Things are not always as they seem…. your mind can play tricks on you.

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Apr 282012

After several messages being exchanged it would seem that I was his ultimate dream. Somewhere he can dress, interact with other slaves, be put to work, made up like a sexy slut and complete his chores in heels and stockings.

Because so many ‘working maids’ don’t manage to deliver the goods I insist that they come on a client basis for the first hour if they need alot of energy – ie dressing, make-up, hair etc and this chap seemed to be living the life outdoors and so seemed the ideal candidate.

Text messages and emails assured me that he was ready to do absolutely anything for me and was so pleased to have the chance to work alongside me and help out.

Perfect? Possibly too perfect. He arrived – I sent for him 2 hours ahead of schedule as I had so much faith in the picture he created of himself. Spent an hour perfecting his skin, hair and make up, which he loved. Unfortunately within the first 2 minutes in the same room as another slave (who was bound and helpless and totally devoid of sight) and he crumbled. I had only asked him to brush the body with implements as I worked on him too… no skin contact at all……

I was, as you can imagine, quite annoyed and had to stop what I was doing to dismiss him. Several messages changed hands and I did get more than a little annoyed when he suggested that he should come again (free gratis of course) and be made up and modelled as a rubber doll before riding the strap on!

Too much. He just couldn’t handle it at alll. So think carefully about what you want – be cazreful what you ask for.

slave gordon locked away in chastity – absolutely shocking.

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Apr 272012

Poor gordon. His only purpose in life is to suffer for Me. It makes him a stronger person, shapes him, defines his place in life. There is an intricate pecking order and he is right at the bottom of the food chain.

How would I play with him today? Only I knew the answer to that question and with all my collared slaves they have no say in the direction I take during a session. It was all a mystery and thats the way I love it.

Chastity. That would be a new sensation for him. To feel his manhood pressed into cold steel would remind him that he does not have the right to touch it whenever he pleases and would act as an example of how it would feel if I ever decided to give him a full penectomy.

What an amazingly constrictive device this is. It grazes along the pelvic bones of the man, cutting into the hips should there be any struggling.

Impossible to pull out of and fitted with an exit hole so that the slave can be kept in it and enjoy normal bodily functions for weeks on end.

The end of the penis tube has a hard X of steel preventing more than a millimeter of penile flesh from hanging outside the device. Would be quite painful in the case of an erection. . . . . . .My mouth turned into an evil grin as I used everything I could to arouse the penis through the device, vibrations, soft finger tips, feathers…… until …. the pre-cum started to drip….. I caught it on my fingers and instantly pushed them into the slaves mouth instructing him to clean them for me.

Quite a day…..

rubber slave david – his final day in kidnapped isolation.

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Apr 262012

After a length of time completely consumed in rubber, hood, mask, gag, stockings, cuffs, bondage restraints and a cape whilst in total silence and unable to sense if anyone were present or close to him.

Things were progressing well now that we well speaking the same language. He answered ALL my questions truthfully or I hurt him. Simple enough equation for anyone to grasp.

As a reminder I wrote all the information I had accrued onto his body in marker pen. Everytime I had to refer to a specific word I simply touched it with the tip of a whip or the electric prod.

It would appear that he was indeed a spy and that his wife of many years had no odea about his secret trade in dirty secrets.

He was a shadow of his former self once I had finished with him. Like an insect being slowly tortured by a preditor but unlike that insect he was going to be set free until I decided that the torture would continue once more. …….

rubber slave david – back in the crypt part 7

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Apr 252012

After his impromptu meal the rubber slave was returned to the crypt, back in chains, with the cage door locked thus keeping him prisoner.

So was he really ready to give up all the infomation that he promised? Or would his torment carry on for longer and longer? Were his family starting to miss him? Had anyone noticed his sudden absence?

I could only imagine how many unanswered questions were running through his mind in such isolation. He had begged several times to know what day/date/time it was so his mind was starting to ask many questions.

Perhaps the ultimate in humiliation would be the final straw?

Dragging him from his dark chamber in handcuffs he was fully dressed in a rubber dress and very tight rubber corset. Lots of photographs were taken to ensure that he would not falter when it came to the handover of information.

After half an hour of nipple torture he was visably shaken and at the end of his pain tolerance. Utterly humiliated he agreed once more to talk.

Lets play 20 questions. Bear in mind that I do know the answers to some of these questions so will know if you are lying at any time. If I catch you in a lie I shall place your thumbs and testicles into clamps and turn the screws until you pass out.

Exhausted he begged for light to fill his eyes and to rest for a while.

Very well slave david you may have a little time out, I think you have earned it.

rubber slave david kidnapped and tortured as a spy part 6

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Apr 222012

Many hours had passed, he didn’t know what day it was or even if it were night or day or. Yet still he vehemently denied any knowledge of TED TAVIDA so it was time to turn up the pressure. I brought in 2 more pairs of hands to help me. Today would be the day that he would give it all up. . . I could feel it.

Strapping him down to the rubber bench he was spread-eagled, blindfolded, gagged with a special addition to my collection – a rubber funnel gag – and tormented for a couple of hours in the form of spanking, flogging, stroking, even wanking didn’t do the trick. He had been deprived of sleep, knowledge, food, sight, hearing, movement for days and yet he was still showing such stamina.

One of my treasured collared slaves, slave aggie, and Mistress Natasha took the foot end as I had his head – bound in a tight rubber hood with inflatable inserts…… breath control…… marvellous tool for the naughty! Lots of CBT was combined with plenty of pain, nice touches, silken drapes and yet more nipple torture threw his senses into total disarray.

A nice meal I had prepared earlier would be good for him. The contents of which are a huge secret ….. but it tasted so revolting that he threw it back up through the funnel only to be made to swallow it for a second time…….. yuk.

What a result….. tears in his eyes he finally agreed to ‘talk’ ……… throwing him back into the crypt for a few more hours with a sour taste of vomit in his mouth would surely help his memory? After all he wouldn’t want it to drag on indefinitely now would he?