Mar 282010
I was kidnapped by Mistress Beth as per the plot described.
Over the days before I became more and more exilarated, and on the morning, took the fearful drive to Lancaster, never having met before, or spoke, and not knowing what would become of me.  I was more worried when I got lost and was an our late for the first message point of possibly many, but was took by complete surprise at my first instruction, in a petrol garage toilet were I was quickly grabbed, stripped, chained by the balls, and blindfolded. This was removed and I was horrified tofind myself in a dress and high heel shoes, and forced on a humiliating walk through the garage to a van where I was bound to a chair and driven for what seemed like hours.
I as led blindfolded down some steps, to spen hours in a stand up cage deprived of all senses, before being bound tightly to a chair, interrogated and left, with occasional silent torment.  I didnt dare speak.  I was force fed some horrible food, and drugged, and spent the night chained to the cross, further realising m redicament when I awoke.  I dreaded footsteps, but when they came my fears were right, and I was chained hand and foot to the cross. I had stuck to my story in previous interrogations, but finally cracke and admtted I as Billy, as I was taken skilfully to my limits and a bit beyond, but the iteroogation continued with more questions.
Finally I was caged naked and then in a pink suit, before being completely wrapped in cling film, and netting, further tortured, and then suspended from the ceiling for the night.
God I was scared a lot of the time, especially at the time of the kidnap when I was terrified, but it was exciting, exhilarating and everything and more than I imagined.
Thanks Mistress Beth for such an amazing experience, well planned and executed with great elements of surprise.
Mar 282010
I recieve a message on my mobile, to head towards the services on the M6, and to text when I arrive, I set off wondering what fate awaits me, but at the same time having to concentrate on the road.
I arrive at the services and send my message, nervously awaiting its reply not knowing whats going to happen, my phone beeps and I read the message, it tells me to head into WHSmith, and buy a magazine from the top shelf, and also buy the top copy of the Daily Sport, which has inside it another magazine and also an envelope, I then have to buy a coffee and read the note.
Heading off into the services, I keep on looking around trying to notice anything different, but it all seems normal.  I purchase the mentioned publications and grab my coffee.
The magazine inside the paper, is a specialist bondage magazine, and as I flick thru the magazine, I imagine myself being placed in similar positions.  I then find the envelope and open it to find a list of directions.
Following the directions I end up driving down a small country lane where I notice a red van parked up at the end of the lane with its bonet up, a lady is stood by the side and flags me down.
I get out of my car, and walk towards the damsel in distress, she is dressed in a tight pair of leather trousers, with a pair of laced up black knee high boots and a long leather trench coat, she explains that her van wont start and would I mind having a look at her engine.
As I start checking for loose connections, I feel something being pressed into my back a leather gloved hand is placed over my mouth and I am told not to try to do anything stupid and to follow as I am told.  I am led to the side of the van and forced inside, I am then forced to completely strip, my clothes are placed into a black bin bag and placed at the far end of the van.
I am told to open my mouth wide and staright away my mouth is filled by a bit gag that is securely fastened around my head, the lady tells me that she is my worst nightmare and she is going to have so much fun with me, and this is what happens when you reply to unknown text messages, she starts laughing as I feel a cool liquid inside my bottom, a small butt plug is then inserted and switched on so it starts making a low buzzing vibration.  My cock and balls are then expertley secured with rope with the loose end of the rope being pulled between my legs and tied around my waist, so now not only are my cock and balls tied and pulled back, the rope is also keeping the butt plug in place.
My abductor then shows me some silk underwear and a set of stockings, and within seconds I find myself dressed in bra, panties, stockings and suspenders, the feel of the silk against my skin feels soooooo nice, should I really feel this excited about womens underwear on my body?  a long blue dress is then placed over my body along with a short black pvc jacket, I am then told to sit down so a pair of ankle boots can be put on which are then padlocked in place so I am unable to remove them.
The finishing touch is a brunette wig, the lady stands back and admires her handywork, she then produces a bag full of ropes and chains and before I know it I am securely fastened to the chair unable to move, there is no escape for me now.  Several photographs are taken, and I am informed that these will be used for blackmail purposes.
A hessian sack is then placed over my head, and I spend the next five ten minutes being teased and tormented by my captor purely for her enjoyment.
My captor, then feels underneath my bottom and increases the vibrations on the plug before leaving the van and setting off, my head is now spinning as I wonder what else is going to happen to me, and how long am I going to be held as nobody knows I am missing yet.
After what seems like ages, I hear the van stop and the door opening a collar is placed around my neck and a click means a lead has been attached, I am then released from the chair and ordered out of the van and on to all fours, I am then led away crawling behind my captor like a little puppy dog, I am led up a set of stairs, and then I hear what sounds like a metal door opening,  out you come Jessica, I want to put Kimberley inside the cage whilst I have some fun with you, now I am feeling a little scared, as we are not alone, I am then made to crawl into the cage, I feel my ankles being tied togther, I am made to wrap my arms around my legs, and once more these are then tied.
I then hear the door closing and a clink of the padlock closing, I will be back for you later Kimberley, I am the plunged into darkness, and I am left to comtemplate my fate, as I hear the set of footsteps fade.
After what seems like forever, I hear more footsteps and the cage is opened, the ropes are untied and I am made to crawl out, and then follow my captor down in to the cellar, when we enter the cellar I notice Jessica tied up in another cage as she watches me having my arms tied above my head, my legs are placed apart and secured with a spreader bar, the hood is removed and quickly replaced by a wooden head box, once more I am quickly plunged into darkness, I then feel my dress being lifted and my panties being removed, my cock and balls are released before, Jessica is released from the cage and made to kneel in front of me.
Before I relalize what is happening, I feel Jessica’s tongue running up and down my cock, and then she starts to kiss and lick me, the feeling of Jessica’s tongue and the butt plug is electric and with some expert tuition from my captor, I soon climax with Jessica licking up my juices, the headbox is removed and I notice Jessica is now securely tied to a bench, my arms are released and now its time for me to repay the favour, and once again with the help of my captor it’s not long before I am enjoying Jessica’s juices.
We are then made to stand in the middle of the room face to face and are tied up to each other, we are both hooded and gagged, and more pics are taken, before our captor leaves us to wriggle in our binds, knowing there is no escape and also it gives her time to get a selection of toys.
The next half hour is filled with various plugs, dildo’s and strap on’s being used on both of ourselves before we are individually tied to the bench face down and again with the help of our captor we torment each others bottoms whilst our captor teases us with electrics.
We are then forced into a corner by the stairs, once more placed face to face, a vibrating butt plug is once again inserted, and once more we are tied to each other but this time we are also both wrapped in pallet wrap, and a metal gate is shut and padlocked.
We are left again around half and hour, during which time we are prodded and poked and more pics taken before Jessica is released.
My captor then shows me the copy of the bondage magazine that had been placed in the paper, what a long time ago that now seems, and as she flicks through the magazine I am told to stay stop at anytime, this is done four times, and each time the page we stop on is marked, and then I recreate the same pose in the magazine and pics are taken.
Eventually I am led away again by the collar and lead, back into the van, re secured to the chair and taken back to the country lane, where I am allowed to change back into my clothes, one final piece of advice is then given to me by my captor, should I tell anybody about my ordeal then the collection of pics from the last few hours will quickly appear on the internet, and copies will be sent to my family, work colleagues and wife, and with them words ringing in my ear, the van disapears off into the distance, and I am left with some very enjoyable experiences, and feeling so glad I responded to the mysterious text message
Mar 252010

Luke contacted Me to discuss a possible kidnap date. His calendar was fixed but his agenda open to suggestion. After a few emails plans started to form in my mind and as the actual day approached as usual I started to ‘dream’ of the impending kidnap- not in an awaiting impatientlykind of way but actually  in my sleep!

One of his horrors would be to be forced into womens clothing during the kidnap, photograped and threatened to be taken outside…… the plan was also to send him on a bit of a run around before actually snatching him – in broad daylight.

As I like to make these abductions as realistic as possible I had to do my homework and visit the snatch site in advance to ensure the finer details would work.

The night before I sent him an email establishing a plot I had in mind…. his family situation meant that I preferred a last minute plot rather than building him up over time. 

The plot

As far as you are concerned it is a simple transaction – the hand over of the envelope marked ‘Personal Info’ as it contains sensitive information. This information has been given to you by your boss who has just jetted off on a short break at the last minute. Being a little cocky and jealous of his lifestyle you pretend to be him, driving up the motorway in his flashy shiny black car, playing loud music and just enjoying playing out the fantasy persona you have created.
 Someone who has never met your boss expects to meet you to hand over this envelope, he was going to do it himself until his last minute change of plan this morning. – would it do any harm to pretend that you are a little more successful than merely the driver/errand boy you actually are. The boss is a similar build so you put on some of his clothes and spray yourself with his expensive aftershave.
 The meeting is with Joe who will be in a dark suit and sunglasses in the cafe of  Forton Services Lancaster (M6) at exactly 1pm. Text this number upon arrival to state you are there 077xxxxxxx4 and await a meeting point confirmation.
 Your boss is called Billy Hartley – a bit of a rogue but he pays you well – possibly hush money as you turn a blind eye to any strange activities you witness. To be honest you don’t really know what his business is all about as you are just the driver.


All went to plan – with a few twists and hiccups along the way. I then instructed him by text to enter the disabled toilets and find a letter I had planted behind a bin….. as he was on the floor scrabbling about expecting it to be yet more instructions to follow I let myself into the cubicle and accosted him with a make shift weapon.

Taken completely by surprise it was easy to strip him of his male clothing and secure his testicles and penis in a long length of chain which was padlocked to both his wrists and his manhood. I then fully re-dressed him  in a long blue silk dress, stockings, red high heeled boots and long pvc coat – finished off with a wig. All the while I continued on about finally managing to capture the elusive Billy Hartley……. He begged Me, pleaded and swore that he wasn’t Billy …. All lies of course.

‘I won’t be able to walk in these shoes’ he bleated – Im sure you will learn quite fast with the number of people you will have to walk past! Making him glance at his new appearance in the mirror I ordered – Now head down and follow Me. Escape if you like – where will you go and who will believe what just happened? Eh Billy?


Like a lamb he scuttled behind Me – terrified of what  lay ahead but more afraid of being caught in the outfit he was now wearing without any car keys, money or phone ……. he clambered into the kidnap mobile and was secured and blindfolded as his journey into the unknown began in earnest.

Holding him chained to a chair for several hours, deprived of sound, sight and movement I thought he was beginning to crack under the pressure. 


During his time he endured torture to the point of breaking including genital! Force fed mushed up food, drugged, kept in various cages and finally suspended on a hoist in a cradle whilst fully bound in clingfilm for the most unfomfortable 2nd night ever! He did finally crack and agree that he was not Luke as he had been claiming but was indeed Billy – this of course made the game more fun for Me – tripping him up in his lies to the point he didn’t know whether he was coming or going!

This is how he spent huge chunks of the time – in captivity – unable to escape at all, caged and helpless.

Mar 182010

Dear Mistress,
                  wow,what can i say? Got home,had something to eat and enjoying a cheeky beer now, but im still floating about somewhere! i hurt really badly all over and its quite delicious. i feel used, brutalised and raped,but at the same time soooo relaxed,as if ive just had the best sex ever! What an incredible Mistress You are. You scared the life out of me and i just wanted to suffer forever for You, but at the same time wanted You to stop so badly. Aaah the dilemma of the slave in the hands of his Superior! Feel i let You down a bit by using the safeword, but think Youd have broken me eventually anyway. You will always beat me (literally ha ha!) eventually i think,and thats how it should be. i finally got to the fabled “subspace” tonight and its definately better than any drug i used to enjoy in my younger and stupider days! A big smile and a big hug to You my friend, and a respectful kiss to Your Beautiful feet my Mistress,
                                Yours, always, slave a

Mar 182010

Mistress is hosting a party purely for Her entertainment. It will involve a select number of subs and slaves gathering at My dungeon to be bound, restricted, hooded and even gagged when necessary(obviously when mouth is not in use).

There will be no introductions. Mistress will simply instruct, with discipline when needed, to ensure that the slaves are ready for

  1. Putting a condom on an erect cock using only your mouth.

  2. How to suck and lick a cock properly

  3. Ball teasing with the tongue

  4. Tips to deep-throat

  5. Preperation for anal penetration

  6. Anal penentration for those Mistress chooses.


It will be a select party and non-identifying pictures can be taken for the blog and your own amusement. Places for My own slaves are prioritised and a £25 paypal deposit will be required to book.  The total cost for the evening will be £125 and the party will run from 7-9 approximately. All slaves will be held in bondage and dressed in silky stockings, suspenders and shoes to ensure the inner slut feels totally kinky.

Enquiries by email boys.

I adore watching cock-sucking and forcing straight men to perform it at My direction gives Me a great buzz…..

slut in training to DEEP THROAT 

an 8″ DILDO in the hands of Mistress BETH