Nov 302010

Suddenly the knifeplay stopped, and You started torturing me with electrics. And i suddenly realised how much of handling electrics is the ability to know when to brace oneself. i now know that when exposed to it while blindfolded, and not knowing when or where the next shock will occur, it is a totally different experience. You applied a cattle prod to my penis, and i squirmed and flinched with each shock. Then You took it to another level; it is very hard to describe but it became a really intense session of successive sharp shocks to my balls, my penis, my feet, my neck and (by far the most painful) my nipples, which had been continually tender and erect since the previous evening’s session. My penis kept on shooting up and i remember You telling me that if it happened again You would increase the level. It did, and You did. Then You brought out a device which had two sensors. You applied two to my skin, and told me that only one of them would deliver a shock,.  i remember having one applied to my balls at that stage and really, really hoping that it would not be that one which went off. This device at least gave a warning sound as to when the shock would come, but when the shock was delivered to my balls it was still unbelievable. The accumulation of it all was getting so intense, i could not see or speak and You were just upping the ante over and over. i was now screaming through the gag. You knew my right nipple was in a dreadful state, but You still went ahead and applied a sensor to it. i just knew that if that sensor went off i would not be able to take any more. It did, and i found myself, for the first time since my first ever submission session in 1997, using – and not just using, shouting through a gag – my safeword.  
i was not sure at first how to react. At first i felt desperately disappointed to have given in. But within minutes and in a few well-chosen words You showed me that that thinking was totally wrong, and i realised that what had happened was for the best. You could break me and it was just vain for me to try and pride myself in thinking otherwise. The point was to take me to my limits, and indeed i suddenly wanted to go back to the Cross and go through it again for You. To calm me down You made me lie down at Your feet to lick Your boots again for a while, and while engaged, with my mind clearing, it just suddenly struck me how amazing it was that of the various dommes i had come across in my time You were the most warm, generous and thoughtful, but still the only one who had taken me to a breaking point.  
You then reached for the ropes again, tied me up so that i could not move, pushed me on to my side, placed a hood over my head and left me alone in the dungeon with white noise in my ear. 

To be honest, paradoxically this was the one part of the session which probably had the opposite effect to that which was intended. i had been stretched so far that, despite the discomfort of being left helplessly tied up and hooded on the floor in five inch heels, it in fact felt like a respite. But when You did re-emerge into the dungeon there was an incredible moment. i had fantasised about, but not discussed with You, a scenario whereby You would re-enter the dungeon with a cup of Your nectar and make me drink it. And so it seemed like an amazing moment of intuition when You reappeared, took off my hood and immediately released a syringe of Your fresh nectar into my mouth to drink. The pleasure of being made to take this was immeasurable and something i will always remember. 

But You had told me at the beginning of the session where it would end. It was time to be made to go to the adjoining room in the dungeon, and to be strapped in place over the whipping bench. You placed a penis gag in my mouth to stop me screaming, and by now i knew i would need it. i remember You making me kiss Your strap-on and suck it. Then it was time for You to remove the device which You had previously placed up my anus to widen it, and to start fucking me with Your strap-on. A couple of weeks later i can remember exactly what it felt like, the pressure on the anal gland sending exquisitely confused messages all round the brain – do my bowels want to implode or explode, have i just emptied my bladder, have i just come, am i having an orgasm? i remember biting really hard on the rubber penis gag and the saliva continually running along it and forming a pool on Your dungeon floor. Knowing that You were behind me and thrusting Your strap-on into me to cause all this feeling was sublime, an honour, a culmination of everything i wanted. 

But then there was the matter of Your converted saw/fucking machine to finish me off, with You at the controls. The physical feeling of being made to take so much more up the anus than i ever had before, and being able and happy to scream aloud with the painful thrill of it, and knowing that i was sandara, the slut being teken up the arse, and You were in control and infliciting everything on me, was tremendous.  Again, You had taken me to where, deep down, i really wanted to go.
As i lay strapped on to the bench exhausted You delivered a fabulous gift to me, again showing what an imaginative and playful Mistress You are. You inserted a tampon up my backside, telling me i had had my period and that i could remove it a a certain stage on the journey home. Finally, i was led into the other room of Your dungeon, where You sat cross-legged and offered me Your hand to kiss in admiration, which i willingly accepted, and i just had to kiss Your shoes in gratitude for what i had been through in two back-to-back sessions.
i left Your dungeon in my everyday clothes but still wearing Your used stockings and with the tampon up my anus. You had given me the hardest session i had ever had, where i had been moved to scream out my safeword in genuine desperation, and it ended with a friendly kiss on the cheek and a hug.
You really are the perfect Mistress.   
Your adoring slave


Nov 292010

Dear Mistress
Thank You for the instruction to continue with my review of my sessions with You. 
When i woke on Monday, i was very aware that my nipples were incredibly tender where You had applied the chain to them and electrified them the evening before.  Every time they brushed my t-shirt i was reminded of the pain i had been subjected to by You. You had asked me to text You on Sunday evening with my feelings about the Monday session and as the evening had gone on it became clear to me how much i had enjoyed being at Your mercy as You had probed my anus, and just how much i wanted You to take me further in that direction.
On the Monday morning i also saw what a really caring and considerate Mistress You are. For reasons i explained to you i was travelling with four bulky bags which i was reluctant to leave in my car during the session. You were incredibly kind and understanding to allow me to bring them into Your house. i am quite sure that 95% of Mistresses faced with a new slave awkwardly and conspicuously carrying so much luggage on their doorstep would have been highly suspicious and taken a very dim view of it. You did not bat an eyelid and put me completely at ease as i left my bags in Your front room, knowing that i would be anything but at ease when downstairs in Your dungeon minutes later.
Downstairs i again was ordered to strip and again kneel on the ground before You. You were dressed in black, changed from the red of the previous evening, and to My enormous pleasure i was ordered to assist You in zipping Your beautiful legs into a pair of black leather high-heeled boots with a wonderfully sharp pointed heel. i was thrilled to commence licking and kissing them all over – on the toe, the heel, the ankle, the calf. i could feel the heel of one of Your boots on my back as i licked and cherished the other boot.

 i felt so happily subservient, i truly could have stayed there all day worshipping You. You lay on the bed, with me kneeling at the foor of the bed as You squeezed Your boots against my neck. And then You closely tied me up with rope to Your boots as i knelt before You and You still managed to press and tease my balls with the toe of Your boot.
The next stage was to dress me as sandra to Your satisfaction.  To my delight i was ordered to wear a pair of Your used stockings and made to strap on a pair of black high-heeled shoes with a five inch heel, a good inch higher than i had walked in before, and which felt amazingly slutty to strut about in. A flimsy black dress also really made me feel very tarty and ready for the inevitable treatment from You.

But it was not a time for strutting about without purpose. i was tied to the St Andrew’s Cross. i was blindfolded and a gag was tied around my mouth in preparation for torture. i think i am right in saying You started off by pinching and tweaking my tender nipples, before flogging my cock and balls repeatedly. i was completely helpless but could handle that. But i then became conscious of You running some sort of very sharp object against my skin. Unable to see, i was terrified. i really cannot remember if You told me at the time that it was a knife, or whether i just correctly guessed this.  But the very touch of it against the skin of my penis was torture in itself and i felt that any flinching or movement on my part could be really dangerous. And i was in five inch heels.

Nov 282010


A chain was clamped on my nipples, i was forced into a red mini-dress and the most downright exquisitely tarty pair of high-heeled boots i have ever worn, a beautiful silver faux-leather pair with a sexy four inch heel. They felt just gorgeous and with garters tied around them suddenly i felt like a slutty bitch who was submissive to the perfect Mistress and proud of it. Posing in the mirror as You snapped away was a lovely feeling.

And then the CBT. In the week before our session You had asked me to send you details of entries from Your blog which had left a big impression on me. i had identified one of them as being the entry where You had inserted a urethra sound down a urethra, although in my e-mail i had honesly said that although the idea aroused me hugely i did not know if i would be able to take the pain of it. At the beginning of the session i had also said that i felt that it would be better if this was not done after all, as i had read a bit about it and was not convinced it was safe.  You had said that You would inspect me and decide if it was right. When strapped into Your CBT chair having various implements being tried on me my anxiety about the urethra sound grew and grew, as i knew it was coming. And indeed You finally went for it, lubing me up and teasing it in with Your beautiful leather-gloved hands. i was squirming, in pain, frightened and above all really thrilled, so proud as You got it to go down the full length of my penis shaft. It was that moment above all which convinced me that You were my rightful Mistress, and i just asked for you to place Your boots to my face so that i could kiss them in effusive thanks and admiration. You had got me to go to where i really, really wanted to go, despite my fears. I trusted and adored You for it. 
Then it was time for sandra to be chained to the bed, with her legs splayed apart and her “fuck me” high-heeled boots proudly showing off in the overhead mirror as You electrified me and probed my arse relentlessly. The feeling of having my arse fucked while you playfully sent shocks along the length of my boots was enough to convince me later that evening that i wanted to go further in that direction. After i had involuntarily come in a spasm of delight.

And just at the end of the session it was the moment which convinced me above all else that You were perfect in Your love of kink and caring for Your slaves. To suggest that i take the silver high-heeled boots back to my hotel room for the night, to enjoy myself before the next day’s session, was around the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. That Sunday evening i sat in my room in my high-heeled boots, enjoying room service and a nice drink and watching the television, feeling wonderully relaxed after my first session with You, and thinking about what the next day might bring.

Your adoring slave


to be continued tomorrow…………

Nov 272010

There is no more frustrating wait than the week before a desperately-awaited appointment to serve a Mistress whom one has admired from afar for so long, and in the build-up to our session i endlessly read and re-read Your blog as if it would somehow satisfy my impatience. When Sunday itself came it felt unreal, the long drive up the motorway, getting to the North-West much earlier than i had expected and to my horror finding a text from You sent several hours earlier asking as to the progress of my journey. The possibility that You might think that the lack of a response was a sign i was not coming was dreadful. The moment when i rang You and we finally spoke to arrange the meeting was itself a huge relief.
It is just imposible to relay the sense of excitement in the couple of hours before the session, as i got such pleasure from buying Your Caramel Baileys and i read and re-read Your texts with instructions , relishing the fact that You were now addressing me as “slave”. Then i finally got the text telling me to enter through Your wooden door and wait with my head bowed, instructions which were familiar from Your blog. The thrill of standing in Your entrance hall and knowing that You would be appearing in seconds was perfect. There was only one concern; following our exchanges i knew that if You were not in high-heeled boots it would be a bad sign, and i knew that everything would be great the moment i saw You looking fantastic and approaching in that pair of bright red thigh-length high-heeled boots which i had seen on Your blog.  i loved Your eyes and your breasts, in the red leather top i recognised from Your blog. i remember very little about Your first words to me, except for You staring into my eyes and grabbing me by the ear.
The pleasure of finally getting down to the dungeon and removing my clothes to kneel naked and helpless before You was sublime. To be honest i can’t really remember the exact order in which events happened; i do remember the thrill of You strapping Your steel-heel stiletto shoe around my cock, and then chaining me to the bar hanging from Your ceiling while You tortured me with all manner of electrics implements, and my grimaces and cries as You shot painful electric shocks to my nipples and cock and balls, standing before me in Your glorious boots as you cruelly carried on regardless.  

i remember being placed over Your knee and, bent over, being told to lick and kiss Your lovely boots

as i did so You examined my back and with Your pointed finger-nails picked over residues of soap You could find in open pores in my skin. The feeling of worshipping You while You picked casually at my body without any reference to me was hugely enjoyable. You also worked out that i was painfully ticklish and my right leg bore the brunt of that, again a wonderful feeling. And then the moment when You opened up the question of cross-dressing; something which i love, but had always felt somewhat confused about, the reason being that it never felt right to me to feel both feminine and submissive. You clearly didn’t think that was a satisfactory response, and before long sandra was created.

Nov 262010

I had the most fantastic weekend as a slave who had been in contact for quite some time finally made her way into My domain. I named her sandra and her submission was the most delightful thing to feel and control.

Previously she had seen several Mistresses so the dungeon ‘routine’ ‘senario’ or whatever you wish to call it was familiar to her which made for a quick introduction to My ways of playing.

I especially enjoy play-times when I can have a normal conversation during the session and quickly slip back into status to continue playtime. After all it should be fun. It should be about acting on the spur of the moment and running with your thoughts as and when they unfold but sometimes its necessary to assess any previous involvement with a cerain element for example – some things are just too complex to discuss by email.


This was a spur of the moment thing. I tied sandra to My thigh high shiny patent black boots, thats My stocking tops you can see as I sat above her as she knelt on the floor. Imagine how powerful it felt for Me to look down upon My slave sandra and just how divine it must have felt for a true boot lover to be bound by the hands to the boots of her Mistress.

There were many moments – we played for 4-5 hours over 2 days to make up for lost time and pack in as much pleasure as its possible to have.

The detailed accounts sandra has emailed to Me are quite moving and I shall be publishing them -with photos – over the next few days for you all to feel totally jealous about …. can you be that kind of slave to Mistress Beth.