Feb 282010

When someone is forced into a different outfit somehow it frees them, releases something deep inside which throws them into kinky fetish with a sometimes manic desire to please Me.

This is dark destroyer, a big, tough, macho, manly man with a respectable job …… but when in my hands he is putty.

He had to be chastised as his manners weren’t up to scratch and all you little sluts know how much I like to hear and feel a slaves submission. dd forgot to thank me as I whipped the pegs of his nipples with my 5 foot long training whip…. tut tut dd…. his ‘thank you Mistress’ was ever so quick the next time as the pegs flew from his nipples with such force.

This was his favourite moment from the session, although I have to say sliding the bright pink body stocking all over him was quite a moment for me. As he stood there – pink from top to bottom totally incapable of escape, where could he run to looking like a neon pink jelly baby? The stocking was very soft and silky and smoothed against his skin made it all so soft.

Strung against the cross with chains I then tormented his penis by locking it into its own pink leather prison….

Feb 282010

Cock clamp torture for dd …. all in the same session.

Once he was fully dressed and I had started to play with his penis – once I had cut it free from the pink stocking holding it tightly in place…. I then continued to tease it with the sharp spiky pin wheel and mini vibe…. dd was trying his best to stay still on the cross to make his suffering easier so I released him and bound him to the spanking bench, complete with pink tutu
where I continued his anal training as I extracted his naughty dreams from his mind with the help of a crop. Wow he has some deep dark dreams and I enjoyed them thoroughly!!!!

Feb 282010

I have played with roxy on several occassions and although the sessions were good fun I believed that there was somewhere else I could take him in his mind.

Yesterday I found that place……… and it was worth the wait.

Fully dressed in a kinky little petticoat and flesh coloured hold up stockings,
The idea of taking a cock was introduced and he was taught how to lick and kiss a cock before allowing it between his lips to suck upon it. The play was done with a realistic dildo – the safe way to explore the effects such forced bi could have upon the mind.

Roxy was treated like a lady and enjoyed some gentle baby oil treatments along with a powerful vibrator inside her tight hole. She was quite enjoying herself and then before she knew what hit her I’d attached her to my electrics and blew her mind with the feeling so close to the female orgasm that its quite uncanny.

Well done Roxy – what a girl.

Feb 282010

Mistress Beth adores susies submission – its so true and deep, she gives everything she has and would never dream of saying no to anything I had planned for her.

Last week I practises some rope work on her making her feel totally bound, the tight ropes hugging her body before being lifted off the floor, dangled as she awaited her fate. Totally roped up and turned on by my feather like touches susies body flexed and tensed, the sensations running through her entire body, she moaned and sighed which just makes me want to force more and more feelings upon her – different sensations sending her mind into over drive.
How she wriggled and groaned as I spanked her inner thighs, caressed her pert bottom and tweaked her pierced nipples. Then kissing her nipples as I reigned slaps down upon her bottom with my crop sent her mind into total submission as she melted before my eyes.


Feb 222010


Finding a dominant Mistress that suits your needs is always going to be a difficult process. Your desires and fetishes are special to you and it is important that you find someone who will understand them and incorporate at least some trace of them into your play together. Yes I know technically you should really just want to serve the Domme’s needs but if it is to be a long term connection then you need to be fulfilled too. Many so called dommes out there do it purely for the money and really don’t care about the sub’s needs. BDSM is consensual and the best Dommes know that submission is a gift from one person to another, it can’t be taken or imposed.

With all this in mind I would like to recommend Mistress Beth. I have been interacting with her over the last week and I have found her to be very approachable and knowledgeable on the subject. From the outset she was keen to get to know me as a person, to understand what was important to me and what I was into.
It is clear that she has a lot of experience in domination and she really knows how to get inside the mind of her subs. Overall she is firm but fair and likes to mix in a bit of humour too. If you are looking for a Mistress who can really push your buttons and help you explore your submissive self then I would urge you to speak with Mistress Beth. As well as being here at collarme.com she also has her own website www.mistress-beth.com.