The colour challenge

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Sep 222012

I have had lots of messages from you all about your favourite colour and just what it means to Me. Well I had a mental list of your colours and so far I haven’t been wrong and have used them accordingly in session, all to my advantage of course.

It would be unfair to let you non-attendeed know exactly what the chosen colour translates into but it certainly ensured quite a few smiles in My own little stable.

Red or yellow or pink or blue……….. what will be the colour I think of as you?????

japanese clover clamp treatment for slave satan……

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Sep 182012

They are evil, just little pieces of of shiny metal stuck together but the punishment they can inflict upon a slaves nipples is immesurable.

satan slave had the pleasure of the clamps recently and I do believe that they aided my plan to take him deeper into his submission. In my most evil voice I explained just what to expect and how his body now belonged to me in a way that he could no longer control.

Inch by inch I explored him, slapping, stroking, poking, tweeking and tugging on every part of him had his nerves on edge but pulling tightly on the nipple chains made the clamps bite in ferociously pushing his limits to the edge.

The thick leather straps held his body down as pressure was applied upwards upon his nipples

freddie-be-late comes to town…..

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Sep 172012

For many years I have played this game and for the first time ever I came across a young man with absolutely dreadful manners and gave the impression that he thoroughly believed that he was superior. Maybe he was shy, maybe he was embarrassed about his desires. Perhaps he hadn’t done enough research in the field of Domination.

Whatever he was it was incredibly annoying.

Firstly he knew the location he was heading for and even I with my dreadful sense of direction would assume it would take an hour and a half to travel but freddie-be-late decided to set off after getting the postcode by text 1 hour before his appointment.

Casually he batted off any responsibility and questioned why I hadn’t prompting him sooner…! Because I am a Dominatrix not his mother springs to mind… I would expect someone keen to fulfil their lifes ambitious fantasy to be sat by the sea front for an hour or two just to ensure that he was in the right location……..


But no, freddie-be late had his own plans. It was his day off and 2 minutes to his allotted appointment time I sent the message ‘Are you close? Excited? Nervous?’ to receive the following in response.

‘Nah, Morecambe’s an hour and a half away so I am going to be 35 minutes late’

Really? Well if I had that knowledge I would have been texting my mistress pleading to still be seen and not to be discarded rather than just assume that she would just be happy to accomodate my shoddy timekeeping.

Berating him I explained a few facts to him giving him the benefit of the doubt and agreed to keep the appointment – even though it was so much later than planned. It really is a good job that I don’t have a queue of clients waiting for my attention or else he would have really got short thrift from me.

Upon arrival he failed to follow my orders, car screetching to a halt outside like something from stasky and hutch and then rang the doorbell (????)

Ok anyone can make a mistake when they are nervous but what else would have been in his mind the last half hour other than what was expected of him????

Anyway as you all know I have my doubts about the youngsters keen to explore the world of fetish and they have to pass a thorough screening before I will see them but somehow his email attitude and current display were completely at odds to the point where I wondered if someone else had penned his emails…….

He wandered around as if he were quite at home, dropped his clothes on the floor swigged out of a pop bottle. I was absolutely aghast….. such disrespect would not be tolerated and the young man was going to be taught a lesson….. the first being to answer ‘Mistress’ after every answer, to speak when spoken to, to tidy his clothes into an orderly pile and with a little help he soon understood that I was very much in charge…….

toes were left sparkling and slave gordon didn’t even feel them being tampered with

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Sep 162012

slave gordon managed to defeat the horse. He is just so bloody light that his body weight wasn’t enough to put the needed pressure on his testes. Mental note to have slave john sit on his knee whilst riding the horse during a future visit. He WILL be afraid of it…. it WILL be a punishment.

I did take advantage of him during our session time and painted his toenails with 2 coats of vibrant purple varnish, something he overlooked until it was pointed out. He was so far into his sub space with what I was doing to him that he didn’t actually feel the paint brush at all. Quite amazing really – overloading the slaves bodily senses to the point of being unable to transmit all the sensations at the same time.

I can imagine you want to know just what I was doing to him to send his mind racing…… well a picture speaks a thousand words so I won’t keep you in suspense for too long. It involves 2 chop sticks and an elastic band in a very specific area of high risk…..



Mistress Beth translates for you……

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Sep 152012


‘Although I have no experience, I’m married and have a family I believe that money shouldn’t come into it…..The greatest gift a man can give a woman is his submission and I am ready to do just that’

Actually translates as ‘I quite fancy this and can’t actually commit anything to you as my ‘other life’ will always be primary for me and I will have to weave a web of deceipt to get any time to myself but I still think that you should take me on free of charge whenever I can get away’

Now in reality that is exactly why Pro-Dommes exist. They don’t make demands and can look past the promises you made many moons ago to your partner. A Pro-|Domme has no interest in exposing you or ruining your life. A Pro-Domme allows you to have your cake and eat it.

Get real….. if you want to play the game be realistic about how appealing you actually are to a Domme – why would she choose you above anyone else as something to fill her spare time?