Jan 282010


After an hour or so of torture as she was tied to the trees she agreed that she had stepped out of line and as I had the most humiliating pictures of her I could do ANYTHING to her to settle the score.

So Back into the kidnap mobile …….

Then another good long journey with her teathered and swaying, gagged, blindfolded and hooded, totally disorientated as I laughed at her predicament.

Still tied up, she was draped with my coat, buttoned up and led into the torture palace – a place she was familiar with but unable to prevent her own fate. Did she feel like one of her own victime I wonder?

Because she was so clever at loosening knot sthe last time we met I took no chances and tied her outwards disabling her ability to wriggle free and untie the knots.

How I enjoyed telling her I was going to take the thing most precious to her – no not her headscarf but her virginity – she was every inch the classic spinster, except I couldn’t even imagine her having the humanity to keep a cat happy.

She was at last truely afraid of me. The circulation of the photos a constant threat which egged her on into performing sexy moves for me, flashing her panties and looking provocative ….. just take a look at this

Jan 282010

Rules for SM deal or no deal
Deal or no deal This version rather than having cash prizes in boxes has amount of spanks in sealed envelopes. The purpose is for the Mistress to give out as many spanks as possible and for the slave it is to get as few so its the opposite way to the cash version  Envelopes are best not numbered until both parties are present so no one knows where anything is and a board should be made so discarded numbers can be crossed off (slave can make the stuff why should Mistress go to the trouble) Before beginning the game the slave picks a envelope as his “winning” envelope,  then removes  four of the envelopes each round after which a offer is made by the Mistress. The slave either accepts the offer or plays on.  The “winnings” are given on the bottom over the knee with a paddle or strap of Mistresses choice If a deal is made the game is quickly played to its conclusion before the “prize” is given The envelopes contain the following figures
2                                                                                   120

10                                                                                 140

30                                                                                 160

35                                                                                  180

40                                                                                  190

50                                                                                  200

60                                                                                  220

75                                                                                  250

80                                                                                  300

90                                                                                  350

100                                                                                375

before opening the his “winning” envelope or in the case of a deal administering the “winnings” unless a deal specified dry,  mixed or oiled the player is given a choice of three envelopes one containing the word oiled, one the word dry and one mixed. However before he chooses The Mistress gets to open one of the 3 envelopes and look at its contents. She then tells the slave what is in it. But is allowed to LIE   The “winnings” are then given over the knee in the manner the card chosen by the slave says. If the card says Mixed the first half are given dry the second oiled A 5 minute break may be bought at the price of ten strokes at any time by the slave (charged before starting the break) obviously Mistress chooses what to do during the break and may decide to allow a longer break)  or even  to give a free break if she wishes.  Mistress can also decide to offer a lower amount oiled if dry has been won (If oiled has been won obviously this cannot be done) . If oil is used lots should be used.  Finally if after dealing a really low figure and a really high figure are left as the last two Mistress has the option of offering the slave a gamble of going back on the deal and taking whatever is in his envelope.

Jan 282010

A slave approached me recently and expressed a desire to be anally trained. Apparantly 6 Mistresses previously had told him he was too tight and it would take many sessions.

I like my slaves anally receptive and will issue tasks to those who need to work on it whilst away from the dungeon.

This particular creature badly needed to be opened up and penetrated like the anal sissy he was. So lulling him into a false sense of relaxation, he was hooded and tied, legs pulled wide apart as I teased and toyed with his little hole until it was ready to accept a slender finger.  

My skillful fingers quickly established the exact position of the muscles and my mind set a route of deep spreading penetration.

Lubed and moist, teased to the point of him BEGGING me to take him with me enjoying every tantilising touch and how his body squirmed and wriggled as far as the bondage would allow him to.

Like a cat having cornered the mouse in the full knowledge that the rodent couldn’t escape its fate I took my time and enjoyed every moment.

Finally I was ready and slid in my supersoft vibrator in an inch, then back out – more teasing then back in until his whole body was trying to pull it out of my hand which sheer lust and carnal need. . . . .

What a time we both had as the vibrations erupted through his body once the pink rocket was buried deep inside him to the hilt.

More training to follow…..

Jan 202010
Mistress Beth,

Let me first say what a pleasure it was to meet you today. You are everything that I had imagined you to be, and are absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you for today’s session, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and if I was a bit quiet afterwards it is because it has taken me a little while to get my head around it all.

There was nothing that I did not enjoy, but some parts stand out as being particularly good.
I loved it when you had me blindfolded and restrained standing up, the closeness of you, the scent of your perfume and your breath next to me was especially arousing, you were so close I could almost taste you.

Also when you had me on my back fucking me and telling me what a dirty slut I am it was fantastic to look into your eyes as you stood over me…so commanding and sexy!! I loved the verbal side of it, especially when you were telling me how you were going to humiliate me

The time went so quickly…it felt like about 5mins! I did have to stop on the way back and get myself together a bit. I am sorry that my cock did not perform better for you, I think that perhaps like its owner it was a bit nervous! Lets hope that next time it puts on a better show!

Once again thank you Mistress, you have me soundly hooked and enslaved.

Jan 182010

Take 1 man, 1 Mistress Beth, 1 very active kinky mind, a wardrobe of slutty clothing, make-up and shoes.

Mix together in Dungeon and voila ….. 1 sissy slut……..

As a Mistress one of my favourite moments must be when a sissy is created before my very eyes.

A man who has desires to cross dress, experience a womans view of life, be wrapped in silky, soft or sexy clothing often needs a platform to do it on.

My imaginative mind allows such transformation in a very short time. Encouraging the slave to hold themselves in the correct manner, to walk in the high heels and look like a woman out on the town whilst boosting their femine confidence gives me great pleasure.

To then take such a sexy slut and give her a time to remember is exquisit!

Imagine the scene, stood naked before Mistress as she chooses the clothing you will wear to arouse her desires……

Forced into silky stockings, suspender belt, bra, panties and then made to cover it all up with a leather, silk or PVC skirt and top whilst educated to walk in the very high heeled stilleto shoes or boots of Mistress’s choice.

Mistress will want you to sashay around the dungeon, stopping to pose and look at your self in the full length mirror before wiggling back to her.

If you don’t make the grade you could feel a sharp kiss of the riding crop across your leather clad bottom. Slaves that are really bad will be forced to bend over, pull their panties down and recieve a good spanking…..

While slaves that are really sexy and strut their stuff can expect to be caressed, touched, molested and positioned in a gentle way for Mistress to take their little virgin Mistress hole with passion.

Photo’s can be taken during the session……

Now as you lay there as the little slut Mistress created you should be mindful that she may want to parade you time and again in different outfits always leading to a good pounding by her strap on.

Role play and blackmail may be brought in to force you to be the slut you secretly crave to be…