Nov 162011

slave a arrived promptly. complete with flowers and chocolates – afraid that I may have withered away after My recent spell of being poorly….. not the case at all I’m afraid and I appear to be as buxom as ever.

It was My first session in the dungeon and I have to admit that I was a little nervous, unlike Me but nervousĀ all the same, I’m sure that everyone who has had quite alot of time off must feel apprehensive on the first day back. As it happened it all fell back into place as if I had never been away.

My memory moment of the day would have to be the vision of slave a tied to the bench, hood in place, penis tied, butt bullet vibrating inside with her back arched upwards as I trailed electrics across her nipples whilst flogging her with the long blue rubber flogger.

Wonder what slave a would describe as her memory moment of the day?

Being naked and examined – especially the penis that has had a collar in place since the 5th of September and has developed a shiny ring of skin, just like a cat has under its collar – and various lines where the rim has bitten in every time the penis become engorged with blood.

The mixture of silken caresses and biting nipple clamps was enough to send her slave mind into overdrive and that was just the beginning, soon I introduced electrics from the violet wand into the equation which sent shudders throughout the body bound before Me.

As always its a pleasure to see My subject writhe and wriggle before Me, its body awash with such mixed emotions and reacting in so many different ways at the same time.

  2 Responses to “slave a was a pleasure to use – what a welcome back to the dungeon”

  1. Good to see You back Mistress. i can say to all Your followers that You are indeed back to form as i can testify having visited You on Friday. i just hope the the other boys will get to see first hand that You are back with a vengence.
    Cant wait till i see You again next week.
    your property
    slave john

  2. Mistress it was an absolute pleasure to welcome you back.
    Absolutely awesome, your absence from the Dungeon has certainly not affected your touch or absolute control and dominance.
    Nervous! not a sign of it, it is us subs & and slaves who will be quivering and quaking in your presence.

    Thankyou Mistress