clingfilmed together like two peas in a pod.

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Aug 312012

Whilst rubber david was help captive within the dungeon slave aggie was summoned to attend and during that time the two of them were placed back to back and cling filmed together, well pallet wrapped really, similar but darker.

It was another new experience for david and with his passion for being held tightly it was quite thrilling for him. I also find that although being wrapped up like a piece of raw meat is rather pleasant when a second body is added to the equation it makes for totally unpredictable reactions from either party.

Flogging one half of the two headed monster makes it tense up – pulling along with it the other half of its new form, not unlike conjoined twins sharing the same feelings, hit one and the other jumps.

Running the pinwheel over the wrapping made me wish I had added a layer of bubble wrap as that would have made it sound like they were being shot at and the very image has me laughing to myself.

When I had finished amusing myself I pulled their heads together and created a rather large one headed monster which looked alarmingly uncomfortable and quite vulnerable.

With a good sharp pair of scissors I was able to expose davids nipple for torment with any and everything from a flogger to a toothbrush and aggies penis which was nestled in the perfect position to become the victim of the violet wand chains.

Stifling my laughter I stood on the same spot and stretching my arms found that I could inflict torture on the two by now very sensitive zones simultaneously with results so excellent that I had to repeat it several times.


Penis insertions were amongst his list of biggest fears – continuing the kidnap of rubber david.

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Aug 302012

During this kidnap I intended to make him face some more of his fears and  enjoy/endure several new experiences. This slave is very lucky and I am able to discuss his kidnap treatment with his ‘Mistress’ who punishes him regularly in his home town. However if you want the ultimate kidnap experience a trip north is completely necessary for the deserving slave.

On arrival I had him prostate in no time and inserted the catheter tubing and tied the collection bag to his thigh. He moaned and groaned shouting no no no in a muffled way through his gag but not enough to put me off this particular treatment.

The bag was filling nicely until after I moved him into the dark box and he managed to pull the tube out completely! Bad boy.


There must be something that I could insert into the mini pecker that would prove useful…….. ah yes, its always handy to have a josh stick holder within easy reach….. all those splinters though, they might not be quite such a good idea ….. a candle holder…. it would take some manipulation but wasn’t completely impossible to do so grabbing my tools I began shaping the goods to create something wicked.

Pulling and pushing, twisting and mauling the penis and testicles into place as the slave was flat on his back and unable to move a muscle allowed me to perform my artwork to form the perfect penis candlestick.

the kidnap adventures of rubber david

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Aug 292012

Just to let you all know that the kidnap went very well and provided a few moments of complete panic, raised adrenaline and totally terrifying thoughts and that was just Me…… wait til you read about what the victim went through.

I shall be publishing it over several days as there really was an incredible amount of experiences within his three days of captivity.

Stay tuned kinkies……

Rubber david – the takedown wasn’t quite as planned!

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Aug 272012

The take down is one of the most thrilling, adrenaline rushing awesome part of a kidnap. The moment that the person realises that they are in the control of someone else and no longer in any position to barter, demand, negotiate or control.

I get a big rush from that moment too, quite a toxic mix of power and success and of course the beginning of a whole new adventure.

The plans are formatted in advance and things prepared in great detail with me churning it all over in my mind night and day until all possible contingencies are covered.

I started the day directing rubber slaves every movement from 8am that morning and everything was going to plan when attending the take down point it became obvious that my plan A couldn’t work that day. Why? Because it was the hottest sunniest day we had been blessed with this year and people were exploring the strangest of places which are usually desolate and perfect for my adventures.

Reverting to plan B seemed my best option as I will simply hold plan A for a further take down of rubber david. Arriving in his car he was wearing the prescribed rubber items including his swimming hat, rubber gloves, rubber pants and rubber vest under a few normal garments. As I watched from my secret safe place my heart was in my mouth as a strange man tapped on the car window, peering in at the rubber clad david asking him to do something. Amazingly he didn’t seem to notice the unusual additional clothing or the woolen hat on his head disguising the rubber swimming cap.

I thought that there was going to be a major problem and was prepared to step in with a resolution but thankfully the unscheduled meeting was over quite quickly.

Without going into too much detail as it should remain the secret of rubber slave david, he was physically overpowered and rendered helpless with the aid of a few pairs of handcuffs and a large gag.