Nov 222011

WAS THIS GOING TO BE A TRAINING EXERCISE?     During Mistress Beth’s forced lay off I received a very strange request, no it wasn’t a request it was an instruction. I was to go on a chat line and pretend I was a teenage girl. My immediate thoughts were that She was testing me. Was She trying to bring out my fem’ side? I had never served Mistress in that way before. Fact is the thought of Her making me into a sissy has always scared me. She has used that threat in the past to force me into other things.  Well if I was going to do this for Her I was going to give it my best shot. I found a site [Chat Avenue] I waited till I was alone at home. I logged into the teen site as a 16 year old girl. I had set up a email before hand. For the first 5/10 minutes teenage lads chatted me up. As it turned out it was good practice for what was to come. I got a message asking me if I liked older guys. I said yes. It turned out he was 50 something. We chatted for some time; I have to admit I was really getting into the part. It didn’t take long before the subject got to sex. I played on telling the guy I had been with an older guy before. I could almost feel him getting excited by the thought of meeting up with me. The next stage was as I thought it maybe. He asked me for my email addy. I said no way at first playing him along. But at last he broke me down and I gave it to him. The chat continued on line, and then came the biggy. He asked me of I had a cam, now what was I to do? I told him that “my sister” and I had been fighting over it and it had got broken. That excuse seemed to satisfy him. We chatted further on His conversation was by this time getting very sexual, but I was well in the part so I went with it, adding my own little “come on” bits.          Then it came, what I had not been expecting. He asked me if I would like to see him on cam. I replied yes but only if he wanted to. I didn’t want to be over keen. But he must have been so far gone by now he put his cam on. He was at work in what looked like a warehouse or storage place, he was sat on a high stool. We carried on chatting, he was doing so well at chatting me up. I reacted to all his suggestions in a positive way; I said what he wanted to hear. I must have been playing the part well, as he asked me would I like to see it [his cock ] as I was by this time suppose to be turned on I said yes I’d like to see it very much. He adjusted himself on the stool letting his trousers slip to the floor. He began to play with his cock. I have to say it was a good size [lol] I carried on talking dirty to him, telling him how much I wanted to be there with him. Then it came to me this guy was 50 and he was chatting up what he thought was a 16 year girl. At this point the devil got into me. He was I could see getting ready to unload his wad. So I typed in “whose that behind you” he lent forward to read my message, his face changed colour as he read the words. He jumped up like someone had shoved a red-hot poker up his backside. The stool was on the floor and he was trying to pull his pants up at the same time as he was trying to switch off the computer. The scene was total chaos. I was laughing so much as I quickly made my exit.   I know it wasnt quite what Mistress wanted but I am afraid the devil was in me on that day. My only hope is that Mistress doesn’t have me re-enacting the role in real life. Although I must have been convincing, on line at least.                 Slave john

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  1. slave john

    Absolutly classic!!! Love it!!!

    Serves the perv right!!! Shame you didn’t record the web viewing as that is youtube material LMAO