Nov 302009

Happy Birthday! I must be joking! A whole bunch of emails arrived this

“Ha Ha Ha
At last you are talking my kind of language.”

“Having given a lot of thought over a lengthy period of time as to just
what I will do with you WHEN I get my hands on you – knowing that you have
no choice but to do anything I wish for you to do in an attempt to make
amends for your previous misdemeanours in life, I can state that I intend
as and when I want”

“Then I will draw out and savour every moment of your torment, swirling it
around my mouth like a fine wine before spitting it out and starting all
over again.”

“I am also in the position to know that your wife will be away this coming
Friday and you were planning a day at the golf course…..
Is this correct?”

My reply to this barrage of communication:

“How do you know all of these things? Yes my wife is away this Friday – in
fact until Sunday morning if I’m totally honest, but I guess you already
knew that didn’t you?
I was indeed planning a day at the golf course this Friday, again your
information is infallible. You seem to know as much about me and my
movements as I do myself!
Given the previous emails that have arrived from you this morning you
have been planning this scheme of yours for quite some time and obviously
have specific plans in mind for me that have been long in the making.
I am filled with feelings of dread and trepidation as to what your next
communication will bring – this is certainly turning out to be the most
worrying birthday I’ve ever had…..”

To which the following reply arrived:


I had to reply to this:

“Now I’m really worried. I thought this was going to be a one-off attack
on me, but from the tone of your last message it appears I may well have
been underestimating your drive and resolve in this matter.
I’ve already said I’m willing to submit to your desires and whatever you
want to do to me. What more can you ask?”

The reply wasn’t long in coming:

“I want you to be prepared to do absolutely anything for
If you do enough to quench my thirst to humiliate you I may feel
satisfied enough to leave you alone for a while…….”

What else could I say but:

“I’m sure I’m going to regret this, but I am prepared to do absolutely
anything for you and whatever you demand, in order for you to go away and
leave me alone (even for a while). You have my word I will do whatever it
takes to satisfy your desires.”

It now looks as if things are getting very real:

“Then the first thing you need to do is contact the golf club and your Tee
buddy to state that sadly you are no longer available to play a round due
to unforeseen circumstances.

My reply:

“Ok, that’s done. There was no problem with the golf club, although my
playing partner was a bit put out and wanted to know the reason for
I told him that a very important business meeting had been arranged by my
company with a client for this Friday and it would last the whole day and
I really had to attend. He asked who the client was, but I told him that
due to the delicate nature of the negotiations I wasn’t at liberty to
divulge any names, or where the meeting was being held.
I hope that I’ve done as you asked.”

Another email arrived this evening, shortly before 6pm:

“Now cancel your milk delivery for the entire weekend.”

My reply:

“I’ve cancelled the milk as you’ve instructed – but for the whole weekend?
What on earth are you planning?”

To which came the immediate response:

“FUN with a capital F

The best answer I could give to this was:

“I was worried before, but now I don’t know which way to turn. Why on
earth did I agree to submit to all your demands, requests and desires?”

This whole thing is really spiralling out of control:

“You had no choice to agree – it was only a question of when…..
When someone has such discriminating evidence against you……………..
When someone knows your dirtiest secrets…..
When you are so scared you will do absolutely anything to silence that
When that person – male or female – shouts you will respond ‘how
When will it be your turn to face your nightmare?
When I send for you ……. that is WHEN….”

The reply:

“You are holding all of the cards and are quite right when you say I was
bound to give in to your demands eventually – you obviously know a lot
about me and no doubt have the evidence and will use it to manipulate me
into doing whatever you command.
You have me very scared already, in fact I don’t think I could be more
frightened than I am right at this moment. You are no doubt going to
visit this ‘nightmare’ on me at a time of your choosing and this suspense
that you are holding me in is making this ten times worse!”

And now this:

“What would be the most degrading thing that you could be forced to do?
Walk around a street naked?
Perform disgusting sexual acts upon someone you don’t know?
Tell your boss that you are a gay woman trapped in a man’s body and that
you must be allowed to use the ladies bathroom facilities?
Taken to try on ladies underwear in a clothing shop?
Being bound naked to a lamp-post with a sign around your neck reading ‘I
am pathetic – slap me’????”

How can I reply to that – I’ve tried anyway:

“All of the things you mention I would find degrading and humiliating in
the extreme, and if you are listing these you know doubt have other more
degrading and perverted ideas that you are keeping to yourself for the
time being.
What have I let myself in for?”

She really is a psycho woman:

“What have you let yourself in for Antonio????
A living never ending HELL..
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”

My response:

“How did you know that my friends sometimes call me Antonio?
It certainly appears that my fate is now in the hands of someone with a
perverted and vindictive streak that finds my predicament amusing as far
as they are concerned.
It is now obvious to me why you didn’t want money – you are going all out
to humiliate me for what ever length of time you decide upon!”

She’s now claiming that she may be one of my friends:

“Has it occurred to your tiny malformed brain that I may well be amongst
those you class as ‘your friends’???????”

I find that incredibly hard to believe:

“It never entered my mind that such a scenario was a possibility and I
would hate to think that this is indeed the case. However, it would
certainly go a long way in explaining how you know so much about me.
No…. I just don’t believe it’s possible, surely I’m a much better judge
of character than to have allowed someone with your perverse way of
thinking into my circle of friends?”

One last message today:

“Poor you – so ridiculously believing that I’m going all out to humiliate
you for revenge – perchance I desire to exploit what I already know you

This is certainly a strange turn of events, hence my reply:

“I know this is a ridiculous question and you will no doubt have the
answer, but I have to ask it. How do you know what I enjoy?
I was sure you were trying to humiliate me for purposes of revenge, it
never occurred to me that you may just be taking a perverse pleasure in
all of this just for your own amusement and my shame.”

Nov 292009

She’s back! This arrived at 7.30pm this evening:

“Happy Birthday
What kind of day is it going to be?
I could be anywhere at all today…..”

My reply:

“Thank you for the (sincere???!!!) birthday wish…….
It is going to be the worst birthday of my life I can assure you – I’m
afraid to go outside in case I do something that you find out about and
puts me in an even worse position.
What can I offer you for some respite to your threats? I am willing to
submit to any and all demands you may put upon me in order to keep my
secrets safe from all the people that I know.
Please tell me what it is you want, I beg you!”

Goodness only knows what the response to that will be, but what else can I
do with the position I find myself in?

Nov 272009

It appears I’m out of the woods on this blackmail thing – no more emails
today so I guess normality has returned and I can forget about

I was obviously premature in my previous assumption; this arrived at
1.00pm – :

“So you thought I would just ‘vanish’ did you?
Maybe you  thought that it was all a bad dream? A nightmare you would wake
up from? Your mind playing tricks on you? After all that is what you’ve
tried to convince your pathetic tiny mind of about your first encounter
with shame…..
One question for you to answer.
You have made no offer to buy my silence – tut tut shame on you..
WHAT exactly are you prepared to do to stop this publication taking place
next week?
Do not insult me with offers of meagre money – this is not something you
can buy yourself out of Tony……
I await your response.”

To which I replied:

“I thought I’d heard the last of you – no contact for the last three days
after your initial attack led me to believe that you were someone playing
a hoax. This appears to be a wrong assumption on my part, although I’m
still not totally convinced that you have anything you can use against me.
If you really are genuine, then why don’t you want money? Have you more
nefarious plans in mind? Is it me that you want?”

I’m now back in a state of worry and confusion as to what is going to

Another email has arrived:

“I seek to humiliate you to the furthest possible extreme.
To use you in a way that only the most depraved mind could envisage.
You will wonder if I am related to someone you have wronged as you walk
the path of life.
In fact I can guarantee that your mind will retrace all your moments of
evil cunning to try and establish in your brain what you could have done
and to whom to make this dreadful situation so real now……
I will be in touch……..
I do not need to instruct you not to leave the country as I know every
move you have planned for the next month……………….
Knowledge is power.”

To which my response was:

“Who are you? What is it you want of me?
Humiliation and depraved use? I cannot envisage the sort of things your
obviously twisted and sick mind is conjuring up.
Do you know someone from my past that I have wronged so badly that you
are now insisting on putting me through this mental torture?
How can you know what my plans are for the next month? Is someone close
to me informing you of my movements, or are you so omnipotent that you
yourself are able to spy on me, or have people in your pay do it for you?
Knowledge is certainly power and if you get in touch again, as you have
said you will, I dread to think what the next communication from you will

This woman obviously means business, and if she knows my every move what
can I do?