toy and my fingers all over his body. Its hard not to laugh along with him when he’s in full flow…… giggling like a school girl.

The part that nearly ended it all was wedging his whole head in the tickle machine with 10 vibrating prongs all working together to tickle him senseless as I tickled the soles of his feet simultaneously……. chuckled like mad he did.

We also discovered that baby oil on the skin does indeed increase the sensitivity to tickling!!!

The remainder of the session was spent bound to a chair wearing stockings and high heels whilst I removed the chastity device with my pliers – would you want me that near your penis with a pair of pincers????? Hmmm.

Was dripped onto his nipples and scrotum had the effect of making him dissolve into fits of giggles again – not the response I expected at all.

After 2 hours I did let him play with the penis to the point of cumming and then removed his hand and bound it above his head……. I did let him cum eventually and he should win a prize for storing so much up – good job I didn’t make him eat it!

Finished the session with a good old fashioned over the knee spanking……..

Oct 152009

A knock on the door at noon, a young man stood there asking if Anne was in…… I invited him in on the pretence that I may have her address somewhere. He sat down in the kitchen to write a note to Anne that I could forward on when suddenly overcome with naughtiness I cocooned him with a thick elastic net, rendering him unable to move. A few drops of magic drugs on a cloth pressed to his nose reduced him to a state of unconsciousness.

He awoke with a Hessian sack pulled to create a hood over his head, his dry moth stuffed with a gag, and worse as he tried to move he realized that he was in fact chained to what appeared to be a suspended frame.

As he wriggled and groped around to his horror he realized that he was absolutely naked with his cock hanging out.

Then there was a nasty evil voice by his ear  ‘I’m going to call you IT’ ‘and what’s more you will never escape nor see daylight again’.  Then there was extreme and sudden pain to his testicles as he realized that she was seriously going to torture him and was burning his pubic hair off by setting it alight. Screaming in agony the ground rules were set.

As  he dangled helplessly, his nipples were tortured. There was talk of him being cross dressed and raped repeatedly. The most fun though was torturing his toes. Playing this little piggy and pulling at whichever was chosen by gripping it with a pair of mole grips and twisting. Oh how he would have screamed if only he could move the gag that was choking him…..

Even pushing a butt plug inside  it stretching its virgin hole in readiness seemed to make it squeal.

After an hour or two of torment boredom set in and I padlocked the cage door leaving him tied and chained to the hoist instructing him that I was off to find some penises to use upon him.  The metal door grating against the chains could be heard over the white noise it  was to endure in my absence.

Upon my return it had worked hard to get free. Put this hood on and snap this metal collar around your neck. The collar had a length of chain hanging from it. Now get down on your hands and knees I ordered it. Knowing there was no escape from the secure cage it had no option but to follow my orders. After all my sharp whip could reach its helpless body in the cage….

Down it went, head hung in defeat before dragged by the chain to a spanking bench where it was securely fastened with 11 leather straps, wrapped in chain and its hole lubed up, re-gagged and the fun really began as I strapped on a huge toy to split it open.

Electrical torture had it begging for mercy and agreeing to be my sissy little slut slave and be paraded around fully dressed as a slutty female…. I wonder what colour hair I should give it???

Oct 132009

What a wonderful time I have just enjoyed in the beautiful Balaeric Islands. Fantastic weather, food hotel etc ….

yes blah blah blah …. Im sure you would all rather hear about some of the fun and play I enjoyed with my own true love? The sexy man who satisfies all my sexual needs?

The room was equipped as a family room which meant there were 2 neat metal bunk beds folded up in a frame against the wall. The beds were complete with adjustable straps to secure the matress…..

Obviously Mistress travels with a bag full of beautiful shoes, underwear, rope  and fetish toys so the bunk beds were a challenge. Andy was tied in a body bag format to the lower bed facing upwards.

This allowed me to attach a thin rope around the balls and penis and ‘pulley’ the package upwards – obviously it was a bonus that should he try to wriggle at all the package would be pulled hard!

Hooded, gagged with my panties and totally bound I was able to tease him, rake my finger nails over his body, tickle him, carress him lovingly and tend to his pierced nipples with both my tongue and whip which elevated his endorphines sending his mind crazy.

Any movement in the penis would recieve a sharp twack with my favourite leather crop.

After a while my mind started to race and I was able to move his legs which were raised and tethering to the top bed using our own luggage straps to keep them firmly upwards as the ropes held them 3ft apart.

Lubing his pert little hole made the penis jump to attention dictating the rain of spanks upon its sensitive parts…. giving up all hope of any penis control I enjoyed kissing it for a while as my beloved trembled all over in anticipation and delight.

Switching the rabbit onto rotate it didn’t take long for the head to burrow itself inside in the rotating manner of a turbo driven corkscrew.

Please take it out Mistress he begged through the gag – I want you to have my juices Mistress ….. Keeping him at the point of cumming and using cum denial my fun lasted for ages, managing to mount his enormous cock in reverse by pulling his legs nearer to his head – this gave me a great vantage point of being able to fuck him with a vibrator with every thrust.

Obviously I had to stop before there were any ‘cum’ accidents as I wanted the denial to last longer to enable more sensation play….

I showered and dressed removing his hood and gag before kissing him goodbye with the ‘please come in and clean the room sign’ in my hand….. what a sight as he saw just what the maid would see as she entered the door facing the bunk beds  – – – a perfect view of a very bound and helpless Andy, massive hard cock complete with rabbit ‘tied’ deep inside him.

Cruel???? Maybe……

Also managed to video alot of the session so anyone wanting to see some footage apply by email!