Jan 172011

It was a dull dark day the day that colin traveled across the country by train and taxi to a date that would change his life forever.

I know that he had long held a passion for the fantasy of gloved hand smothering and the joys and delights that such an experience could hold.

He missed 2 trains due to rail delays and ended up rushing up the M6 by taxi from Blackburn keen not to miss his last connection from Lancaster to Morecambe.

The actual swoop was easy as I stood beneath a dark brolly in the dimly lit wet evening. The perfect setting for a kidnap. People rushing from the train after hard working days keen to get home and out of the drizzle.

Delivered from behind by a wad of chemically soaked material and held against the mouth under a black leather glove. Everything else I needed hidden inside a full length flowing black leather coat or inside My boots. My hands free to do as they wished it was quite an adventure getting him into the vehicle. Colin was stunned to find his hands were in handcuffs which were pulled above his head moments after his thighs were bound together.

The journey was terrifying for him as he was thrown around desperately trying to beg through the gag.

Into the dungeon he was drugged thoroughly via a gas mask and also with a rag as the chloroform made his immobile body to panic. Shhhh I soothed as I reapplied some more. You are in safe hands colin, I will look after you. 

His eyes drooped and fell as time and again different gloved hands pressed against his mouth.

In time I pushed him into the confining black box, held still and unable to comfort himself he cried out for help after the lid was closed. Shout as much as you like – its totally futile Colin for no one can hear you let alone help you.

  2 Responses to “gloved hand chloroform kidnap”

  1. Mistress you are just what slaves need. You should be at OWK with your power and beauty and worshiped in the way you deserve. Every kidnap you complete just gets better and better.

  2. I hope he woke up in a surprise chastity device too..