silky doing what silky does best …….

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Jun 272012

Here is silky maid hard at work in the dungeon. Dressed to the nines, stilletos on, lingerie perfectly clinging to her skin, hair brushed and scrubbing away all in a bid to keep everywhere spick and span and avoid a good hard spanked bottom!

Mr big the councillor is in my sights once more………….

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Jun 262012

Such a hateful character. Always poking his nose into someone elses business. He is the councillor responsible for the banning of smoking in pubs and clubs and now his name has appeared on another mandate this time to force a ban on the smoking in taxi cabs……

And I thought that the forced smoking of More Menthol was enough  to shut him up. It would seem that time is running out for me to locate him and stop this particular policy from being passed at the next council meeting.

Where do you start to look for Mr Big?

Testicles anyone? I believe they are quite popular on the continent with a little garlic

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Jun 252012

The man had first been led astray in the form of a blind date whilst his wife was away…… what a risk to take, meeting someone you know nothing about, only that you share an interest in kinky boots!

Anyway its amazing how much a person will talk under certain circumstances and I had some key information to extract from him.

His resistance was high so I would have to use a forceful method of persuasion……. I found that this particular testicle removal system worked a treat. He could see it lassooed above his head, the gag of rags stopping his screaming until I could be sure that the only sounds he would make would be the answers to my questions……..

All in the name of a little fun!

Who could I call on to assist with this particular kidnap hostage?

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Jun 222012

Who can you trust to keep your most depraved secrets? Me of course. Mistress Beth, Dominatrix and counsellor of this parish. As Azu and Aggie stated many moons ago that I am the best thing in any religion!!!!!!

But who else could I bring into this situation without fear that I would be ‘bubbled’ or reported for such a crime? Someone who would be more than willing to appear as a Goddess – all high heels and lip gloss? Mistress Natasha of course.

‘Hello its Me’ the conversation went…… ‘Are you busy or could you give me a hand’? Apparently she had just released a slave from giving her a lovely long foot massage so was quite up for anything mischievous! Perfect.

‘The thing is I have kidnapped this chap and I have really put him through it over the last few hours but somehow he isn’t broken so could you be a darling and provide a little extra for me’? ‘Well plenty of extra actually!’ Laughter rang down both ends of the telephone and the Mistress promised to be with me within the hour.

Slapping the hostage hard brought him round from his drug induced daydream.  Wake up, I have some sexy clothes to dress you in….. I’m going to take you out to the pub dressed as a slutty tart. ‘NO PLEASE’ he begged, anything but that……..

Anything? He nodded as I gestured for him to look at the outfit I had selected for him to wear. A short pink pvc skirt and top, very high strappy sandals and stockings with silky panties to rub against his freshly shaved pussy area. But first I am going to put your make-up on.

Soon the hostage was looking quite pretty in the gloomy lights of the dungeon when Mistress Natashas voice filled the air as her perfume swept into the room before she did. Flamboyant with plenty of sex appeal and a whole host of talents.

Get on your knees bitch and prepare to keep your promise – or you will be taken to the pub in time for happy hour where all the local farmers are merry on cider and ready for a party.


The hostage continued to suffer during his fantasy kidnap.

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Jun 212012

He had been through so much already that it seemed almost cruel to continue with his Mal-treatment. Almost cruel but not enough to stop the fun!!!

Obviously unaware of what would happen to him he had not prepared his pubic area. Far too many to pull out by hand so I set about him with the shears……. well not shears exactly more the electric hair trimmers – minus the guard for a nice close trim.


With that area prepared the victims ropes were checked and were found to be satisfactory in holding him quite still.

So many more things to do – such a long list – sometimes I wonder if I think I can cram too much into an allotted time scale but always one to push the boundaries I continue to raise the stakes until time runs out – or over! or the victim drops to the floor unable to tolerate anything else.

What could I possible do that would give him a good long memory jerk? Something to look back on with a clear snapshot of feelings inside his mind. Something that he would recall in years to come and remember not only the act but My name and the actual date of his kidnap experience…….

Who could I call upon to assist with my next depraved thought???????