Don’t red gloves make a cock and balls look pretty?

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Apr 302013

Imagine the feelings. You have been summoned to kneel at My feet, to obey My every word, to open your submissive heart to Me and before you know it you are naked before Me.

ALL traces of your previous life have been peeled away and placed in a tidy pile in the corner. You are completely naked, no where to run or hide and must confront your inner desires and lay yourself wide open to becoming My plaything for an hour or two.

Does it feel amazing? It certainly does, a dizziness washes over you as your mind races with ideas, the sensations will be magnified simply because of My presence.

After all you could stand naked in front of a mirror, place a glove on your hand and wrap your cock in bright red satin ribbon but without the gentle caress of My hand and My words accompanying every movement the exhilaration you crave would be denied to you.

Imagine this boys elation as his powerful demanding job, chaotic life and family pressures were taken from him as he became a fetish toy. His cock rose to the occassion and swelled nicely into the ribbon and when My silk gloved hand began to squeeze the balls, cup them and caress the cock he was indeed prepared to do absolutely anything to remain in My good books….

Pammie girl in her finery

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Apr 292013

Pammie looked amazing as a tarty blonde. All hair and makeup to make her feel as sexy as she looked. Walking practice around the floor space quickly reminded her how a girl should walk, a little flash of stocking here, a cheeky smile there.

She always dances on command and swayed away as I threw glancing slaps at her – the tongue of my crop licking at her body.


We even had time for a change of clothes and a different look. A slinky silk black figure hugging dress glided over her corset and fitted to perfection. Quite often I will see an outfit and buy it if I think it will suit one of my girls. Once you are engraved in my mind there is no escape.

Soon she was laid out, forced to watch as the slut she had become received caresses, touches, the occasional slap, 20 different sensations washing over her until she was begging out loud, Hungry to feel some penetration but unable to do anything but beg.

Encased in a rubber vacc bed and toyed with for hours….

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Apr 252013

This slave has followed the blog for quite some time and jumped at the chance of accepting a job in my location to facilitate a visit to my domain. Its not always easy for someone to travel so many hundreds of miles with large commitments in life such as work and family life so this was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed for anything.

The man who I shall name Carleton had sessioned throughout his adult life with PDs and supplied me with a thorough list of the things he had experienced, enjoyed, not enjoyed but endured and a couple of hopes for the future.

It was important to me to rank in his ‘top Domme’ list and I verbalised that fact to him that I intended to be in his top 3 by the end of the evening and given that the session time was over 2 hours I felt confident that I could pull it off.

Although nervous on arrival he was pushed through his paces up until the point when I mentioned he hadn’t been issued any safe words and hoped things wouldn’t become unbearable for him – as I simultaneously turned up the violet wand a couple of notches as it sat over his very sensitive and already murderously tormented nipples………

The ultimate experience for him had to be the vacc bed that was a dream come true for any latex lover. Of course being as naughty as I am I did play with his undependable penis and balls as they were packages outside the rubber!

Cruel? Maybe. But that is indeed Me a formidable mixture of empathy and evil and I enjoyed watching his entire body shake from top to toe as he felt encased with waves of pleasure rushing through him interspersed with the odd painful moment.

Top 3 ? You bet – during his ramblings whilst at his own admission ‘away with the fairies in sub land’ stated I had delivered a session that would rank number 1.

Mission accomplished.

And they say 18 is too young!

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Apr 242013

I get alot of emails from very young wanna be subs who want to get their feet on the ladder.

Personally I think that at 18 you could know your own mind and that this is indeed the direction you want to move forward with. But … yes there is always a but …… 19 year olds seem to think that they have so much to offer and that Mistresses should be overwhelmed with gratitude to be able to play with their young bodies…….

NEWS FLASH…. You may be young but your experience makes it harder for the Domme who has to preempt your every move and reaction and tailor the session accordingly. Your little Mistress slot may be tight but that simply means that Mistress will have to coax and tease it to allow entry of something as big as her finger … the reality is that when you are tight you can’t actually take a huge strap-on immediately!

I shall digress…… a said young 18 year old (on the dating site!!!!) informed Me that he was interested in Me but would need to see more pictures before making up his mind…… breathe in….. before asking if I would be interested in a sexy young boy who has a thing for older women (overcome with urges by this point – NOT) followed by how much kinky fun I would have as he would lick me for hours and had such sexual stamina that I would be orgasmed out…… (still ignoring him at this point). Then ‘Would you like to come over to mine tonight babe?’ (He lives 160 miles away for a start)

The rant began  ”Are you for real? Can I come to you? Not a chance …. I am a Professional Dominatrix with a full dungeon – I dont do running about after boys”

”no don’t think of it running after me im the one running after you but if you could drive to mine or something im not able to get anywhere iv not got a drivers license”

”welcome to the real world….. when you grow up then join some of these sites and the ladies might be interested in you……. Meanwhile maybe you could get your parents to drive you???”

Bet you didn’t list that particular problem on the 18 may be a bit young list did you???

janie was forced to hang around as the ropes were tightened….

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Apr 232013

janie was forced to balance on just her knee caps as the ropes holding her in suspense to the ceiling were tightened gradually until she moaned and groaned in a mixture of bondage pleasure, captivity and pain.

Knowing that there is absolutely nothing you can do to ease your discomfort or indeed prevent your Mistress from doing absolutely anything She wants for her own pleasure is a feeling desired by so many and janie would be the one to ask if you wanted a slaves eye view of such a scene from  the inside!

Dressed as a sexy rock chick with pinched in waist, stockings and wig she looked every inch a rock star as I pulled the ropes tighter she seemed to develop this ‘partied out’ look which was supreme to see.

Just look at this picture and imagine just how janie must have felt. . . knowing that yet more was to follow…..