slave azu’s response to my posting

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Mar 082012

Mistress’ own words here cant really tell you the full story
Why do I shake so? Is it fear?
Situations I have found myself enduring would render many into gibbering wrecks I dont doubt. Many may question my sanity or even why I would wish to experience such things.

I have always been an “adrenaline junky” I get high on natures own drug

Mistress gives me the pleasure and honour of being able to taste that drug on each and every visit.

Whether I could endure as I do without the sensory deprivation that is often inflicted I cant honestly say. All I know is that this place I find myself in within these texts is a place that has evolved over time with Mistress understanding more and more each time as to how far she can push her slave.

I know the shakes come from the endorphins and adrenaline the body creates in certain situations. Is it fear? NO of course not it is from knowing and trusting that Mistress herself is enjoying herslef and having a good time
It is for me primarily because I have no decision or choice over where I might be fortunate enough to be led by Mistress.

My only regret

I doubt I could ever be convincingly kidnapped by Mistress for sadly I fear I may know her too well

Mistress please forgive me for being so presumptuous

your ever obedient servant