aggies latest session time in my clutches and a little bit more…………

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May 312012

aggie has gone from strength to strength and never ceased to amuse me within the walls of the dungeon. Part way through the last visit I pointed out that she had forgotten to attach her collar and punishment would be due for such a lapsed attitude to being collared.

So a bit of clear cut punishment was in order …… simple.

But then during emailĀ correspondense aggie tried to tell me what I should do and inferred that I take a different path to the one I was considering. The ins and outs of which are not important. . . . .

However aggie suffered a restless week with written lines to complete before attending for his session on tuesday. . . . . at one point aggie was terrified that I would dismiss him from service completely. Just the feelings needed to re-start his thought processes to seeing a life without Me being in control of his liesure time.

The lines were written, by hand, and sealed in an envelope. The emotions they brought with them were quite surreal and flung him back into a time of childhood and feeling very lost and ashamed of whatever wrong he had done in school. The visit to the dungeon would focus around the 100 lines he had written which were handed to me nicely tucked inside an envelope…….

100 spanks of all varieties followed…..

Wonder if I could manage 100 turns of the screws?

Another spell in captivity for Luke who was forced out of the public toilets dresssed as a woman…..

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May 302012

Luke is due to arrive for a prolonged stay some time tomorrow morning. The joys that await him are plentiful and he has a way of escaping from bondage and a cage like no other. But……. for warned is forarmed and I feel quite confident that he WONT escape from the things I have planned for him. Including a taste of rubber slave david force fed feeding regime!


Here is the latest email I sent to him….

Oh Luke….. My mind hasn’t stopped turning with plans for you. I have got out My shackle key and can just hear your poor terrified voice as you realise that there is no escape from such a piece of equipment. I shall protect your sun deprived pale body from serious marking to enable you to enjoy the odd swim on your holiday upon release!
Food……. One thing is for certain….. you won’t have a clue whats in it…… laughing……..
Mistress Beth

harley – how do you punish a really naughty slave?

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May 272012

Harley is in deep trouble for breaking one of my implements. Granted he was tied down at the time and I was swinging the said implement to collide heartily with the red flesh of his bottom but I could hardly accept responsibility when there is a collared slave in the room can I.

Bad harley. Naughty boy. Vandal. So many words spring to mind and a few unprintable ones when I was finding bits of twig all over the place……

Full bondage with that element of vulnerability….

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May 232012

He arrived to be instantly placed into restrictive bondage. His deepest desires being along the lines of not being able to move at all whilst being toyed with. The longer the periods of uncomfortable, taught binds the better for him. To Me its not always about the length of time that a slave is bound down but the length of his own limits and just how far I can push them once reaching his crisis point.

If you look in this picture you will see that every area has been catered for. The head immobilised by a dental gag pulled in 4 different directions ensuring that any movement will hinder him.

As the time ticked by the simplistic bondage started to make demands upon his body as muscle by muscle screamed out for mercy. The ropes do not need to be tight for this exercise, just inescapable……

Toying with him, stroking his flesh and throwing the vibration in also had an amazing effect on certain bodily parts!




WARNING….SUSPECT…..he is up to his old tricks once again….. I shall have to watch him

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May 222012

The man at the helm of a multimillion pound wool empire claims he has a dopple-ganger, a convenient excuse to cover up any wrong doings he has in life. Imagine if you had a clone that could be blamed for just about anything at all.

Well this man is known to us as SUSPECT due to his rather dubious activities. From time to time he oversteps the mark and has to seek protection. Crying like a baby he will sob out a fascinating story of kidnap threats and bizarre plots against him pleading for sanctuary until the situation burns itself out.

The reality is that HE is the problem and as the net tightens in on his double jeopardy type lifestyle he fears for his life – or worst falling into the hands of a gang that would extract information from him, information that could cause his empire to come crumbling down.

Although the dopple-ganger is indeed quite an ingenious creation the wool merchant never fails to wear a specific item of clothing made of the most desirable deluxe wool and this is what always clinches the deal when push comes to shove and questions need to be answered.

Taking full advantage of his political position as a respected head of industry exporting millions of pounds worth of merchandise a year he soon found that he could trade in secrets between countries. All without suspicion. This was just what he needed to feel that buzz again, the same buzz that drove him to success in his earlier years which somehow over the years was replaced with a dull normality that could be mistaken for boredom.

The downside of this life of politically based games was that he had become a target for many countries with a bounty placed on his head. No wonder Mistress Beth is interested in his whereabouts….