Aug 302011

I love high heels – 5 inches to be precise but after a long day bullying and controlling slaves its nice to have a nice foot massage and slave johns trained to perfection in such an activity.

Sat up, towering above him as he lay on his belly I enjoyed a good half hour of gentle soothing massage to both of My stocking clad feet.

A spritz of perfume over the toes makes them smell soooooo nice as they are pressed into the face of a slave and john made such nice happy appreciative sounds as he was forced to inhale My scent.

Aug 292011

There isn’t much that is more repulsive than being spat on. A slave sometimes needs to feel the lowest of the low to realise just where they stand within My life.

Tying him by the wrists and legs just wasn’t enough but the addition of a mouth spreading gag fastening his head tightly behind him ensured that he couldn’t shake his head or refuse anything at all, no matter how revolting being placed into his now open mouth.

The rules were simple. I would do as I wished and he would accept whatever I threw or more literally …spat …. at him. 

I abused him verbally, delighting in telling him how pathetic he was and how he would never amount to anything beyond a human dustbin – kept purely to be fed dirt, old food and even spilt spunk to keep his intake up – a bit like the atkins diet for slaves eh!!!!!

He certainly couldn’t complain – what with not being able to speak or anything he was left with just his eyes to communicate with.

At one point I got some of the mulched up food I was spitting all over his face onto My breast and delighted in telling him if he weren’t so bound he would be cleaning it off …. but as he was a little tied up it wouldn’t happen…… ha ha

Aug 282011

aggie has been in th fold for a full year and presented Me with the most beautiful long stemmed purple roses, My favourite colour, which smelled and looked divine.

On the day she was put through many things, some she had already experienced, some new things and some moments of pure submission.

My favourite moment for the day was seeing her on her hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. What a job she made of it too – leaving the entire kitchen sparkling clean which brought smiles to My face for days!


Oh to be able to have her at My beck and call keeping everything spotless …. oh well we can all have fantasies can’t we!

Sylvia had been sent for to arrive during aggies visit and as I towered above the two slaves the sense of power and control was amazing. ‘Clean My shoes’ as they both took a leg each and got to work.

I had big plans for the afternoon – ones that aggie knew nothing about and the dreams of sylvia to be taken by a real man and traeted like the whore she was deep inside.

As sylvia was fastened to the bench, slave aggie worked hard to arrouse her, stroking her thighs, rubbing her red leather clad legs until she was begging for more.

Aggie didn’t disappoint Me and got to work immediatly the order was issued……. what a sight to see – I do enjoy forced bi, even forcing the ones who actually want it somehow makes it better.

Aug 272011

He had taken quite alot of pain and suffering already through out our session time and after a very short break he was forced into the other dungeon to be tied tightly to the chair, facing a mirror where his worst nightmare would unfold infront of his very eyes.


Needles and scrotum to be precise!

The strength had already been dragged out of him and as part of his ongoing training he sat and chanted how he was doing this purely for My pleasure and amusement. A sign of his devotion and loyalty.

I prepared the area, opened the needles and set to work threading each one into and through the scrotum as the pains rushed through his bound body. Pulling the skin tightly around the pin cushion enabled a pretty shape to take form and a total of 19 needles were threaded through him as he chanted the words needed to keep him strong enough to take the pain – all for Me.

Aug 262011

Slave gordons biggest fear is that although his body is willing to take anything I throw at it his mind is left in turmoil with the thoughts that he isn’t trained well enough or that he will in some way let Me down.

This weeks session was an incredibly challenging time for him. His body was put under immense stress as his legs were suspended a foot of the ground with rope pulled back behind him. Arms secured downwards and a huge, thick heavy chain held his ribcage upwards as I tomrneted his bound body.

One of the choices he was able to make in such a compromising position was to either hold himself upwards at the risk of injury to the testicles pressing against the metal clamp of slump downwards to relieve the pressure on said testes at the risk of compressing his breathing.

It took a while but he gave in and swayed towards the breathing option leaving the balls squashed tight against the cold steel.

The poor slave felt that he had failed Me as he gasped for breath. Quite the oposite in fact – he had taken so much pain in My persuit of fun and I was quite chuffed with his actions. His penis had been sucked up a new device and his nipples twisted and tweeked to the limits.

I am human and can show compassion so I did allow him a little recovery time before leading him into the other dungeon where his scrotum would soon resemble a cross between a pin cushion and a drunken demented hedgehog which I will tell you all about tomorrow.