Jun 302011

Some people are really susceptibleto hypnosis, some are not. I have My own opinions and personally love the feeling of just slipping into that trance stage, something inside Me flicks a switch that makes Me feel completely and utterly relaxed.

Hypnosis to Me equates to relaxation and My skills within the dungeon do enable Me to make the majority of My subs totally relaxed…. although on the journey you may feel overly excited and aroused as you look back you will feel chilled out, stress free and really good.

It has been known for Me to hypnotise subs, especially during kidnap and make them do things – quite willingly it would seem – and take photographs in the process only to discover that they have no real time memory of what happened only a vague sort of dream memory. Of course even whilst under hypnosis you are ultimately in control of your decisions and choices so if the fire alarm went off you would get up and run out so the things you do will not be against your deepest wished or limits but may be things that waiver a little in your conscious thoughts.

Imagine being made to do something that you secretly crave and desire but are just not brave enough to say it all out loud?  So your actions are those of your fantasy? The things you dream about constantly and yet can’t complete? And then your Mistress not only coerces you into doing those things but then gives you the photographs to enjoy? Mmmm heaven and an example of true and utter control by a talented Dominatrix.

By using hypnosis I can access the  control box deep within the mind of a sub. On this box are many dials… dials that I control. One of my favorites is the one that controls his imagination. After turning it up to a very satisfactory level, I can then go on to describe so many things that wouldn’t be practical or physically safe to do. I can easily tell that he is experiencing these things so vividly in his mind because his body responds with great intensity – and not just with an erection, but other physiological signs as well (perspiration, rapid eye movement, etc). As far as this being SSC, he always knows he can reject any suggestion I give him even during the time he is hypnotized …. how much better can it get?

Jun 292011

The slave had suffered an injury – no not at My hands worst luck – but obviously needed some form of treatment.

On the medical couch he was made comfortable – well as comfortable as possible in ropes with legs spread wide open….. and then examined. Unfortunately for him My rather round breasts hovered inches above his face as I stretched to reach various body parts, nipples, ribs, belly that sort of thing.

I decided that the body part which seemed most in need of attention was the inner thigh area and I proceeded to prepare a nice embrocation formula.

The formula had to be rubbed in really hard which could be really painful especially when you are unable to reach to soothe the affected area and the ‘treatment’ seemed to go on and on for a very long time.  The embrocation fluid was strong smelling and the fear of what could happen should it actually stray into sensitive areas must have been quite stressful considering the amount of moaning …. at one point I contemplated muffling the noise with the only body part I had in reach that wasn’t covered in ‘treatment’…. yes My breasts…..

Jun 282011

pammie was dressed, made up and strutted her sexy stuff before Me. Some hand spanking brought her attention into focus and got her sashaying like the whore I created.

The agenda for the day had upon it some violet wand play along with a little anal penetration. The feel of her sexy little basque with suspenders clinging to silky stockings was glorious under My fingertips. Hearing her giggle at My silly jokes was music to My ears.

Get on your knees pammie and look at that slut in the mirror….. High heels locked to the feet, no where to run to she was corned and tied down. Maid sherry was in the dungeon that week and was locked in the cage able to catch small glimpses and just wish it were her being dealt with.

The violet wand was great fun and when it ‘popped’ inside to say hello in a personal sort of way it just looked as good as it obviously felt from the moaning unfolding before Me.

I teased and tormented her, stroking her buttocks, raking My nails down her back, teased her mentally and had her positively gushing with lust before inserting the glowing hot, tingling rod deep inside her. Playing with the controls each thrust would deliver a totally different sensation – with no clue as to what was next she wriggled and writhed, purred and panted as I smiled down on her.

What do you think I did next? Correct………….. I fucked her properly with My pink pal – the strap on!

Jun 272011

The last time I played with slave dylon he was subjected to triple nipple piercings – no he isn’t deformed – two in one nipple and one in the other!

Obviously I like to up the anti in sessions and started by shackling him to the cross with his cock and balls and inflicting as many sensations as possible on them ….. the perfect height for My shoes to reach…..

Also the perfect place – arms tethered away from his body, ankles pulled back in chains…. for Me to use My new dungeon tool…. the scrotum stretcher! Look at how square the sack looks with the pegs pulling it in different directions!

It took a good hour of CBT, teasing and torment by Myself and the Goddess known as Natasha before he started to look close to passing out – luckily Natasha was able to keep him ‘topped up’ with anti-pain whilst I continued with the mind fucks and various implements….. I have to say that Mistress Natasha pulled a blinder with a length of barbed wire…. good job he was already sat down! Not as far to fall when the wire came in contact with the balls……!

Moving into the other room the CBT chair was equally handy to secure him whilst I unwrapped the needles, Natasha and I had a little competition as to who could create  the prettiest nipple flower arrangement ……. She did the right one and I did the left…. a little unfortunate for the slave to be pierced simultaneously with 2 needles on several occasions…..

Well what do you think?



Oh yes and because he is a TRUE MASOCHIST we finished him off with some hot wax therapy…..

Jun 262011

Mary contacted Me to say that her husband was still pursuing his naughty ways and appreciating the ladies form to the hilt. The need to dispatch him for punishment arose when it became apparent that he had allowed his hand to ‘slip’ to the bottom of one of their lady friends during a dance.

Mary knows that if he is punished for such actions it does indeed ensure loyal and true behaviour for a while at least but she herself just can’t throw her all into it nor put her weight behind the strokes of the cane – the lighter strokes seem to arouse him and makes him that bit friskier later in the night if you catch My drift.

The errant male was summoned to the dungeon for a damn good spanking and was mortified when I instructed him to drop his pants and bend over only to inflict 20 strokes immediately…. purely to demonstrate that I meant business.

Give Me the note from Mary…… and then strip naked. Whilst I read through the detailed letter the man stood meekly before Me, almost ashamed looking until I happened to catch him glimpsing at My own feminine form via the mirrors…

Putting him over the spanking bench I made it perfectly clear that his behaviour was unacceptable, misplaced and although predictable would be punished so severely he would sob well before I was prepared to call time on his bottom.

12 different implements were used to get the effect I craved. Lots of platitudes of course as he tried his best to entice Me into believing that he had ‘learnt his lesson’ and was ‘sorry’…. all of which were of course a waste of breath.

Soon enough he was squirming in genuine discomfort and a little bird tells Me that he preferred to stand for the rest of the evening!!!!!! Lets just hope his wandering eye is in contact with his bottom.