Jul 292010

1) Anyone who can fit laminate to a high standard email Me now. Available over this weekend if possible. Those who emailed before do so again please.

2) emultioning a ceiling in the kitchen

3) plumber to fit the new shower in the dungeon

4) plumber to re-connect the water to top floor (cut off under floor boards) to plumb new sink.

5) Sissy that adores ironing and laundry.

6) someone to tidy front yardy garden.

7) anyone able to fix dab radios and make the internal areil longer????

All of these jobs will be done in or around the dungeon.; CBT binding or nipple clamps may be attached and a little play included but you would not expected to pay for dungeon time! Working holiday with knowing how amazingly perfect your next session will be when pleasing Me so much 🙂

Apply in writing telling Me who you are to MmistressBeth@aol.com

Jul 292010

Sunday will be the day that a certain fetish fuelly kinky boy will be taken and transformed into a total super-slut. She will be drugged to disorientate her, confused as to where she is going being driven in a vehicle, bound down and blondfolded.

Every journey step will throw him deeper into the state of confusion. Turns and bumps on the road will fill his with absolute dread.

I then intend to dress him as a total slapper, very high heels, very shory skirt, heavy makeup with glossy red lipstick and false eyelashes and false nails. Then because I know she hates pain so we will develop an understanding – do exactly as I say or suffer the pain as a consequence…..simple.

Maybe I will drag her ourdoors dresed in very high heels and make her walk along to the shops and send her in for the latest womens magazine and ask if they have anything on cross dressing????

I have planned a great way to get her cornered – firstly following a path of instructions ending somewhere that will be spectacular – following texts and notes never knowing when he will be snatched…….. Good eh????

But then come monday I will be needing a new plot to plan and fetish to fantasise over for a brand new kidnap idea………

Wanna be next?

Mistress Beth

Jul 292010

I get many a request from people for ball busting and instead of descibing it to you in detail just how it feels to be unable to protect your balls as I attempt to ‘bust them’ and describe the tools used in such a nasty process in many words I though I would allow the pictures to do the talking!!

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3


Quite interested in your reaction to this??? Email Me your comments to MmistressBeth@aol.com

Jul 292010

Cindy had been dressing at home with the help of his wife but needed to do it more publicly. They attended the session together and Mrs cindy just watched and giggled in places as the slut began to take shape before us.

Firstly sliding stocking up cindys legs and securing them in suspenders was the first erotic feeling to sweep through her body.

Had a bit of a struggle with cindys big belly – but as I have said before I like BBWs Big Beautiful Women and once the steel corset wss in place it was pulled in tightly to develop a figure hugging look complete with pinched in waist line.

Sparkly blue eye shadow, black eyeliner and cock sucking red lipstick were applied before  the newly tarted up cindy was made to dance to amuse the women in his life – his wife and his Mistress. Just wasn’t sexy enough so needed a few sharp slaps of a crop to encourage the sultry pouting to be as passionate as possible….. sucked My extra long pink cock with vigor …..

Finally tied down to the dungeon bed cindy was taken for the first time. Her little girly hole popped by a vibrating multispeed dong.

After our session during the chat it became apparant that cindy felt I was quite soft on her – a lesson here – try and vocalise or email just how much pain/pushing you require……..