Sep 242010

I am currently on the beautiful Island of Feurto Ventura in sunshine of 30+ The hotel is a stunning 5* one with its own private beach. We are in a suite and have the benefit of a large private patio where My all over tan is coming along nicely. Shame I don’t have you slaves here to rub in th cream eh!!!!!

Anyway apologies to the boys who entertained Me the night before I left – no they did an excellent job at keeping Me amused  – the apology is because I forgot to download the pictures before I left the UK so although the broadband is working fine in the hotel I don’t have the pics to send on …. you will all get your copies as soon as I return I promise boys.

For all you other kinksters send Me your ideas of fun sessions to and give Me a giggle.

Hope its not raining as you read this…….

Big spanks,

Mistress Beth

Sep 182010

liam is a joy to play with and never uses his safe words. He has some beautiful shiny black pvc thigh high boots to wear today and looked fantastic.

Traveling to the dungeon in his thigh high stockings and wearing his butt plug he looked divine and was naked and in the boots in no time at all.

The slave has expressed a desire to carry My mark in a similar fashion to susie who now boasts 8 wonderful piercings of the scrotum. I only ever use the best quality jewelry and had a straight bar and an enclosed ring in mind for him.

But first he had to feel My dominance and that was demonstrated by a good old spanking and a deep and fulfilling anal plunging. His sighs and moans are quite something to hear and makes My position of ruthless power feel utterly wonderful.

This is his booted foot firmly roped to the bench to keep his legs spread nice and wide for Me….

The time flew past and I was ready to begin his markings. Whispering in his ear just what he could expect and how it would make him feel I prepared My equipment and began…..

When they are healed he will wear a name tag from the ring which will have a double ring to ensure it nestles nicely between his Mistress pussy lips………

Sep 182010

 matty was given his instructions to attend an address with his sales pitch. He was issued with a bit of a sob story and arrived to collect a bag of items he had never seen and try to sell them to Me.

A cup of coffee later and he was beginning to feel a little woosy – especially after demonstrating the gas mask he was selling to which I attached My chloroform canister!!!!!!


It didn’t take Me long to have him naked and in the dungeon. Dresses as he drifted in and out of consciousness, make up, stockings, false eyelashes and perfume.

Although he was keen to live his fantasy of kidnap and restraint he had no desires to experience anal or pain so the very erotic job or caressing his every inch began with a host of items from silk to feathers.

One of My favourite moments was when I sat him up and from behind brushed his hair so he could watch Me in the mirror preparing My new play thing.

There was no way that he could escape the rope work and it was fun to watch him struggle and then tug on the rope just to make him jump. At one point he was scanning the room trying to focus when I stepped into his line of vision in his totally silent world making him jump out of his skin!!!

A couple of changes of outfits were necessary before the true femme fatale was discovered. matilda was a joy to play with and very obliging.

A cheeky chappy with a sense of humour – I have sent him his private pictures and there is one where he looks absolutely off his tits!!!!!!

Sep 182010

d arrived promptly as usual. The aim was to stretch his hole to take a huge strap-on but after some play discomfort set in so it was time for a new experience.

Electric pads attached to the muscles on his buttocks making him clench involuntarily as if he was being fucked…..

Then the pads were moved around sending weird sensations through him as he sniffed on his ‘rush’ before I applied the cock pump to his body and continued to bring him near orgasm 3 times before finally allowing him that wonderful feeling of orgasm as the canister grasped all around his by now hugely erect penis.