how much weight training can you do with one set of balls?

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Jul 312013

sarah is a bit of a challenge freak. Likes to be pushed to the utmost of endurance. As you all know I too like a challenge.!!!!!

When it came down to it I had loads of fun after strapping her to the St Andrews cross, applying a blindfold and restricting her head movements. All she had as a guide as to what was to follow was quite simply the graphic descriptions I offered during her plight…….

”Now I am going to add the first weight” …

”Its a good size – are you ready?” ….

”I’m not going to beat around the bush so I will just throw it into the bucket and hope that your balls can take the shock” …..

Incredible squeeling filled the air as the first 4oz weight clanked against the metal of the bucket creating a chain reaction, sound, shock, pain.

”Now now sarah this simply won’t do”  I shall have to silence you a little as that noise is quite off putting and you really wouldn’t want Me to not enjoy Myself fully now would you?”

Yes Mistress Beth was the reply which seemed to lack a certain level of bravado….. after only one weight? Hmmm this shouldn’t take long to have him begging and admitting he can take no more.

Picking through My much larger bucket of weights I selected 5 more – smaller ones this time and informed him that I would be flinging them in the bucket in rapid sucession.

”Don’t worry about counting them or thanking Me on this occassion sarah as you have your mouth full”


I stood back to admire the reaction it had on sarahs body….. after all the slave brain was translating the mathematical equation of first weight …… 4oz multiplied  by 5….. potent.

Trying not to laugh I informed him that there would be a tolerance break between the next ones and even took the load of his balls by lifting the bucket only to drop it as the relief washed over him,…….



A little outdoor fun…..

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Jul 302013

It seems a shame not to take advantage of this wonderful weather doesn’t it? I have plans to get a few of you out into the open in the coming weeks. Preferably naked but one in particular will have to be adorned in heavy rubber in the baking heat as that is just what he needs as a sort of endurance test.

Of course I will give him plenty of water to replenish the amount that will pour out of him but he won’t require any sunscreen as being covered in thick rubber from head to toe is the best protection from the sun that there could possibly be….

Getting back to one of the slaves pegged out in the outdoors, exposed to anyone who happens to be passing and incredibly vulnerable to the core.

Taking her deep into the woods it was fun to tie her in the tree hugging position before pulling her skirt down to expose her stocking clad legs and naked arse.

You wouldn’t believe how her little clitty cock swelled up against the tree – it wouldn’t have taken much to make her actually turn into not only a tree hugger but a tree fucker……. dirty pervert!!!!!!

Heard the saying ‘kept in chains’? This is how it looks!

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Jul 292013

I love chains, so inescapable, hard, cold, heavy with the potential to make that lovely noise as they drag along behind the slave.

Imagine what it would feel like to be held in chains? Quite literally. Not just a length around your wrista and ankles but a great deal of the stuff adorning your erect memeber?

This is exactly what it looks like.

Now imagine what it feels like to have that cold steel wrapped around you so tightly that the links start to imbed images into your flesh. How would it feel when the padlock snaps shut removing any fading hope of escape and freedom with the click.

Totally helpless and in My hands …. just what would you feel?

Answers on a postcard…….

aggie looked electrifying in a checkered cat suit…. sparks flew

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Jul 282013

To be completely honest sparks did indeed fly and not entirely because My aggie looks red hot in a black and red chequered cat suit complete with stockings and 4 inch high heels but because I had got out My ‘box of tricks’.

The black box that hangs on the back wall. The one that raises the fear of God in those that have experienced its severity.

What is it I hear you cry? A special electric shock machine from Amsterdam that has an assortment of tools all of which are able to carry current to the most vulnerable of places…… A cock cage with 5 steel rings, a cock collar and a but plug to name a few.

Just plug in the wires are twiddle the knobs (I never remember which way is up up up haha) and watch the slave wriggle from the remote controls.

Stapped down to the bench fully bound complete with hood and gag aggie didn’t disappoint in her reactions, as always she purred madly as I laughed my head off. Totally unable to pre-empt just which part would spark next and off guard when I introduced my new ‘designed for aggie’ violet wand attachment which threw out far more power that I had hoped for.


Violet wand repair needed

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Jul 262013

My old trusty and faithful violet wand has died (sob son I know) and I also have a second one that hasn’t worked for years so if there is anyone able to come and do a repair job they would indeed be well rewarded.

They are the type that are all in one rather that inside a wooden box.

Just email Me with violet wand in the header.

For those of you terrified of the electric rays – bad luck the one aggie bought Me if working just fine!