Aug 032013

she is always a little on the cheeky side and I in turn am always offering various punishments to curb her glibness.

On this particular day she decided to rile me as she was bound and tethered (stupid I know) but the cheeky little minx pushed her chances and started to talk about how wonderful Mistress Natasha was with one of her subs after reading a blog on the subject and suggesting that perhaps Mistress Natasha could play with her…….

Not that I am against the gorgeous TV Domme Mistress Natasha playing with any of My subs, indeed there have been several moments when she has been involved as we always have awonderful giggly time in who-evers┬áchambers we are in…. but …. the cheeky little susie seemed to think that she would be a challenge for any other Domme – almost implying that she were able to wrap me around her little cock finger ……!

SO it was time to demonstrate that my little sweet susie was not in any way shape of form a pain slut and she would crumble if I started to place any pressure on her treasured penis (I know its treasured as she strokes it every chance she gets) ….

”Bet I can take it” states the sexy slut……..

I wonder how long she managed before changed her tune and becoming a very remorseful slave practically singing the praises of her divine Mistress……

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