Dec 252010

It has been a fantastic year and I have enjoyed every moment, have pushed limits, made new friends, explored new kinks and best of all haven’t been stopped by the police mid kidnap!!!!!

My dungeon is a warm inviting aladins cave of fun and not once has there been a pause whilst a play plan runs out of steam. A queen in her castle.

I feel really content, the balance in My life amazing. Enough kink to keep Me buzzing, surrounded by love, deeply and passionately in love with My man and able after all these years to surprise him with My imagination and kinks for private play times. He in turn keeps My heart fully serviced, perfectly topped up with love and my soul fed, nourished and sustained to perfection.

I am a very lucky lady to have all these things running concurrently within My life without conflict or jealousy. 

Its such a good feeling to feel so special in peoples lives, to be able to move  them emotionally with power and dedication following instincts and pushing them deeper into submission. Not one of My clients fails to email Me a thank you after a session – a mark of respect that means so much.

Dec 232010

I can’t imagine anything more pleasurable for a slave to enjoy – the chance to suck their own penis. Of course there always has to be a down side and in this case it was a simple choice between air or penis? Penis or air?

Lucky lucky sub didn’t need to make that choice at all as I just kept ramming the gas mask tube over his cock everytime I thought it would look good.

Only was small issue – as the air was removed the sub sucks harder trying to get air into his lungs and as a direct result the penis grows and swells and fills the whole tube … whoops … must watch out for that as it could be quite a severe kind of breath play

Dec 222010

It must be one of the most humiliating things to do. Clean up a real mans spunk. Mistress forcing you to smell the odour – unmistakable scent of bodily produced sperm. Then taste it for the first time. Repulsive – knowing it isn’t  yours and having no idea who produced the sample or when.

Just to be really mean I collected the sample some days before and froze it enforcing My slave to defrost it – inside his mouth. Like a mini ice spunk-lolly still wrapped in the condom.

Once defrosted fully – I had to amuse Myself by whipping the cock while I waited – the condom was cut open and poured into a saucer.

I took My time and rubbed some of the juice around the slaves penis head allowing it to dry, dipping My fingers into the saucer slave was forced to suck them clean. First one finger then 2 and finally 4 rammed into its mouth all dribbling man juices.

What else could I do ? Hmmm, slave was bound to a chair unable to move so I injected several mls right down his japs eye as he winced.

As a final attack on the helpless but disgusting creature before Me I insisted that he licked every last drop from the saucer…. or stay in chastity until it became dry and crusty so that I could push it down slaves throat ….. he lapped….. good pet.

Very soon he will be experiencing what it feels like to drive home with juices dribbling from his bottom…..

Dec 202010

I adore wax play, especially if the recipitent is forthcoming with the sound effects from deep within. The gasps when the first drip of hot wax lands, disbelief when the temperature of the wax seems to change and not for the better…

It must be the sadist in Me but dribbling the wax onto sensitive body parts makes Me laugh out loud and a nice warm feeling comes over Me – pleasure indeed.

The red glowing layer is just red wax but doesn’t it give such a lovely edge to the picture? Very festive….. makes Me want to push a sprig of holly in the end, dowse it with brandy and set it alight……

Dec 192010
Really?  What a wanking  arsehole ….. I want a winning lottery ticket and cake that doesn’t make you fat. I also want world peace but so fucking what?!

If you have used this line with a Domme I’d be surprised if you got an answer back. Since when do slaves think they get to tell the Domme what they WANT as if it’s some restaurant order to be filled? It would be different if you said, “Mistress I find myself dreaming of being dominated by you”. You have expressed your thoughts and needs but you have done so without trying to top from the bottom.

Everything you say can and will be held against you in a court of Dominance. Consider your words carefully when speaking to a Me. Those words can make or break the connection or conclude if you are worthy of any of My time at all.

Take note – this could make you a better slave.