Nov 302011

I had told him to expect the Mistress slot to be used during his visit.

Amazingly the ideas he had for a big dildo being inserted were small fry compared to what he was actually about to experience……

I had selected a nice christmassy looking outfit for him to wear but it wasn’t as sexy as I’d like so instead he was thrust into a short black dress that was able to ride up and hide absolutely nothing!

With his shoes inside very high heels he was gently teased until he was begging Me to touch his slot once more.

It was a giggle making him beg and whipping him with a variety of implements….. how long would he have to wait before the deep need inside his slave body was sated?

As long as I wanted him to …… thats the answer you are looking for.

My fingers slid gently into the opening. First one and then another and before long My entire hand was pulled deep inside him. My how he moaned, the internal orgasms shaking him from the core, a feeling he had never felt before.

My training is certainly paying off………

  One Response to “harley slut was fisted by his fair Mistress.”

  1. Mistress
    I did indeed expect maybe a larger strap on than the last time you used me in this way, however as you were tieing me down rope after rope I began to wonder this is quite extreme bondage just to have me with a strap on, obviously you had different ideas!! Once you had me very secure, eyes taped closed, my mind racing as always when you plung me into darkness your words came………..” harley you are to be fisted today” a brief bit of panic struck me however again strained hopelessly in my bonds to no avail! What could I do not to submit my body and will??? I knew not to express my fears as last time I did you just strapped a cock gag tightly in my mouth to stop any such annoyance.
    I felt the lubrication then lost count how many eggs were forced into my Mistress slot, was it 5, 6 or 7??? Then the rampant rabbit joined the party buzzing away held firmly in place somehow. When I felt everything being removed I knew this was it, still not believing it would be possible……………………….. As if!! Expertly and forcefully it happened you were completely inside of me, stretching my poor once tight little Mistress slot to its fullist!! A feeling words cannot express.
    Again thank you my Divine Mistress xxxxxxx