Apr 092011

As many of you will be aware I have been on the look out for a 24/7 slave. I have high standards and a huge list of criterea that must be met. It has to be said that I have spoken with some promising people but when it comes down to the nitty gritty things aren’t as smooth sailing as they should be. 

Why is it that such a fantastic offer, the dream position of so many, is so hard to fill? Maybe I am a little too demanding or is there a chance that there is a case for the fantasist being too comfortable in dream land rather than jumping at the chance?

This is a recent application …..Hello Mistress (may I call you that at this point?)

Anyway read your whole profile with great interest & I would love the opportunity to apply for your 24/7 position. I have many skills that may proove useful to you. Can make items of equipment & furniture for your dungeon, as welll as costumes & outfits for both you & your subjects to wear. As your tv slave I am more than willing to undergo any bodymods you may wish, tattoo’s, piercings, etc. I am even willing to have you change my name to one of your choosing if this would suit the role. I must admit that the talk of kidnap excites me, I have dreamt of being abducted for a long time now but have found no-one able to accomplish it so far. Know we are hundreds of miles apart but may be a fun way to start if you find me acceptable? that way I would have no idea where you’ve taken me to 🙂


Anyway thank you for taking the time to read this, I never know what to write in messages so if I have waffled at all please forgive me. Any further information you reqire please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


I hope to hear back from you soon.


Take care,




Hello oXXX,

Although the idea of kidnapping someone and forcing them into a life of 24/7 slavery is a very erotic idea in reality I do infact need someone who is able to tidy up the loose ends in their own life, find a job in My location and bring in their own income…….. not someone who wants desires to be owned by a Mistress who will have them do a job or two around the dungeon whilst providing every single need in your life is met.

I am afraid that you are probably mixing up fantasy with reality……..   sorry to have stamped all over your dreams but its best to be a little practicle don’t you think?

Mistress Beth

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  1. Am sure the one is out there for you Mistress x