May 312011

slave r arrived for his session. He needs to be cleansed. His inner slut has to be used and abused in a certain way to redress the balance in his life.

For slave r having to experience My torment is far from fun. Making him squeal is My challenge, to hear him gasping as anal orgasms rush through his body is quite rewarding for Me.

I managed to squeeze not one, not two but 3 different anal toys inside him. 2 of which vibrated and rotated. Imagine them inside going in opposite directions, working in harmony but with two completely different goals in mind.

The third toy was edged in completing the hat trick. This would be enough to loosen him up. He doesn’t deserve any kind of anaesthetic but occasionally I give the inner slut a little whiff.

Upon the removal of the toys I also removed his blindfold as part of his punishment to watch as I opened up the hole even further to accommodate My fist. His eyes widened in horror and fear as one, two, three, four fingers fingered him and then in for the action shot pushing the entire fist deep inside and punch fisting him as he shook.

May 312011

As you know CBT doesn’t have to be painful…… just having the package toyed with outside your control can be mind moving…. however sometimes its fun when it is painful….. fun for Me of course!

Slave john was lucky enough to receive a trial run of My new device. It worked in My head and though ordering the parts and building it everything seemed OK but you never know do you? So testing on a collared sub is the best way forward…… I have to be honest and he had been on the receiving end of the prototype but that was very basic and this one has 6 …yes 6 sharp pulling pegs on it.

So onto the CBT chair (bet he cursed the day he lovingly carved it for Me) and arms and legs secured with cock and balls hanging down and on with the pegs.

Taking My time to pull up all the elastic cords, john was heard to be muttering in something that resembled ancient latin ….. oh well ….. not to be deterred…… pull another toggle tight. Perhaps a little flick with My fingers will detract him from his moaning . No it seemed to make it worse and he began counting of all things…….

May 302011

pammie had presented herself to Me for her second appointment, booking a little extra time allows Me to transform her into a slutty look  fully made up ‘dolly bird’ to be played with.

A little sensory deprivation was in order as she had pleased Me immensely with her slutty grasp of very high heeled shoes. Tying her and tormenting her I toyed with breath control and towards the end of the session Mistress Natasha popped in to prep for Her session later the same day. She seemed quite enthralled with the bound slutty toy before Me so being the generous person I am what could I do but invite her to join in?  Doesn’t she look stunning in rubber?

pammie was helpless with her head inside the dark box and enjoying My titillations so another pair of hands would throw her off balance. I was right – she went rigid as her mind tried to work out what could be happening to her……. Obviously there is a certain amount of trust built between us so she knows that safety is important and that nothing untoward would happen.

Mistress Natasha gave her a gentle flogging as I played with the penis….. before many minutes there was a huge explosion and poor pammie had to be disciplined for her lack of control….. naughty pammie …. but still such a sweetie 😉

May 292011

The birthday was imminent. I had plans for the slut and had made arrangements in advance. aggie had earned her collar and a tag was ordered in My favourite colour – purple and waited for the day in question.

As usual the plans I had for the day would be difficult to fit in …. My brain running riot with ideas and trying to get some sort of semblance that would allow it to become real.  Instructing aggie to put plenty of time to one side he booked a holiday from work.

A few days before I had sent him a strange statement of words which I had worked on to form an additional solid representation of his position. A padlock engraved with a strange set of 8 words. The padlock was a discrete object that could have originated anywhere with a ‘poem’ of sorts that could have come from a shakespeare play or the book ‘the hobbit’ an excuse that it was a functional key holder would be enough to pass it off in vanilla life.  However I was sure that this little solid object would be as powerful as a chastity device to this slave.

The day began by dressing aggie in a beautiful red and white outfit, fitting false eyelashes and covering his face in makeup. The black wig was finished with a white lace head band that made aggie resemble alice in wonderland.

It would be a wonderland for aggie today. My excitement must have been bubbling over as I chatted away to the new to be collared slave as I applied all the trimmings including her favourite 6″ chunky pleaser black patent shoes.

Delving into My cleavage I produced the gift, boxed and offered it to aggie. ‘This is your birthday gift slave’. … as she swirled it in her hands…. ‘you may open it now’ and the confusion became tenfold as she read the words, obviously making absolutely no sense at all. Eventually I put some of the words together for her allowing her the ‘recipe’ to translate the rest! As she looked up I dangled her new tag infront of her eyes with the word ‘aggie’ on one side and ‘property of Mistress Beth’ on the other.  It was a lovely moment and the slave was humbled as My heart swelled with pride that she had progressed so much on her journey into My realm.

CBT, tie and tease, a little spanking followed and then his surprise arrived. A bi slut who was eager to double domme with Me. The gothic well make up corsetted slave began to help torment aggie’s body, stroking him, gently slapping him and generally toying with him alongside Me.

Untying the red ropes aggie was taken to the bench where a double session of spanking was issued before the bi trainee Mistress was instructed to put her cock in a condom and push it into slave aggies mouth. Pure heaven for Me to watch – 2 straight males doing unmentionable things to each others body purely at My command. The heady power of My ability to coerce them into such play was quite overwhelming and I took in the sight before Me with a thrill beyond no other.

Obviously it was a birthday treat for My newly collared slave and she did deserve a mind blowing experience so the trainee-bi-domme-slave was ordered to her knees and instructed to suck aggie off until she exploded – which she did vocally as I held her close against Me whilst teasing her nipples.