Dec 192009

So many people read the blog on this page and dither about fearing that contacting me will be a nightmare. It won’t. I don’t snarl or bite…… Proud to say that I am approachable and will chat via email but won’t suffer fools. So if your email reads ‘tell me what you will do to me miss’ I would deem this as a time waster just wanting wank material to get off on…… phone a chat line. But if you are genuine read on.

Email me, be polite, tell me your age, rough location, previous experience – or not if thats the case. Be honest, just let it flow. Your cravings for play, the type of play that excites you the most. Before we agree an appointment I would need to know other bits of info from you. Do you need to be unmarked? Any previosly broken bones – not because I intend to break any but to ensure that when I restrain you I take the positioning into account.

Although so many of you want to do ‘whatever pleases Mistress’ I really need to get into your fantasies, see the images floating in your mind, the thoughts that surround your submission. This is not so that I can create a script to play with but because I like to be at one with my sub and there aren’t many fetish images that don’t excite me. An excited Mistress Beth will make the session fun for both of us.

The etiquette used will not signal the end of the world should it not be perfect but as a guide address a Mistress using capitalisation ie Mistress Beth, She, Her, You and refer to yourself in small letters i, me, slave, john/fred/keith. This is just the way to show respect to Mistress when writing.

For new slaves and submissives I do like a deposit, payable by paypal, purely as a treat for me should you change your mind at the last minute! Instead of bringing you to your knees and floating your mind I can then amuse myself with a little online shopping to get over the disappointment….. does this make sense???

Dec 152009

I love to read your blog – I have been working on my own scenario.

It is late as I pull into the service station car park. There are only a couple of other cars in the secluded corner I have chosen and they all appear empty. I get out of the car to grab a change of clothes from the boot. As I lean in my short skirt rides up exposing the tops of my stockings and the skimpy g-string I am wearing. I am so absorbed in the task that I fail to notice the first flash but I do notice the second. I turn to find the window down in the closest car and (flash) a third photo is taken. As I aproach the car another photo is taken, the engine starts and car speeds away. What was I thinking walking to the car, I simply ensured the last photo was head on mug shot. I was sure I would be recognised despite the wig and make up.

Weeks pass and the incident plays less on my mind to the point I no longer expect to find my secret exposed. Then an e-mail arives, attached is the first photo. My face is not in the shot but my arse is. The quality of the photo is excelent which confirms my suspicion that I am easily recognisable from the later shots. The only text is a telephone number.

I reply by e-mail explaining there must be a case of mistaken identity.

Exactly one day later another e-mail arives with a full frontal photo. This time the text says simply: what are you waiting for?

A moment later there is some discusion around the office,  it seems everone in the office recieved the email – what are you waiting for? I feel like I am going to be sick but fortunatly mine was the only mail with an attachment. I grab my mobile and head somewhere quiet. The phone rings once and is answered. They don’t ask my name, they don’t let me speek, they simply say see you in the car park at 12:00 don’t be late.

I make an excuse and head for the car. By 11:50 I’m sat waiting, countless posibilities running through my mind. At 12:00 a text arives, following the instructions I get out of the car and quickly walk to a thicket at the edge of the car park. After a short search I find what I’m looking for. By a tree there is a small bag. I stand and contemplate my fate. I spend a moment too long another text arives telling me if I waste more time the e-mail will be sent to a wider audiance. I go back to the instructions. I strip and put on a bikini from bag. I dress in a skirt and lose top similar to the one I was wearing when all this began. Given the circumstances this does not seem at all odd. After putting on a pair of heels that pad lock I stuff my own clothes in the bag. Finally I take the cuffs and hand cuff mysel to the tree.

After what seems like an age I am aproached from behind. Before I have a chance to react a bag is placed over my head. I am told to follow instructions to the letter. I’m now shaking like a leaf as I’m guided back to the car park strugling to walk on the soft ground in the heals. I’m bundled into a car which I know isn’t mine. As we drive, I am told what happens next. It’s now clear why I’m wearing a bikini. Im not fond of the plan but I know I’m going to follow – the consequences at work are unthinkable and I have been told failure to comply will result in being outed.

The car stops, the hood is removed and without looking back I walk accross the pavement and into the tanning parlour. The girl at the counter is not surprised to see me, she motions for me to sit down.

After the indignation of being mocked by the clientel I am eventually beckoned into a room. I am instructed to strip to the bikini. Once stripped I am spray tanned not too deep a bronze but significantly darker than my natural skin tone. Once complete I dress and pay for the indignity metered out to me. As I step out of the shop the car is waiting but before I can take a step my head is once again covered.

I am once again told what to do when the car stops. I follow the instruction to the letter. I follow my tormentor into a building and down a flight of stairs. At the bottom of the stairs I strip naked.

Collars are atached to my neck, my wrists and my ankles. Once secure my blindfold is removed and I finally see my captor. Flash – a photo is taken.

Over the next hour makeup is applied and a wig is selected and again I am told what is to happen. I am horified at the prospect but the assault on my body soon distracts me. After being floged and tormented with your violet wand the fight has been knocked out of me. Even still I’m not keen on your plan. You tie me to a bench insert a dental gag and bring in your sub. He aproaches becoming errect as you toy with him. I am unable to resist as he penatrates my mouth. My face is fucked until he empties his seed and I am forced to swallow. My tears have smuged my mascara, my lipstick smeared across my face and all this once again captured on camera. With the gag in place I’m unable to speak as you take my cherry with a strapon, my will is broken and when you finaly remove the gag I cry ok ok.

I am am untied and free to go, but now, just as you told me I would, I beg for one last humiliation. At first you don’t hear me but eventualy you smile as I beg to be spit roasted. On command a second sub appears and joins the first in my ultimate humiliation. Eventually you and your subs are satisfied. While I am coming to terms with what has happened you inform me that you have deleted the photos – the originals in the car park. You also inform me that you won’t be returning the photos from today anytime soon -just in case you require my services. You also tell me that you expect my services to be popular especially once the video goes out. As I’m taking that in I see an image of myself on a tv in the corner of the room. I have a bikini line and a wig and despite the messed up make up it’s undeniably me. My heads so messes up it doesn’t even bother me that you drop me off on the opposite side of the car park to my car. I don’t even notice the looks, the comments or the laughing.

Dec 112009

Role playing a calling girl I welcomed jeff into the huse, teasing him  with my touch and whispering how I couldn’t wait to see his lythe sexy body he eagerly stripped…………

‘Just close your eyes for a minute’ – as I caressed him from behind, placing a soft silky eye mask over his eyes, touching gently at his arroused manhood, circling his nipples with my finger nails just  before snapping his wrists into hand cuffs.

‘Your not going to get what you think you are here for at all’ I barked as I grasped his balls so hard they almost came off in my hand……. ‘you are a disgusting little creature who cheated on your wife’ twisting his nipples in oposite directions ‘…and were such a bad husband that she turned into a lesbian’

He was quite taken aback as I explained how his wife was a friend of mine and that I was going to give her a call and wreak revenge on her behalf.

‘That time when she held the pillow over your head when you were making love and you thought it stayed there a little long’ ??? ‘well she only wished she had held her nerve and finished you off’ as you were trapped between her powerful thighs, hands tied behind your back….. ‘you wouldn’t have conned her out of her divorce money then would you?

How I enjoyed torturing him for 2 hours, removing his hearing really turned up the volume as he jumped out of his skin with every touch – he he he and gagging him stopped me having to hear his screaming as I twisted his testicles one by one before forcing them into a metal clamp……..
Fantastic session….

Dec 112009

I would like to have a prison type session where the slave is held in the cage – then dragged out by the female guard (Me) who will then redicule him. Laugh at his pathetic begging to have a solicitor because of mistaken identity.

Make him wear a board around his neck with the punishments chalked on them – being added to for every bit of cheek.

Then fastening him tightly in a stood up position and setting about him with a leather flogger, only pausing briefly to gag him to quell the noise coming from his trashy mouth.

Torment him mentally with picture of what his cell mate is going to do to him when he gets out of solitary confinement. How he will be turned into a bitch, anally abused and forced to suck cock.

Finally I will fill the prisoner with a large plug and beat him some more as he dangles from the chains binding him….

Any takers???

Mistress Beth

Dec 112009

Antonio enjoyed having her limits pushed so much that she wants to start planning another kidnap for next year. Still buzzing from the feel of all the silky clothes, stockings and basques not to mention the high heels she has her head well and truely in the clouds of fetish pleasure.

What can I do to her that will be more extreme that being bundles in a van, stripped, dressed in ladies clothing and paraded around a public place?

I even threatened to inject the penis with drugs which really had her on the edge of her seat (so to speak – she was very bound at the time!)

I really will have to get my thinking cap on – maybe real drugs that will totally disorientate him, confuse his into not being able to make sense of anything at all and keep him in the cage for days ????