Oct 282010

Tammy is a very versitile girl who loves nothing more than a challenge. I love to push boundries as you know and set a time limit whereby if she managed to escape the bondage she would get to choose the activity of her choice whilst dressed as the slut she is and if she didn’t ….. well 50 strokes were coming her way – whilst deprived of all feminine clothing.

The black leather chair was wonderful as a base to begin with and the swirly wheels enabled Me to spread her legs wide apart and bind the knees to the arm rests taking the rope behind leaving not a single knot in reach…….

Go on have a guess as to the outcome?

Oct 262010

Mistress Beth has a wicked and deep mind – one that doesn’t require any help at all to come up with new and different uses for any kind of item.

After seeing an interesting looking household device I thought I would be able to come up with a use for it within the dungeon.

It is now known as the thing that makes you go ‘oooh’ because it has never failed to work. Everytime I wrap it amongst a penis and some balls the resulting sound from the slaves mouth is always ‘ooooohh’ hence the toys new name.

Its made of wood and has two long strings of wooden balls set at angles – they clatter together as I pull it from its hiding place… want to try it?

Oct 242010

I dressed in the nurses outfit with boobs spilling out the top coupled with bright red thigh high boots over stocking with a stethascope draped around My neck.

A little medical play for andy. Stripped, laid on the ‘medical’ bed and examined fully. Every inch was probed and prodded. I had the speculum ready to prise the anal hole open after putting his feet into stippups for an intimate examination.

This isn’t the NHS I said whilst listening to his heart rate. Lets get that beating a little faster I purred as I draped My breast over his belly – what a result it must have shot up 20 beats a minute just at the view he had in the mirror above him.

It was a fantastic session and involved lots of talk of piercings and blood without any of the marks that cause problems in every day life.

Quite alot more happened in this session – but My lips are sealed!!!!!!!!

Oct 242010

silky ste we will call him. He confessed to having a burning desire to feel the touch of silken material upon his skin.

Who better than Me to tie him in silk, blindfold and gag him with satin before tantalising his entire body bit by bit with the soft caresses of silk.

There would be no power struggle simply because as soon as the caressing began he melted into a shuddering heap – helpless again the softness of the material surrounding him.

There is something about silk, satin and other soft materials that arrouses the skin and sets all the tiny nerves on edge as if they are all being brought to mini individual orgasms time and time again.

This of course has a massive effect on the brain as it absorbs all the sensual caresses and processes the fact that the body is in bondage and yet unable or unwilling to try to escape.

As a result it starts pulsing blood into the male member making it throb and swell as each touch of the silk gloved hand gently teases it before moving to another part of the body.

It was lovely to see the slave silky-ste on the verge of floating around the dungeon sighing and moaning softly under My control

Oct 242010

He made contact outlined his fantasy and seemed to be on a mindset I would enjoy playing with. Herb he was called. ‘I want to experience really severe CBT’ even after reading some of the blog entries ‘heavy weights on my balls’.


After applying the bucket of metal weights he bragged that it wasn’t affecting him as he had strong balls….. that is a challenge within My dungeon and he was soon whimpering as I dropped a 5 little bucket of water from the parachute ALONG with the bucket of weights.  Just look at the pull on his scrotum!

It was good fun putting him through some serious cock torture and even let him watch as some of the implements bit into his flesh. Hot wax, metal clamps, ball breakers, cock spiral…… too many to list!






I shall have to get some really heavy duty things in play for the next time he visits!