Aug 302010

I am seeking a new sub who desires to be fully transformed into a sissy girl during session. To be dressed, wear stockings, wig and makeup whilst learning how to walk and talk like a girly girl. Email Me if you think it could be you.

Your size and shape is unimportant as I have clothes and shoes to fit all sizes (unless you have size 16 feet that is!!!!) I have an amazing imagination and will bring out that deep lurking secret femme within you.

Aug 302010

meg has a high pain thresh-hold and a body that heal quickly without scars so a damn good judicial style punishment was required.

After a good warm up and some nipple play I thrashed him as he dangled from the ceiling in full view of the mirror. I do enjoy it when a slave tries to avoid the inevitable – thrashing a non mover would be like the fox just sitting still on a hunt… no fun there!

I prescribed 72 lashes which would be given by way of canes, riding whip and crops. He begged for mercy – I don’t do mercy so instead allowed him a little time off from the whipping whilst I traced the whelts with the spike roller……….

Then back to the job in hand – not bad work eh? Don’t think he will be a bad boy for a few weeks….

Aug 302010

d arrived for his session and I met him in the hallway wearing My pink strap-on and promptly tied a scarf around his nose to ensure he inhaled the ligquid gold prepared for him.

Down to the dungeon he was immediately pushed over the bed as I began to penetrate him….. too tight ….. applying lube made the long awaited journey easier and his moans as it plunged in and out as My passion overtook Me.

However the addition of Mistresses little ‘Oh fuck that stings’ remedy meant his moaning and groaning turned to rather loud and uncomfortable ones – quietened only by an enaema and a long sit on the toilet……

Not to be stopped from My pleasure dispite his now sore Mistress hole I decided to play with his cock. Tying it up in leather thonging

Then using the teeth of the pin wheel all over the shaft, head and balls whilst keeping eye contact and enjoying every moment of his wriggling and silent pleading. All the time with the strap-on still at the ready to plunge him again should I choose to do so.

Don’t those pins look sharp as they feel their way all over the bound cock? The balls look full too – so it was no surprise that he delivered quite a heavy load after 10 minutes of Me toying with him usung the cupped vibrator. Such power – difficult for any man to refuse.

Aug 282010

Occasionally in life you become bored with what you have. You need to push yourself further, to achieve more, gain success. What happens when there is nothing left to give you that buzz?

Agree to be blackmailed. All those feelings of adrenaline cursing through your body as you just don’t know what your blackmailer is capable of.

She has everything she needs to know from home addresses, bank statements, photographs and intimate details of your life that you would only share with someone VERY close to you. Why she can even discribe how you like to make love and climax.

What is there to stop Her from phoning your wife and making her believe that you are having an affair? After all the paper trail for the perfume, flowers and gifts are all in place – leading right back to the blackmailers door.

How can you stop it once it has begun? Simple, give in to whatever demands she makes of you or risk losing absolutely everything your life currently contains. It may have seemed boring and dull but without it where would you be?

I do offer My consensual ‘victims’ a safe word but its not to be used just because playtime isn’t as funny any more. Its only to be used when you are on the point on mental breakdown, complete meltdown.

One of My blackmailed sluts thought that he could just press the ‘off’ button recently but will now be living in fear of disclosure – not only as a fetish wearing cross dressing slut but as a cheat and a liar to his family. He knows My terms – I intended to review the situation in 6 months time and if he wants out then he will have to pay one way or another.

What would you do? Go to the police and look somewhat silly because everything you asked for is happening? Confess to the family – but then that leaves work and the sort of job you do would seal the deal on  if you could continue with any level of respect when photos have been circulated. I would of course be happy to see the ‘victim’ face to face to assess the situation and its validity but as far as I am concerned everything is going to plan and this bank holiday weekend will see his nerves on edge wondering if I shall pop up anywhere at all – what if I were to ring the home phone number and chat to the wife on a subject I know she is fond of? Worm My way into  their home and befriend her. The stakes could become very high indeed.

I am not a greedy person – I’m just doing the job I am being paid to do and if redundancy is required then a tidy farewell package is required.

Who wants to be living on a knife edge wondering if the next Ms Brown to book an appointment at your office is indeed Me????????

Aug 262010

Many newbies have read these blog pages and been filled with terror that I will be far too severe for them. There is no need to worry – I will take you as far as you can go comfortably. I don’t judge or laugh or consider you pathetic for not having the stamina and pain thresh-hold of a long term slave.

Play need to begin gradually and be built upon over time.  When I agree a session I want to know what things in the blog pages have had your mind racing with thoughts of ‘that should be me’ and those that just feel wrong.

Generally I put together a taster session for the first meeting where you will be introduced to a few different aspects of play. I test your ability to accept pain and issue you with a set of words that will allow you to communicate effectively as a slave.

After many years as a Dominatrix I have the ability to read your body language and understand where you are at and act upon it. Many of the feedback reports mention My ability to judge a slaves limits and back of just as he is on the verge of using the safe word.

Tell Me what is in your head – I want to know. Nothing will shock Me I can assure you. Even though you are paying for My time I will not play act to a script – all sessions unfold naturally and your ‘list of likes and dislikes’ simply allows Me to make judgement calls easier that to go in blind. If you ask for 5 things to happen in session maybe 3 of them will and 2 things that you weren’t expecting but find that you enjoy will occur along the way.

Pain is a strange thing. No-one should really like pain as it is the bodies way of protecting itself from harm. Its a lucky person that can transform the feelings and emotions that pain sensors create into those of pleasure. There are many different types and levels of pain. Someone squeezing your penis a little firmly with a leather gloved hand could be seen as pain but to experience it could be heavenly. Keep your mind open.