Jun 292010

Harley is a true pain slut. She can take as much as I can give and its always a pleasure to push her buttons and hear that gentle sighing like the purr of a contented cat.

This week I suspended her legs and took My time whipping and tormenting her flesh until it was really glowing. Then moving My attention to the soles of her feet seemed to push her into complete overdrive……

It was then necessary to stretch her little Mistress hole to ensure that it was pulled wide enough to take My latest gadget – one she was unaware of its very existance…….

The dildo chair – finely adapted by My sweet slave susie it has the ability to support several different sized cocks in such a way that I can watch as the slut is trained to place a dildo onto an erect penis, lick it, suck it and even deep throat it all under My demanding glare.

Harley was dressed in a little red and white sluts outfit with lace and bow cuffs, collar and garters to feel just like the little tart she was soon to become.

The lesson began…. the unveiling of the chair created a huge groan – anticipation? fear? delight? astonishment? A mixture of all I do believe and the whore was keen to greedily feed on the cock destined to fill her.

Congratulations Harley harlot you have managed to put a condom on the erect cock with only your mouth…. you may move onto the next level and service it with your tongue, no hands at all, just suck and lick it like it is indeed an object of great beauty and desire.

Needless to say that My pretty, slutty student passed all levels and had the pleasure of riding that cock whilst bound to the chair directly in front of Me giving Me the best view of it bobbing in and out of her tight hole as I could ever wish for.

She begged to cum, pleading to explode. ‘NO’ I kept repeating until finally as the vibrating bullet pushed inside her cock became too much to bear the juices exploded – which were immediately sucked up with a syringe and squirted inside her spent body.

Jun 272010

Andy had been put in such a position that he had no choice but to become My personal plaything, a toy to tease, not a real person with feelings just a object to be abused before being discarded.

How did he get into this state? Simple – I kidnapped him with an elabourate plot and the help of doris and some careful research. I knew all there was to know about him and could use it to control him. I knew his wifes name, where he worked, had posession of his mobile phone and bank cards and could opt to destroy him at any moment.

But would I?

Forcing him into the vacc bed was totally against his wishes and he struggled and tried to make out that his 6ft 3 frame just wouldn’t fit but just by tapping a few buttons on his mobile he was in like a shot.

Earlier I had picked out some nettles and took great pleasure in teasing his cock and balls into a lovely blistery shade of pink before setting about to arrouse his penis with gentle strokes from a gloved hand. Squeasing it, stroking it, wanking and pulling at it all had the desired effect…

the penis became harder and fuller and throbbed – not to pleasure the victim but for Me to watch as he tried in vain to fight the effects My touch had upon his body….. the blisters now looked quite tight as the skin pulled tightly…. leaving the only other place available to park My nettles – right in the end of his bell end…. the soft flesh danced against the fine needles of the plant as they tore into his most sensitive area…….

His whinging and moaning became so intense that I had to stop My fun and push the heel of a shoe into his mouth to silence him……. and then continued to play to My hearts content ūüėČ

Jun 262010

The victim was instructed by text message to be at a certain place at a certain time. The best description I could give doris who was making the ‘drop’ was unfortunate in so much as there was another man 20ft away with the same feature…… ringing doris quickly avoided a total disaster where someone else could have been involved in the plot through no fault of their own!!!!

I had prepared a ransom letter with a tablet type capsule attached to the page. The note made clear the consequenses of not following the instructions to the letter and brought into the equation the intimate details of a loved one and what would happen to that person if obedience wasn’t forthcoming……

doris walked past the victim in a crowded place where he obviously thought he would receive further instruction to go elsewhere but doris played it perfectly swooping down to ‘retrieve’ something pressing it into the victims hand with a ‘you just dropped this mate’ as he strode away…..As the man swallowed the pill I had him in My sights from some distance away and congratulated him on his choice of actions by text.

He was instructed to start walking and eventually told to kneel down with his head down against a van – flinging the door open he was hooded and his now drugged and woosy body pulled inside as doris at the helm drove us away from the scene of the crime.

Ripping his clothes open¬†he was securely strapped down I took great pleasure in his state of arrousal and tortured it with many objects before having doris stop in the country to get some nettles………

 A wonderful journey was followed by a transfer into the dungeon to be totally humiliated, dressed in a tight corset, spanked, hot wax was prepared and poured down his crack as his legs fought pointlessly against the chains holding them up and wide apart to protect the tender flesh.

A corset was put onto his sight deprived body and I took My time teasing every inch of it as he twisted and turned this way and that – all¬† to no avail…

¬†One of his fears was to be suffocated and left for dead which of course I used to the full – pouring him into a rubber vacc bed where he could hear every word of My threats and the consequences – his only option now to entertain Me enough to get¬† bored with him as a play thing and eventually let him go…..

The final act of humiliation that was inflicted upon his worthless, now harnessed¬†slave body was to force him to wank as I kicked under his ball sack with My beautiful purple leather boots ….

‘faster’ kick, ‘harder’ kick….. as I stared into his tortured eyes… ‘do it properly or I will email these photo’s to everyone you know’ kick, each time My foot made contact he would jump against the chains holding him down in a pathetic sort of gesture followed by deeper submission as the pain swept through him. Kick, kick, kick ”now you are going to experience just what strangulation feels like’ as I removed his breath forcing him to wank harder to prevent any harder kicks landing on his now rock hard cock……… until he came, streams of jism flowing out….. pushing his head to the ground with My foot he was forced to clean up the mess as he wretched knowing that was his one and only key to freedom.

Jun 232010

Honestly, a simple instruction and she can mess that up! One of the slaves was keen to be held in chastity and the ideal occasion arrived as I was away so doris was instructed by telephone to fit the basic device – all 4 pieces of it…… difficult? With your Mistress on the other end of the phone? Anyone would think not wouldn’t they? But this is doris……..

Here is her description…….

So there was I kneeling at the feet of this young man who was reasonably well endowed.
The reason I was in this position was to fit a chastity device, which I have never fitted previously, neither had I been involved with fitting one.
Of course I have seen them fitted, but never actually looked at how it clamps or clips together, this was something I now realise I should have.
Fitting these devices has previously been done by Mistresses, as they love cbt and in fitting these devices is something that Mistress has always enjoyed fitting, loving to be in complete control of the slaves appendages.
However, today I was again humiliated as I knelt in front of this slave and eventually put the cage on, then clipped his balls, however, with his male equipment loking like an elephant, with his penis as a trunk and his balls like 2 ears, I realised something was wrong, as the metal pegs were pushing into the bottom of his penis. Then after removing everything I put the spacer washers behind the cover and in front of the clamp, reducing the length of the pins.
I am keeping my ears open for the wailing cries of pain from somewhere in the area, as we discover I have fitted it incorrectly.
Ah well, a sissies life, at least I didnt have to slide his penis between my lips and have my tongue caress him.
Jun 222010
How to be a good slave          

Not my original thoughts but passed to me and i agree with them.                        

Being a sub can take on many forms: being a sex slave, being owned, being told what to do, crawling around on hands and knees at a master or mistress’s feet, being kept on a leash, feeding from a bowl, dressing as a pony and being ridden around, and, of course, being punished when naughty, rewarded when good. All of these scenarios stem from the same desire: the willing and joyful surrender of control. For a sub nothing can be more liberating than this– to step out of the¬†¬†¬† “real world”, relinquish responsibility, worries, everyday pressures, and hand over their life to another. But being a slave or sub is not a one-way exchange. It’s not about being helpless, being a victim, being lazy, and expecting someone else to do everything for you; it’s the eagerness to serve, to worship another, the willingness and desire to please. Submission is a ritualized role of surrender and devotion to another. And if there’s one golden rule that reigns above all others in being a good sub, it’s this: “THE DESIRE TO SERVE”

STARTING POINTS A good slave should remember all rules set up by his or her owner. He or she will do their best to uphold those rules and keep within the agreed boundaries. Some subs like to push their owners, challenge their authority or be naughty; this only works if the dom/domme is compliant in such games. If not, the sub is breaking the golden rule by putting their own needs above their owner’s