Apr 302011

Just to let you all know that the new yahoo site will run in parallel to this site …… its purely to get a little bit more attention from all you slaves out there.

It also offers extra opportunities to post videos and extra photographs without crashing this sit enow that its so busy.

I do intend to write a blog each and every day and as always I adore your comments – so start writing them or else I may just think no one is listening!

As a treat for you all here is a photo of Me.

Apr 302011


I adore kidnapping. Abducting someone from their comfortable safe world and taking them on a journey of fear and control.

Nothing is impossible in life and if someone with an active imagination, alot of drive and the ability to make your kidnap fantasy a reality was available would you jump at the chance? You bet you would.

The thrill of snatching or trapping someone sets My pulse racing, seeing their fear is such a turn on for a power fuelled Dominatrix.  As they struggle to comprehend just what is going on as My power becomes evident and the very real feelings that the pre-planned arrangements may just be a cover for a mad woman with a mission become manifest thoughts inside your mind which in turn sets the adrenaline rushing through your body.

Over the years I have completed many kidnaps. A kidnap is something I like to plan thoroughly to enable Me to execute it to become the utmost singularly most mind moving experience of someone’s fetish filled kinky life.

It is not just a little game I play now and again and kidnapping drains a massive amount of energy from Me. For example the kidnap of last week saw Me work throughout the night over 10 hours to make the whole sensory deprivation hostage kidnap real. Where is the fun in just being tied up and left alone? By creating aromas and sensations that make the mind question itself has a far greater impact!

A kidnap is the perfect excuse to be forced to do something that sets your fetish senses alight but you are too scared to try head on. For example cross dressing or bisexual training – its in your mind all the time but you just can’t quite bring yourself to do it. By being kidnapped and forced to do it ‘against’ your will takes away the personal anxiety and emotions, heightens the desire and puts the whole thing in a different place within your mind – ‘I was forced to do it, I didn’t want it’.

All sorts of things can be involved including bondage, begging, breath play, cbt, torture, dressing, sensory deprivation, suspension, being held in a moving vehicle, stripped, bound outdoors, caged, chained – the list is practically endless.

How I work a kidnap has been carefully tuned with a lot of information changing hands to ensure a safe and productive playtime.  Be honest, bare your desires and you won’t be disappointed. I do take risks, kidnapping is a criminal offense … play or not….. and that is part of the buzz for Me….. knowing I have someone in the boot of the car, on the floor of the van or unconscious in a cage is so mind blowing.

Photographs can be taken and your identity will be protected at all times. I am safety aware and sane but do like you doubt your actions at the time. Ultimately you will be safe but will wonder at times if you dreamt the bit prior to abduction….


Just a few examples to mull over.

  • Snatched from the street and bundles into a van, bound gagged and blindfolded……
  • Taken to a remote place, stripped and tethered before fearing for your safety……
  • Blackmailed into revealing too much information and then lured to a secluded place……
  • Sneaked up on before a gag is placed over your mouth prior to becoming very sleepy…..
  • Meeting someone in a pub only to have your drink spiked………
  • Breaking down at the side of the road before being offered a lift by a stranger…….
  • Caught at work being naughty and forced to do ANYTHING to keep your job……
  • ‘Chloroform’ pad held to your mouth as a vampire cape swoops over you…..
  • Held helpless in sensory deprivation not knowing what time of day or night it is…..
  • Helping a stranger who then turns sinister…..

Or there is always your fantasy….

The title of Kidnap Domme was earned by Me through dedicated work in the field and some of the stories I have heard from other people previously kidnapped by amateurs are horrendous and in some cases down right dangerous. My credentials speak volumes. The experiences start with a £350 price tag for a short captivity 2 hours – complete with a build up leading to the day.  Longer periods are available especially if you want to have the feelings of being ‘drugged’ during the day to get the full benefit of a loss of time and place. The mind is a wonderful thing and when used correctly can be awesome. There are various options leading up to a full 24 hours which has a £1200 price tag, expensive? How much value do you place on an event that will shape your thoughts for years to come?

Apr 292011

In order to enable all my followers to keep up to date with the goings on of my website


I am introducing a new website named


 It is a Yahoo group website that will enable all of my avid followers to be kept up to date with all the latest goings on

It has the advantage in that if you join the Yahoo group you will each receive an email whenever changes are made. Whenever a new item is posted on my main website you will also be notified by Yahoo

Pictures and video clips can also be posted to the new Yahoo group so all of you can enjoy and relive your experiences and suffer the delights of your torture all over again.

Membership will be required and that Membership will be approved by Me as quickly as I am able. Further if you wish you can post pictures, videos and messages to the website yourselves. All such items offered for publication will be required to be approved by Me prior to publication.

I ask all of you to take advantage of this new facility since I know many of you are keen to keep yourselves up to date with my experiences

Do you  think its a good idea?????????

Mistress Beth

Apr 292011

Pammie was in dire need of a soft sensual session. I dressed her, did her make-up complete with soft long black eyelashes before dressing herin a very tight corset, black stockings and a ridiculously short black skirt.

”Dance for Me” I instructed, whilst I playfully tapping her with a soft black velvet flogger. She danced, pursed her painted lips and wiggled her hips as if her life depended on it.

Before the session had begun I did have a ‘game plan’ in mind but that was discarded when it became evident just how well Pammie responded to touch and sensations.

Tying her arms and legs to the St Andrews cross, blindfolded her and touched up her lippy I took great pleasure in applying a variety of sensations to her body as she purred and writhed as much as possible.

”Would you like to know what a female orgasm feels like”? I whispered in her ear. …. yes please Mistress was her response.  ”Well I can do better than tell you Pammie…. I am going to show you and let you feel all the same sensations as a woman in the throws of ecxtasy’

”Onto the massage table with you” as I untethered the binds and led her across the dungeon.

What followed was punctuated with gasps and sighs from pammie who reported that it was the most ‘sensational feelings of her whole life’. It was fantastic to see the pleasures filling her entire body as she submitted unable to move away from My touch as orgasmic feelings flooded through her.