Rubber david – some of his kidnap highlights….

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Jun 022013

I adore kidnapping rubber david, more often than not when I do finally allow him the power of speech I am greeted with ‘marvellous’ as the only words that will slip out of his mouth! Speechless of a fashion.

He does adore rubber, with a special love of black beauty and he is adorable to hold in captivity for several days. The lengthy time scale allows me to inflict many many things upon his contained body.

I really enjoyed tormenting him by piercing his poor thrashed nipples and then making him look at the results with a mixture of disbelief and horror in his eyes. Forcing him to sleep in a small tight cage knowing that the slightest noise would result in more torture for him.

I have purchased him a fairly rare and unusual rubber item for his special anniversary that will come in very handy in the future…….

The biggest highlight for Me has to be kidnapping him in a wheelchair from a service station in full sight of everyone shopping!!!!



janie forced to wear something very short and revealing…. whilst kidnapped of course

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Jun 012013

Janie was once again summonsed to My presence. Tense, scared, excited, nervous, full of questions she once again booked into a hotel supplying Me with the room number.

Playing games with her to intensify those feelings of excitement I sent her to the bar for a snack and a nice glass of wine….. she waited and waited and eventually I breezed in and proceeded to chat her up….. or so it seemed……

I had purchased her a glass of red and when she came to stand up appeared a little more wobbly than she would have expected….. I escorted her out for some fresh air only stopping to get her room key (for safe keeping you understand …wink wink) when suddenly she found herself in a finger lock with My voice menacingly telling her NOT to try and raise anyone’s attention or else…


I had one of My collared boys assisting Me so it was easy to fling the now captive janie into the kidnap mobile and restrain her with rope and gaffer tape throwing in some strategically placed electric shock pads to ensure good behaviour.

Then the journey began…. although she must have an idea of where she would end up I’m sure the excitement of those bound helpless journeys must reverberate around her mind over the days and weeks that follow.

At the dungeon she was subjected to a full strip and dozens of electrical pads attached to her roped down body.


Unable to moan effectively through the gag she was alive with pulsations as I completed what can only be described as a nice bit of rope work to her penis which was at a most peculiar angle to her body.

I held her in captivity for many hours and force dressed her, did her her, nails and makeup and  enjoyed the sultry looks as she sashayed around in front of Me making me wish I were a lesbian at times!

I have obscured her face to protect her from you flesh lusting perverts but believe Me when I say she looked stunning.