Nov 292011

They are definitely a bonus when a Mistress is looking to put a slave into inescapable bondage.

Chains. Big thick heavy chains. Coupled with a few padlocks can guarantee that the slave will be just where you left them. Usually quite frustrated but accepting of the inevitable.

I have to try to be mindful of what the slave is wearing as it so hard to try and dress one when they are dripping in metal work from every corner.

The motto of the story? Be careful what you wish for – it may just come true.

  One Response to “Chains glorious chains…..”

  1. Chains glorious chains indeed.
    As a sub for me there is nothing worse than being tied up but knowing you could escape, really spoils it for me.
    When Mistress secures me especially when she uses the chains and padlocks I know (As I do try) there is NO way of escape, which in the mind is a very powerful thing. There and then you sink further into submission especially if you are gagged tightly too!!! Then Mistress goes to work doing what she does best!!
    Mind blowing!!!!!! T O T A L L Y