Jan 302011

It is a tool of My trade that brings so much joy and pleasure into sessions for Me.  To the person on the receiving end it offers either fear or delight.

With any tool, skill is needed to use it to its full potential, a bad workman (or Mistress) blames her tools…… yes thats true but the look of horror on a subs face when he thinks that I have no idea how it works and Am just actually testing it on him is priceless.

The violet wand has many attachments and the pressure of the glass bulb can be increased or decreased in level with the play of the day. Of course the history of the wand allowed for many many adapters to be created – one for every body part – and the use of the assesories can be varied and used in different ways to enhance sensations.

Soft sensual massage is possible but in a moment this can change to absolute agony setting your nerves on edge.

The sheer pleasure for Me with regular slaves is the fact that the wand sounds the same and they don’t know which sensation to expect until the electricity actually makes contact with their worthless body.

Jan 292011

There are many things to do with a cock but placing it in handcuffs wouldn’t  be the first thought for most people – but I, of course, am not most people.

Look at the way the cuffs cutt into the flesh as the teeth bite. Imagine just what it would feel like to have vibrations applied or wax dripped onto it from a height. Imagine what electrics running throught the metalwork would feel if Mistress were evil enough to run the violet wand onto it

Jan 282011

Harley thought he was in for an easy time when offered a seat in the leather chair. Not so! He had already stripped for inspection and had a tongue lashing about something or other that wasn’t up to scratch.

‘Sit’ he sat. ‘Arms on the rests and legs apart’ he obeyed. Taking 5 legnths of rope I quickly and easily tied him to the leather arm rests, backrest and lashed and lifted his legs clear of the floor with thick black rope.

Maybe I should have forced him into some stockings before securing him? I do like the feeling of nice lacy stocking under My finger nails. Hmm …moving on …..it was time to really start to work on him.

The best thing to do was to fasten the chair with chains to the ceiling anchoring points so he couldn’t ‘hurt’ himself ….. he he he Where would the fun be then? That’s My job.

Without giving too much away he had an amazing time in  that chair and several hours flew by with his legs dangling above the ground.

If only I’d painted his toenails!!!!!

Jan 272011

poppers are ok for some people and not so for others. I only use amyll based ones as the synthetic ones tend to cause burns and headaches whereas the amyll nitrate is in and through your body without any such effects.

In the many years Harley has been collared I hadn’t used poppers on him until quite recently. He was chained to the inner cell gate, arms spread, legs wide open being flogged with a cat’o’nine tails with rigid metal cores inside each tail.

The pain was so great that he was actually swinging his legs in the air a few inches allowing the gate to take his weight – quite a feat due to the way he was tied.

Unwilling to stop My fun I smothered his mouth with a cloth loaded with poppers and tilting back his head hissed into his ear to breathe in deeply. Watching his like a hawk his body gave away all his secrets as he literally ‘swam’ before My eyes, floating on a cloud of euphoria.

Putting down the cloth I continued with My strokes, cutting into his flesh he received the punishment his slave body had been sentenced to for a crime he is yet to commit.

Jan 262011

Its a lovely sensation, the hot wax dripping down onto fresh flesh. The pain of the first drip is the most intense feeling to undertake. Building up the wax into layers before pulling off only to remelt and reapply is simply exquisite.

Harley was blindfolded and tethered in a vulnerable position to enable Me to drip the wax onto ALL the sensitive parts. No particular order. No particular regard to his body hair – it can always come off can’t it? Never heard of hot wax hair removing? Simply pour the hot wax onto the short body hairs, apply a sheet of paper and rip off….. They do it in all the beauty salons every day…….

You wouldn’t believe how much begging and pleading there was when I applied a good amount of wax to harleys very hairy legs and offered to do a bit of beauty therapy…… right down his shin to start with.

I did manage to make a lovely encased penis crustation and waited patiently for the penis to try and crawl out but it just couldn’t break through the seal……

Pass Me the knife – I will have to cut him free…