Jul 312011

The new boy travelled for a total of 7 hours to enjoy – if that’s the right word! enjoy 2 hours of My torment.

I took great pleasure in controlling his intake of breath and the application of ‘black beauty’ to a man who can clear two bottles of poppers in a session pushed him into the ‘biggest high of his life’

To be honest the time flew by, he was suspended fully encased in heavy duty rubber, hooded and played with to the point of orgasm and beyond many times as he drifted in and out of consciousness, flying around the dungeon in a pleasant aura of relaxation.

The application of deep heat and urethral sounds coupled with some serious electrics had him buzzing like a bee and singing like a bird.

Worth the journey? He certainly thought so.

Jul 302011

He is travelling a fair way to make the fantasy of a life time come true. 48 hours in My captivity. . . . . . . I have so many plans to use upon him. He won’t know day from night and I intend to have a huge focus on rubber bondage and captivity.

Turned into a captive he will endure hours and hours of bondage, silence, darkness, pain, interogation, caging…… an endless list.

2 nights he will be in My company and intend to make the most of My time with him and exploit his sense of survival and make him beg beyond the point where he thought he could be sink to.

If he gets to lick My feet he will be happy and whats more I have given careful consideration to his food consumption – watch this space as I hope the pictures make you laugh as much as I am just planning it!!!!!!

Jul 292011

After being naughty and cumming inside his chastity device slave john had to be punished.

Making him eat his own cum just wasn’t enough and a little post orgasmic torture was called for. What better position that to have him spread eagled in a way that was ensure he couldn’t resist anything I offered him?

Yes the very same beautifuuly crafted humbler created by his own fair hand was used on his manhood. What a beautiful bit of equipment. Yes the humbler!!!!

I wonder if when he was finishing it for Me he visulised it being used in such a cruel way, stopping him from defending his penis or balls whilst I reigned blow after blow, slaps, whips, crops and even an 8 foot bull whip into the region.

He did whimper a fair bit when the bull whip kissed his arsehole time and again – what a punishment and with My careful aim a desirable pain for those who would need to remain unmarked. Whipping without obvious outwardly signs – a Mistresses dream come true.

Jul 282011

susie was dressed to the nines, stockings, suspenders, maids outfit, arm length lace gloves, high heels and then put to work in the kitchen.

The scene was such that she was caught wearing Mistresses lacy gloves and a suitable punishment would be issued to make sure she knew her real place in life.

As it happened I had a whole bucket full of fruit that needed preparing for My husband to turn into wine…… so in chains she was made to prepare and squash, de-stone and mulch every single bit. It took her 3 hours and she was thoroughly exhausted after cleaning down the kitchen.

Me? I was delighted to sit with My feet up watching her slaving away  – quite literally, saving Me alot of work and learning a very severe lesson in the process.

Jul 272011

colin was placed in the CBT chair and I had a mission. To interrogate him to the ultimate conclusion. To make it easier I decided not to give him the information I was after. . .

Just make something up. Something that isn’t real. Something that would he would never have the answer to. An impossible question.

Strapped down securely he was slapped, pinched and pushed around. ‘Tell Me the code’ I barked. ‘I have military standard torture equipment that I am not afraid to use on you’

Over and over again he claimed not to know the answers, he had no knowledge of any code. Even when faced with information as to his whereabouts many miles from here he still claimed that he was just a business man going about his everyday life.

UTTER RUBBISH. Time to bring out the big guns and without spoiling the scene for anyone else lucky enough to sit in that chair in receipt of My techniques he ended up sobbing, gasping, sweating profusely and on the verge of tears.

Darkness is definitely My friend and certainly added to what turned out to be a fantastic session.