gordon is to be collared today.

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May 102013

Today is the day that slave gordon will recieve his collar. I have had his tag cut to represent a physical touchable item to signify the impermiable bond between us.

Slave gordon has been through the mill on his expedition into My clutches and has proved himself time and again.

I have pushed him, looked into his pleading eyes as he carries out My orders to the letter. He craves to take more pain, to be pushed further and further in discovery and I believe that together with his trust and belief and My power we will experience many things in the future.

There is nothing I can think of that slave gordon would not comply with in his mission to please Me his Mistress.


The difference between the trained and untrained house slave.

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May 082013

when a box of  breakfast cereal is spilt on the floor

A trained house slave  ;

  • 1)gets hoover plugs it in then puts it to correct seting
  •  2)turns hoover on and hoovers all the bits of cereal on the floor
  • 3)when finished opens the hoover up and empties it into the bin
  • 4)puts the hoover back and goes on with what she was doing

untrained slave ie basic factory set man;

  •  1)attempts to lift each bit up one by one
  • 2)gives up after the third bit.
  • 3)lets the dog in to eat up all the bits .
  • 4)after the dog has had enough attemts to kick each bit under the dishwasher so that it cant be seen
  • 5)examines the floor to make sure there are no visible bits left
  • 6)proudly grabs a beer from the fridge knowing the missus wont find out

Rubber hood… waiting to be filled with a suitably submissive soul

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May 062013

How would you like a spin in this orange rubber hood? Its the thickest of rubber, has an inner hood which clings to your head, insertable gags, blindfolds, inflatables, breathing tube, gas mask attachment all of which is zipped into place with a luscious outer hood. Perfect for total sensory deprivation and an item loved by Mistress Beth.

Bright pink spike heels.

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May 052013

Don’t they look absolutely stunning adorning the toes of janie slut. They fit her like a pair of gloves and with her shapely calfs and long legs really set her feet off to a good start.

Next I would have to ensure that the rest of the slut matched these feet before starting My magic upon her slave soul taking her right to the edge and beyond.

fetish bondage joke of the week…

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May 042013

I’d been having an affair with my secretary for a while and often suggested we try a little bondage.
I was late this morning and as I walked into my office, I found my secretary, bound and gagged and bent over the desk.
“You little minx,” I said, dropping my trousers.
“Your muffled moans are such a turn on,” I said, panting heavily, “but I’m still going to have to tell you off, for leaving the safe wide open.”