May 302010

I do enjoy playing with balls – especially when the ‘registered keeper’ is totally restrained and unable to defend the manhood that has become precious to him.

As many of you will know I have over a hundred little toys and gadgets that I can bring into play during a session.  One of My favourites is the nut cracker — the looks of sheer horror and panic on some peoples faces as I turn it time and again, pressing into the penis head like a ferocious dog on a bone.

Quite often I am glad that the blindfolds stop My laughing face being seen in what is a terrifying moment in life. I can’t help it though and frequently find Myself getting carried away with My menacing voice implying that things are worse that they are and sending the mind into overload.

My torture of choice today was the old fiery jack. Inserted into the penis and then massaged in all over outside – a bit like a nice wank but with a terrible twist…. just as you start to enjoy the strokes and the cock starts to swell all of a sudden the intense heat grabs you and your body is desperately trying to stop the erection with your brain shouting ‘reverse…reverse’!!! but too little too late as they say. A nice cold swim in iced water seems to offer to relief at all – funny I THOUGHT it would!

The gates of hell can only make the whole experience even worse and this particular sub actually managed to jump so much that he shuffled the CBT chair forward 6 inches – quite annoying having to put the pin wheel down to move My own seat further back to prevent his cock landing in My lap …. quite unreasonable as I was only trying to cut the penis off!

May 292010

john was here yesterday on his hands and knees scrubbing the paintwork when My new red satin corset arrived. Its gorgeous but wasn’t laced!!!! Anyway Mistress makes work for idle slaves so john was diverted from the scrubbing to lace up the corset. I have the patience of a saint as I had to wait for him to finish 3 times before making him do it again.

I soon had him punished though, sat in the kitchen – in cuffs and a collar I subjected  him to a good ball squeezing, a little scratching and some plucking ……

Get well soon doris – I miss you!!!

May 282010

Well the time has come for Me to share the pictures of My newly revamped dungeon with you. I was hoping to keep it as a surprise until all My collared slaved had seen it first hand but alas there are 2 of you yet to see it in person and you know who you are!

The removal of the big shelf and creation of an alcove has allowed Me to rid the front dungeon of clutter displaying many of the whips on a new whip rack. The size 12 ballet boots now have pride of place and look just divine.

Moving through the room other changes include somewhere to hang all My leather restraints. The shoes are now on display in a dressing room type setting where a slut can be made up before being forced to amuse Me. I am really pleased with the new look and it has made playtime even more fun as I find things I had forgotten all about!


May 262010

The newlyweds were subjected to a whole host of fun and games. He was snapped in chastity – the key being cut in half in front of his eyes to his horror. She was filled with tricks and tips to mould her new husband into the perfect man.

His wedding dress was amazing – all shiny and white with matching stockings and shoes and of course the underwear to match – what bride would be complete without a virginal white basque and suspenders?

During his time his body was tethered down and all the manly hair removed – some by the use of immac, some by shaving. The results were fab – a totally soft smooth body which was then dressed, made up as a tart and pleasingly took everything we had to throw at it. There was a playtime in the middle where he was tightly bound and able to strain his ears to hear Me spanking Mrs Wife in the other dungeon room, his mind running wild as she sighed with feelings whilst My tools did their work on her. Rubber flogger, velvet, electic shocks all helped to give her a wonderful sensory time as her husband stewed, his penis swelling in its cage awaitng the arrival of the strap-on which took him far beyond the earth he usually felt so grounded on.

I tied them together – face to face and gave them some privacy……!

A perfect ‘couple’ session. Couple therapy for the submissives – what a way to play.

Mistress Beth

May 252010

It started by leaving trails of messages to follow – the final being dropped in a book in a shop for the person to collect.

It was a glorious day in many ways. Firstly the sun was shinning and the sea a beautiful sight. And of course the fact that I got My man was such a bonus.

As a special treat the kidnap was photographed and filmed by someone else so for a change you  lucky readers will get snapshots of Me in action!

Enticing the victim to the seafront he was instructed to sit on a certain bench, previously marked and look out to sea awaiting his next instruction. He wandered around for a few moments before complying.  Watching from a safe distance it was easy to sneak up on him and press the chloroformed cloth against his mouth forcing him to breathe in the sweet sickly odours which would quickly take away his mind.

He went down flat onto the bench and was completely disorientated as I helped him across the prom – looking for all the world like a man the worse for drink. A woman was approaching looking concerned but I was ready to dismiss her by saying that he was always doing this……

Once in the kidnap mobile he was subjected to a quick strip and held in place by a mixture of rope, handcuffs and chain before being driven on a journey from hell where he was subjected to humiliation too disgusting to mention and reduced to a quivering wreck when he felt the threat to be very very real and trembled from head to foot as he couldn’t defend himself from the mad woman.

The entire time he claimed to have simply found the last note and followed the instructions only to see what it was about ‘a bit of fun’ ‘a giggle’ …….

Once I bored of his snivelling he was taken to the dungeon where his now feminine clad body was placed into a secure cage.  As his humiliation increased he became quite amusing singing My own version of Baa Baa Blacksheep.

After a while he was forced to press his nose onto the floor and thrust his arse up in the air as I inserted a toy into the tight hole…… stretching him for the arrival of ‘the boys’ Big Andy and Dave who would come and spit roast him.

Eventually I decided to lock him in the dark box before strapping him down, filling him to bursting point with enema water and fucking him while it sloshed around him until he really REALLY begged Me to stop – something he cursingly said he wouldn’t do.

The finale was wonderful – tying him back to back with one of My slaves and making them dance – as I whipped them of course…..

The outcome – dozens of pictures on hand to shame him any time I choose…….