What shoes should a sissy slave wear?

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Mar 302013

Should the sissy slave wear red shoes? Black shoes? Ballet shoes? High heels? stubby heels? Flats? Shiny shoes? Leather shoes? Blue shoes? Pad-lockable shoes? Cuban heeled shoes? Stilettos? Wedges? Pink shoes?


What colour would yours be?

What shape?

What type of heels would be best?

Its quite a simple answer really when you think about it?





The stupid boy slave is on a deadline and keeps insisting on pissing Me off….

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Mar 292013

The slave has a mammoth task to complete and just to add to the tension I decided to set a deadline on the project and failure will receive 12 strokes of My chosen punishment tool.

The slave has an assistant slave who is also in for a beating for failure.

slave though keeps insisting on not sorting the lock on the door and having to ask Me for assistance to get in …… which results in a thorough nipple squeezing of the nipples that were attacked with a host of flying objects yesterday from hitty things to piercy things and everything inbetween.

Why oh why would he forget to do a simple task and risk My wrath which is going to be directed and redirected at the tender nipple buds time and again pulling him down towards the floor whilst grimacing like a true gurner?

Obviously it must be because he likes it so much………

Bad slave….

The FETISH diet plan – serious about losing weight? Read on…

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Mar 292013

One of My boys had become a little on the tubby side so it was time to take action.

I decided to put him on a diet – not just any diet but one where I as his Mistress would control his food and exercise regimes. The rewards were simple – fetish treats spread out during the week.

If he failed to follow My regime to the letter he would be punished in ways he would learn to absolutely dread.

I decided not to concentrate so much on just the weight loss but the measurements, mood, sexiness, submission and mind of the submissive. The long term goal to see him in a beautiful outfit that no longer fits in the way it should.

This slave did not know his actual weight and all scales were confiscated. He attends for weekly weight management sessions in which he is weighed and measured with all the information transferred to a point chart.  The results in terms of pounds and ounces was 10lb on week one and 5lb on week two leveling to a steady 3-4lb each week with the inches dropping off as the slave reported feeling more energetic, healthier, happier and sexier than ever whilst his submission reached placed he knew nothing off previously.

Whilst this happens the slave is completely naked and bound not knowing whether he will receive pleasure or punishment for the results. The anticipation is quite electrifying.

If the group is compatible then a group weigh in could be organised with the highest achiever recieving My tender touch and a nice fetish activity while the results are declared in reverse order with the punishments becoming more and more harsh as the slaves are humiliated at knowing they need to work harder the next week. The ‘dead loss of the week’ recieving a number of strokes and the distasteful glares of his peers who understand that  he has let the side down whilst group humiliation becomes a powerful tool.

To help this happen I am in daily contact by email with the slave and offer encouragement and support where needed which seemed to help enormously in the fight of the flab. On one occasion he was just about to dismiss that evenings exercises and was effectively shamed and cajoled into following the instructions not for himself but to please Me – his Mistress.

Somehow having to report to a superior being seems to be a massive plus for a sub who has lost his way. After all his will power may have slipped a little to allow the pounds to pile on.

Imagine instead of snacking on that chocolate bar in-front of the telly having something to do to your body to please Me instead? It would certainly move your focus from calories to control.

I have decided to recruit a small group of slaves who wish to lose weight, gain an advantage in health and feel under the control of Me whilst on the journey.

Obviously if the slave can visit the dungeon it would be an advantage – after all a session is a great thing to fill your mind, but online slaves are also welcome to take part.

The deal.

  • I will provide daily contact to encourage, humiliate, congratulate, focus your mind.  To do this email communication will be necessary.
  • A food intake sheet will be supplied for each week.
  • Exercise and activity will be tailored and adjusted with a steady maintainable increase each week. This will be forwarded in a written easy to follow plan.
  • The slave must be able to provide photographic proof of weigh ins and measurements as and when required.
  • Slave must have a minimum of 16pounds to lose. (Not by BMI charts but in the real world)
  • There will be a fee – £30 per week for the plan and an additional £40 if you require the substantial part of your food to be delivered to your door in the UK. There is provision to ‘eat out’ within the plan. This is in line with the current pricing for similar diet clubs advertised in the UK but with the addition of extra support and a certain amount of kink.
  • If you require the hands on weigh in session weekly/fortnightly/monthly there will be an additional charge to be negotiated.

Email with SLAVE NEEDS TO DIET in the header if you are interested in the plan. Paypal will be required.

kidnap of a wimp

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Mar 282013

Its quite amazing how some people can come across as something else during email conversations. Wimp slave as I shall affectionately call him wanted to experience so much, had watched the movie and knew he would love it all.

In a nutshell he did… but he cowered and wimped at every suggestion, cringed as every tool came into sight and actually whimpered as I approached with the cattle prod.

It was hilarious for Me to see the very real reactions of the wimp as I well and truly put him through his paces after kidnapping him from the library by using subterfuge.

I was well and truly glad that I leave no stone unturned whilst studying a potential kidnap victim as all the information can be drawn upon during the adventure to ensure that it really is the event of their lives or the beginning of a lifelong addiction to being snatched.

Taking him out dressed as a slut in broad daylight was indeed the highlight of the whole thing as he teetered in heeled boots and commanded every word I said …. wouldn’t you dressed like that in a place you don’t know???


Locked and password protected blogs….. your instructions

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Mar 282013

Yes the time has come to give privelidges to My treasured slaves above the general blog readers……

If you are deemed worthy then you will be given a password to the juicy blogs that aren’t for public viewing.

If you want to feature in a blog then book a session with Me and you will be the first to read it….. to relive every moment word by word.

So if you think you deserve to read the blogs email Me with ‘Password please’ in the header and beg your heart out……..