Apr 302010

zoe was certainly aware of her sissy hole being spread wide at the skillfull hands of her Mistress. So much so that a begging plea fro further treatment the very next day resulted in this glowing review being penned by her fair hand.

As I stood with my head bowed, hands behind my back awaiting Mistress I knew the fact I had only been the day before would mean a severe treatment.

Mistress appeared and I kissed her hand dutifully. She ran her cane over my thigh and between my legs which is when she noticed my swollen cock. Mistress was less than impressed.

Ordered to the chambers, I was told to strip and present myself for inspection – Mistress asked if I had been thinking dirty thoughts from the day before and I thought better of lying to Mistress. I admitted I had and she asked how many times I had touched my pathetic little cock – I had only played once and stated once to her – but Mistress had phrased the question carefully – she didn’t just mean playing – touching for whatever reason and my answer was greated with a cane across my exposed cheeks.

She dressed me as the slut I had become the day before – but this time fishnets, suspender belt, very high heels and a dress which allowed Mistress to enhance my breasts making them nice and pert. She watched as I walked around the room and as I looked in the mirror, Zoe the slut was there again. Not quite as nice as the day before when I had silk stockings and nice black heels but I had learnt not to say that to Mistress.

Mistress was not in the mood for messing – she was not impressed with my cock being swollen and promptly took me to the bench – strapped down, my legs spread, pussy exposed she strapped me down tightly and then the hood. Not knowing where she was or what she had, all I know is she spanked me in so many ways and I thanked her each and every time. The hood was then lifted a little and a large strap on cock thrust in my mouth – god it was big and given I had been a virgin the day before, I knew Mistress was just teasing.

But not so, before I knew it, I yelped, gasped and felt the thrust of the large cock in my pussy. I knew that I was leaving myself open dressed as such a slut but this was a large cock stretching my tight pussy. Mistress could see me shaking and heard me groan and moan – I then heard the delight in her voice when she said that only the tip had penetrated – and with a thrust against me she pushed the whole cock deep inside making me shudder and groan – she then persistently fucked my pussy taking great delight .

Then all went quiet but I could feel the cock deep inside. Mistress had obviously left the room so I clenched my pussy lips hard to try and force the cock out – as it was sliding out, I heard Mistress return and she saw what was happening and immediately pushed the cock back inside – deep and painfully. Unstrapping me I was ordered onto hands and knees and led, hood on into another room cock still in my pussy.

Ordered onto my feet, I stumbled in my heels – at least 5″ and she helped me sit on a bench which thrust the cock deeper inside She lay me down and before I knew it I was chained, tied and my movement restricted. She squeezed my balls hard and took a painfully long time deciding on a parachute with chains which she promptly pulled to her amusement as I jolted in the chains. Next, my bra was pulled down and she toyed with my nipples – Mistress had been promising this all session but so far and thankfully left them be. Squeezing them, Mistress decided tape would be best. More cock play but I couldn’t see what and then the ultimate pain.

She removed the cock which I was thankful for and my pussy relaxed – only to be greated by a larger cock thrust deep inside and then she turned the vibration on – I managed to get away with the swear word I said but it didn’t feel like it when Mistress started giving me electric shocks everywhere including my cock which was not clamped in some way.

Finally Mistress gave me permission to produce my milk which ended a terrific experience for Zoe.

Mistress is a true gem who can work you out quickly and knows how best to stretch your limits and take you to a level you do not believe you will achieve. Respect her and you will have the most amazing experience ever!

Apr 302010

Many times a sub will make the first step in contacting Me but are too afraid to actually take that final step and step into the dungeon.

That is exactly what seemed to have happened to one particular person who kept all his submission repressed trying to ignore his dreams and fantasies in a desperate bid to suppress his deepest needs and desires – the path to an enriched life.

Anyway out of the blue he contacted Me again on wednesday requesting a same day appointment. I generally like to ‘suss out’ the desires of a newbie by email before meeting him but thought I would give it a go.

The sub was in need of a makeover and was quickly transformed into a sissy slut, make-up, wig and heels. Slithering her legs into ultra fine silky black stockings and patent black high heel shoes. The panties did very little to cover her excitement at being forced to parade before Me whilst learning how to walk tall on her high heels as I decided on a suitable name for my new toy. Protesting that he couldn’t dance he soon learnt the moves as I good over the knee spanking warmed him up so much that he did a little erotic pole dancing for Me.

During My inspection it became apparent that he was indeed still an anal virgin when he stepped inside My domain – something that would be well and truly rectified before he left!

The slut danced, girated and learnt how to use all that pent up sex appeal before being taken on a journey that would see ‘zoe’ the simpering undiscovered whore finding that the popping of her cherry was not as terrifying as she thought it would be – but actually evoked feelings deep inside that needed to be set free.

Bending her over the bench for a good seeing to was indeed a true pleasure for Me.


Apr 282010

What kind of Mistress am I?

That is a question that is simply not possible to answer in a few words. I like to be able to chat to My subs after a session – and during if its appropriate – and yet snap them instantly back into submission with an instruction or action.

Sometimes this can be off putting as a concept and some slaves like to have the sub side of their personality dealt with when wearing a collar and others accept that stepping out of persona is acceptable.  It is advantageous though when something needs verifying – will the makeup stain you? Or if you have a health query during play for example or suddenly remember that its your annual medical tomorrow.

I am a lifestyle Dominatrix – This means that I am naturally Dominant. The kinky powerful thoughts and scenarios I dream up are with Me all the time. Luckily Domination is something I adore and gives Me genuine pleasure to the extent that I am not shy in telling a sub that I do not wish to see them again as they simply don’t give enough back. This said I also understand a first meeting can be very difficult and nerves are jangling as you step through the thresh-hold handing over your soul and sanity to a woman you do not know and only pray turns out to be the Domme of  your fantasies and not a crazed nutter!

Before a session I would want you to state what you really fantasise about. Not in a way that reads like a script but in a deep and meaningful soul searching way. Do not ask Me ‘what are you going to do to me’ as this rings alarms within My head and screams ‘wank seeker desperate to get off on words alone. After your first session then you can ask if I have plans for you by all means. Comunication is the key to any happy and fulfilling relationship.

If you desire a Mistress who treats you like shit, kicks hell out of you and puts you in a corner to wank before pointing at the door whilst counting her cash then that isn’t Me. I like to use the most sensual part of the body – mind play – I can hurt you, inflict pain in extreme amounts but equally the soft touch of a gloved hand will be like electricity flooding through you – throwing your brain into tilt mode.

Stern, harsh sessions are fun, with everything you say or do resulting in chastisement. Being left to feel that you can do absolutely nothing right, humiliated to the core. Unable to say what you mean as you are constantly interrupted and unable to communicate effectively with ‘Yes Mistress’ answers to the rhetorical questions I fire at you.  Let Me know if you desire to feel such intimidation.

I love the extremes of CBT to dressing a sissy in silk and have her dust and polish on bended knee.

The pace that the session moves along at is different for every slave, sometimes I think that slave needs to absorb the feelings and compute them in his head whilst others need complete sensory overload to push them into a deep happy place.

Being realistic with your expectations will help. I won’t arrange a forced bisexual experience for someone I have not met in a normal session – there are parties held for just this fantasy to be enacted.  Don’t think that I will perform Olympic speed spanking, anal, vacc bed, bondage and cross dressing within an hour as its just a) not possible and b) not enjoyable. Have a ‘list’ of things you fancy, ideas from the blog – even email and say that blog about so and so really got to me……

Nor will body worship be available to slaves. My body should be admired, My seductive  curves create fantasies that you can confess to in future sessions to be corrected for. If I chose to reward a slave by allowing him to lick My nipple or massage My shoulders that is My choice and desire and will certainly not be done at the slaves request.  My long stockinged legs, cleavage, foot wear and Dominatrix outfits should be seen as erotic, scene setting stuff of fantasies – I could Domme you in jeans and a T-shirt but like to make the effort to look sexy and powerful to your nakedness.

I want to create and build relationships with clients, knowing about your life and limitations makes it all easier. Being able to say ‘Mistress I’ve had a crap week at work and the mother in law is staying this weekend’ can be uplifting. The personal stuff stays in My head and believe Me when I tell you that I have been in this business long enough to know that I still want to be Domming at 80 and have no desire to make quick money blackmailing anyone with pictures or info……. What you have to ask yourself is can I trust this Mistress? Does Her reputation speak for itself?

Incidently I do offer blackmailing as a service but its on a fun level!

Anyone visiting a Mistress who threatens to blackmail them should go straight to the police. Those people are not Dominatrices but money grabbing bitches who bring shame on the name of good Mistresses.

I like to have a few ideas about how a session will unfold but do tend to just go with whatever is happening – if we end on a different path because its working then so be it. I will not work to an itinery.

Some people believe that by paying for a service they are ultimately in charge. Not so with Me – I will not dance to any tune…….  happy to incorporate your stuff into a session but don’t write Me a script or you may just get to eat it!

It is important to Me that you enjoy the session and I want you to be able to say – this isn’t doing it for me if you need to. However I am pretty good at reading body language and worming My way into  your submissive soul and feel less than satisfied if I don’t manage to get you to sub-space by the end of the session. That is My reward, knowing My power has touched you to the core.

After a session I expect a friendly polite email and if you wish to become one of My stable  keep in contact regularly with Me. Even if you can only session twice a year – let Me know.

Mistress Beth

Apr 282010

Nipples were put on men for one reason alone. To satisfy Mistress Beths desire to see men crumble and whimper in total submission.

I can spend an entire hour just taking a sub to the edge time and again with nipple play. Stroking them, licking them, nibbling them, clamping them, tying them to the ceiling with the aid of weights.


So many tools are available for My fingers to grasp. The violet wand used either directly or transversely can be similar to being struck by lightening.

The use of heat and ice can make the nipples feel gianormous like volcanic peaks just waiting to erupt.

I play a little game with the nipple hairs that is so arousing and erotic that its actually had a slave cum on the spot.

Apr 272010

Mistress Beth adored CBT. Especially when the subject is completely tethered and helpless, deprived of vision by either a hood, blindfold or head box just sensationalises every single feeling multiplying the feelings of pain and pleasure a hundred fold.

To be honest I never stop looking for items to use on the penis. Graters, insertables, straps, cages, sharp pricky items, massage tools, vibrators…. the list is endless.

Of course a submissive couldn’t experience any of the sensations to the full without the addition of My powerful voice describing what is happening and keeping them completely on the edge before mixing a tantalising cocktail of pain and pleasure that has endorphines running throughout the entire body whilst the cock strains so much it feels as though it will bust open.