Mar 312011
slare r (5)-600

I enjoy role play. Its always good fun especially when the slave gets into character and plays along.

slave r attended for his monthly punishing session and after confessing to dirty desires in became appropriate to punish him in a harsh way. . . .

With the policemans truncheon….. The scene was set and slave r was to be a harlot of the last century found by a policeman searching for men, punting, soliciting herself for money. Of course the only decent thing for PC Bloggs the policeman to do was to offer her the option of being arrested and thrown in the cells for ‘FUCK’ ”frequenting unlawful carnal knowledge ……” or to take his truncheon to at leath the half way point – 9 full inches and quite a girth too…..

What is a slut to do? Spend an age locked in a cell awaiting a severe chastisement or just drop her knickers and let the policeman have his fun????

Such a choice…..

Which would you choose????

The dirty little bitch was hungry for cock anyway so opted for the latter

Want to see the truncheon???? Buried deep inside this particular slut? As he is calling out his status in life????

Mar 302011

A small boy says to his father “Dad, what’s the difference between ‘theoretically’ and ‘realistically’?”

His dad thinks and then says “Right-ho son, go and ask your mother if she’d sleep with Wayne Rooney for a million quid.”
¬† The boy toddles off and comes back saying “Dad, dad, she said she would! She would sleep with Wayne Rooney for a million pounds.”

“OK son,” says his dad. “Now go and ask your sister the same question.”

The boy toddles off, and comes back saying “Dad, dad, she said she would too!”

So then his dad says “Right, son, now go and ask your brother if he’d sleep with Wayne Rooney for a million pounds.”

The son comes back excitedly saying “Dad! Dad! He said he would too!”

“Well there you have it, son,” said his dad. “Theoretically we could be sitting on three million quid. Realistically we’re living with two tarts and a poof.”

Mar 302011

What a wonderful playtime Natasha and I had experienced over the weekend. A regular slave of mine brought to the dungeon to experience the torment of 2 Dommes.

He was stripped, fully inspected as he stood naked before us and then not only handcuffed but was forced to the floor, hooded in a hood that afforded him a little glimpse of reality through some small spy holes, with his arms bound behind his back as both his legs were adorned simultaniously with barely black thigh high stockings.

The plan we had discussed briefly was thrown out the window as the double domming took over and dictated his fate. . . .

Electrics, anal toys, ropes, whips, chains and breasts were used on his slave body as he sank deeper and deeper into submission. Ropes held his legs wide apart whilst electrics were applied to his testicles, the shocks beating him from the outside as he practically floated in his sub space before us.

Mistress Natasha rested Her very clean shiny boots upon his chest as She worked – he had of course been made to lick them clean at the start of the session and did so with vigour – all the way to the top of the crotch high boots – he had indeed worked hard.

Mar 292011

BDSM Alphabet
by: Author Unknown

A is for abduction – it is best to get consent for the one you are planning on kidnap, or you will be filling out paperwork and calling your mother for bail money.

B is for Bondage. This is a wonderful idea to add to a scene, though it is best not to hang the subbie upside down via their toes.

C is for Cock and ball torture (CBT). to this day I don’t not understand why I get funny looks from most at the mere suggestion of this idea.

D is for Domination. This is not to be confused with Arrogance, though it does sometimes goes hand in hand. Arrogance is where the Dom/me says they can do something, and don’t have a clue. Commonly found in wanna-bes, and players

E is for Electric play. This is lots of fun. Wonderful toys that work well in this category are Violet Wands, Tens units, and telephone magnetos. I do suggest not using a local power line.

F is for fire play. This is not to be used in connection with plastic wrap. Before or after, but never at the same time. You do this and you will again be filling out paperwork, and calling your mother for bail money

G is for gag. The gag is a very useful tool for gagging the subbie that is whine. A piece of advice, Don’t not use this on your boss, you might be in a bit of trouble

H is for hat-pin. Most of you are looking at me like I am nuts at this point, but they are wonderful for the subbie that has issues with blood. this is also called a mind fuck.

I is for ice play. This is a personal favourite of mine, and wonderful in use with plastic wrap. The use of the walk in freezer does not count come under ice play – no matter how much you want to put them in.

J is for the sound that the chains make as they clink together. It is such a sweet sound and looks so very pretty on the subbie. Do not use the heavy chains if you plan on taking your subbie for a swim in the local bay. Again you will be filling out paperwork and calling Mom for bail money

K is for Knife play. This type of play is wonderful for abduction scenes, the cutting off of clothing, and for straight cutting scenes. It is best during a cutting scene to not cut the throat of your subbie. You do this and you will be (Now lets A/all say this together) you will be filling out paperwork and calling Mom for bail money.

L is for the perfect safe-word – Lawyer. Often used with the saying…” Touch me again, you freaking sick sadist bastard, and I am going to get my lawyer to sue you for everything you worth” – Need I say more?

M is for the marks that the subbie looks so pretty with. be sure to get consent before you mark the subbie, Or again -you will be filling out paperwork and calling Mom for bail money

N is for No which is not a safe-word, unless it is followed by a hockey stick to the face or knee cap. To hell with the paperwork, at this point. Just run!!!!!

O is for the sound that the subbie makes as you pull out that just oh so special toy. If this toy is one that they ( the subbie) does not like make sure that said naked subbie is securely bound or you will be chasing them..

P is for pain. This particular pain that I am taking about in this case is the kind that usually in your rump. this is often cause by the unruly subbie who has not been beaten on a regular basis

Q is for the Freudian quack ( who promptly blames you parents for everything that is wrong with you) that your mother send you to after she has bailed you out of jail for the up tenth time. Remember you still have yet to receive the bill for services

R is for revenge. This usually comes into the planning stage when the subbie safe-words just as the Dom is getting into it. This is also common in connection with the unruly subbie who has not been beaten on a regular basis.

S is for safe-words. (Sorry P/people, this one is going to be very serious one) For those of you who are new to the lifestyle, DO NOT EVER PLAY WITHOUT A SAFE-WORD. Negotiate before you start the scene, what your safe-word will be. This will allow you to get out of a scene if it gets too heavy for you to handle

T is for trouble. This is cause be the unruly subbie who has not been beaten on a regular basis. Be warned, Do not take an unruly subbie who has trouble on their mind, to a nice restaurant or you will be paying for cleaning expensive of the other patrons. dry cleaning is not cheap

U is for underwear. Underwear is classified as lacy satin or cotton pieces of cloth. Though it is my personal opinion that rope, and chains should be classified as underwear if they are worn under street clothes.

V is for Violet Wand. Fun, Fun, Fun toy. Do not mix water and this toy or you will be ( can you guess what is coming next?) filling out paperwork, and calling Mom for bail money, who has washed her hands of you and the quack

W is for Where – Location, Location, Location – Good for business and great for a mind fuck or an abduction scene. Just be sure that the area is clear of the local police, or you will be, etc, etc.

X is for the patterns of the marks that you have left. Word to the wise, do not hit the subbie behind the knee or you will have a subbie coming after you with a hockey stick after they heal

Z is for Zipper – this is a cheap, easy to make, and very effective toy. This is good for using on the breast or genitalia on female subbies and GREAT for CBT(For those of you who have not passed out at this suggestion of CBT, could you please revive the male Doms that are now on the floor).