Feb 282011

How does the idea of being dressed as a serving maid and put to work sound to you?

To be thoroughly used? Scrubbing and cleaning until Mistress is satisfied with your work?

Housemaids knee from kneeling to clean floors.

Kept in a cage when not in use? Having chained ankles if necessary? Able to work whilst other fetish friendly people are within the vacinity? Becoming a housewifes helper? A housekeeper? A servant from understairs?

The rewards to completing cleaning jobs is immense.

Are you able to work alone once training has been completed? Take pride in your work? Enjoy being dressed? Show some initiative?  Common sense?

Mistress has vacancies for such maids in both her homes along with the dungeons and you should apply in writing to state your desire for such a position, your available time and any experiences to MmistressBeth@aol.com

PLEASE NOTE: This job is not suitable for flouncy girls who just have a desire to see themselves dressed up in a mirror.

Feb 282011

Slave dix emailed to ask if he could bring a new toy to his session. Of course he could. Then I started to wonder what it could be…… It turned out to be a new hood.

It made him look a little like a giant insect. The padding in the hood was soft and smelled of delicious leather. It has leather lacing at the back and straps to ensure it feels really really tight.

Delightful. Once he had settled down and felt relaxed with its constraints he was secured to the massage table.

Teasing his entire body was great fun. Pausing in between touches made him jump out of his skin. Nothing was safe from My touch, tools or imagination and everything was involved as his body bounced from one pleasure to a pain and back to pleasure.

All the while he was completely in the dark and unable to hear anything other  than My shouting voice……..

His nipples were particularly sensitive…

Feb 272011

My love of kidnapping grew even further as I arranged to abduct a man from 150 miles away. All the information was gathered and a plot formed in My mind.

Meeting him in a pub on a blind date I seduced him shamelessly, rubbing My leather booted foot across his legs, touching, flattering him until finally I suggested that we go somewhere more private.

Little did he realise that I had spiked his very first drink and in effect as soon as the fresh air hit him he would be overcome with tiredness.

The rest was easy…. how he swore and shouted, you lesbian bitch you’ve led me into a trap haven’t you? And you won’t get away with this – I’m going to kick your ass… or words to that effect!!!! Struggling and fighting I had to get him in a hand lock before being able to fully control him.

laughing as he begged ‘no more drugs’ – I was already preparing his next dose which he couldn’t see as the black hood darkened his vision in the already gloomy night!

A mad trip followed with his constant ranting being calmed by My special breather bag. When he finally calmed down I poured fuel onto  the fire by reading out some of the people I would be texting the pictures to. . . . . . from his mobile phone!!!!

Talk of him featuring in a porn video for instant release on the internet – a nice virginal gay scene – didn’t do much to stop his complaining, unlike the huge cloth gag I rammed in his mouth mid rant did!

A spell in the black box would calm him down no end and the total deprivation was only broken as I pushed a dildo in and out of him from beyond the box. Arms and legs held firmly in cuffs ensured he could do nothing but moan and moan he did, this time in a sensual way and not and angry way at all.

A little interrogation would make the rest of his kidnap not only fun but amusing in a weird way. Coming at him from all angles totally disorientated him and some punishing floggings and whipping time certainly made his boundaries clear.

Following this he was  dressed in the tightest lacing corset and black silk stockings. A session of sensual teasing followed which brought him to breaking point.

Absolutely fantastic.

Feb 272011

Not one, not two but three rock hard cocks to play with. What a night.

Slave r and slave bd were summoned. I had one pegged out, hooded, naked, in the cage before the other arrived. His ears were on alert as he tried to listen to everything that happened in the room.  So many sounds to take in…… mind blowing.

Wonderful sight of slave r in his sexy red panties which he had to remind Me I’d bought for him a couple of years previously….. very sexy.

Tying them back to back I took great pleasure in whipping them into dancing, jiggling back to back they gyrated against one another. There was a huge surprise to follow. TV Mistress Natasha sasheyed in and helped to punish them…. 4 nipples pinched simultaniously, pain, pleasure, pangs of excitement followed.

As things hotted up through the evening the slaves were moved from place to place by Myself and Mistress Natasha, bumping into sticky out cocks and bits of furniture they sighed and moaned in anticipation.

r was fastened down to the bench, the mouth of his hood unzipped ready for what was to follow whilst bd was pushed to his knees, arms still fastened whilst told to explore with his tongue until he found a penis and then to make it hard.  He didn’t disappoint and I have some wonderful pictures for My private collection…. mmmmm….. but heres one for you to enjoy.

The evening progressed into utter sin with slave r being spit roasted, with a cock in each hand and at one point a hard penis in both hands and one in his slave mouth whilst I fist fucked his slutty arse.  He had never touched a real cock before that night and all in all I think he was well and truly broken in.

Feb 262011

azu arrived ok – a bit scared but ok – so he had a broken leg that he had recently had pinned but whats a little pain between friends?????

I was very considerate and didn’t even make him kneel before Me – how kind? Yes indeed. I strapped him down tightly before hooding him into total darkness, controlling every aspect of his existance. How easy it would be for Me to suffocate him or cause him great pain.

Using his inability to move at all or hear much I crept around him, touching different areas of his body before focussing on the penis and balls which were just too much of a temptation not to torture.

Being careful not to have him jerk his leg around I made him purr with pleasure and jump out of his skin with the use of a variety of implements.

All good fun and the time as always flew past.