Mar 222011

As many of you are aware I have been exploring the options of a house maid/live in 24/7. As this is such a complex subject and a massive step for both Me and the sub to take I have decided that the option of a short term ‘holiday’ is ideal.

The candidate could easily escape from everyday life on a business trip of 3,4,5,6 or 7 days and would be thrown into slavery immediately. If text messages or calls home are necessary then this will be agreed in advance.

The sub should expect to work very hard, live without the luxuries of life such as TV, internet and telephone. Slave will be respectful, polite and keen to impress Me.

Training in maid work will be given and an interest in bondage is important to Me.

Personal items would be removed and a uniform issued on arrival. Sleeping arrangements would be in either the dungeon, a cell or a bed dependant on My mood at the time.

There would be no sexual interaction at all and the slave can expect to be kept in chastity. Dungeon work could include being used as a piece of meat for forced bi or to orally please another male slave.

Of course there will be a fee for such an opportunity but it would be a great way to explore if what we thing 24/7 slavery is and if it is indeed possible in the real world.

  6 Responses to “The chance to sample 24/7”

  1. Mistress,
    oh why do you do this, i dream of 24/7 begin a slave for a true mistress 24/7 would just blow my mind. but as you know this will never happen, but i could at lest dream of it. as i dream of our next session this week, what ahd how you our going to blow me away.
    your slave for ever if only in his dreams.

  2. thighbootslave

    I feel your pain. Perhaps some things are just not meant to be right now? your time is not right and like me you will have to endure even greater torture and torment and live only for your brief time pleasing the Mistress. Makes those sessions all the better to live for perhaps?

  3. Willing

    What are you willing to do for your Master/Dom/me/Mistress?
    What are you willing to do with your time to serve Them?
    How are you willing to spend your serving days and what are you
    willing to accomplish?

    If you have skills, determination or persistence, none of these are
    of any use if you don’t have willingness.

    If you are willing, success, achievement and fulfillment will happen
    because you have been willing to do what ever it takes to make this

    Willingness is making the commitment to do whatever necessary to get
    past the obstacles that stand in your way, even if there is no
    obvious or easy way to get past them….hence…where there is a
    will there is a way!

    slave kara

  4. 3,4,5,6 or 7 days, I think before the first 24 hours are over the lucky victim won’t know if it’s be 3,4,5,6 or 7 months of merciless captivity and service. They will be begging not to be released.

  5. What a great idea, and chance for some lucky slaves, given time maybe I would be able to experience the same, but don’t feel I could manage at the moment.

  6. What a wonderful idea, a great way for subs to really try to bridge that gap between fantasy and reality.